Posted by marc May 31, 2016
P.P.Pudding sofubi

Hong Kong shop Angel Abby and Japanese artist P.P.Pudding are working together to create super cute characters based on the classic Chinese story Journey to the West. Even those not familiar with the story will recognize the design of the Monkey King, which has been made into video game, anime, and toy characters countless times. These photos feature clay sculpts which will soon...

Posted by marc May 31, 2016
Instapump fury

For everyone who missed out on the reissues of Reebok's classic Instapump Fury OG neon yellow and red colorway, this new edition might be your best bet to recapture the retro-futuristic sneaker. While the neon yellow is absent from this color scheme, the red is nearly identical to the original, albeit on the air bladder, rather than the upper. A white on black version is also releasing...

Posted by marc May 31, 2016
Ninja Turtles sofubi

Even they're officially licensed by Viacom, these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sofubi toys from Dune remind me of the Asian bootleg TMNT toys I used to see as a wee child. Each character stands about 10 inches tall and comes with his signature weapon. They come bagged and tagged, as any sofubi should. And let's face it; you can't just buy one of these. Grab all...

Posted by marc May 31, 2016
World of Nintendo

You might have noticed the World of Nintendo series of mini figures in stores like Barnes & Noble. At just a few inches tall, these are super affordable and easy to collect. And we're about to get a bunch more. The incoming waves include characters from Super Mario Bros., Animal CrossingSplatoon, and - holy crap - Metroid! I'll probably pass...

Posted by marc May 31, 2016
Transformers Sofubi

Something a lot of younger fans of Transformers don't realize is that the concept started in Japan simply as a toy series. Takara produced the first wave of figures, which drew interest from Hasbro, who figured they could make a few bucks by bringing the toys over here and creating a corresponding Saturday morning cartoon. Things have come full circle, as Soap Studio is...

Posted by marc May 30, 2016

JPK's newest entry into his Worker Project is out today! The Miner is printed on A3 sized stock and is signed and numbered. This one is particularly personal to Jon-Paul Kaiser: "I grew up in an old mining community and a lot of my family were coal miners, the stories, buildings and scars upon the landscape telling the tales of how the industry changed whole areas", he says. Pick up your...

Posted by kristina May 27, 2016
Neon Star by tokidoki Dolce & Lily Plushes

Since the release of new vinyl Unicornos it was due time until tokidoki would make new plush versions as well. Luckily there are two new Unicornos available through tokidoki's Neon Star collection! Dolce and Lily have been revised in brighter colors for their plush form. Dolce and Lily are available now on tokidoki's...

Posted by marc May 27, 2016
Amanda Visell toys

Amanda Visell has been absolutely killing it lately, releasing multiple limited edition resin sculptures on a weekly basis. And that's exactly why you should follow her. It can be hard to keep up with how quickly she releases new resin toys, but you can be the first to know about new drops, as she uses social media as her medium of choice to announce details. You can follow Amanda on...

Posted by marc May 27, 2016
Thrice album

Here's something I never thought I'd say: A new Thrice album is out today. Released by Vagrant Records, To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere is the first release since the band's live album of their "Farewell Tour" in 2012. The band is also kicking off a tour of the US, Canada, and European on June 3. While the new album certainly doesn't return to Thrice's earlier days of The Illusion of Safety...


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