Posted by Geoff March 10, 2008

Picture from Vinylpulse

Incoming from Joe Ledbetter - wow really churning them out, Ringo only just out, Smash about to be released and now this "Hammerhead". Only a prototype but so far it doesn't look too bad. This is the next piece in Wonderwall's Kaiju For Grown Ups series

Liking the details on the head and body but right now the legs are ruining it for me - looks like a nice body/head sculpt whacked onto the Gamerita's legs. Ever see a shark with legs (apart from human ones in it's mouth)?? Should have flippers...but then it will look a lil bit too much like ToyQube's Sharky!!! Perhaps Sharks are the new Apes in the vinyl world??

Prepare for the hype people!


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