Posted by Miranda May 14, 2008

No not that song by snow, hmm ok that was Informer, nevermind... but Transforms the Movie 2!!
No not that song by snow, hmm ok that was Informer, nevermind... but Transforms the Movie 2!!

So as you may remember we were asked to release the rights to have Clutter used as set dressing in the Transformers movie, and although we have failed to spot it, we have been assured by Dreamworks is was there (we must look more closely. If anyone else spots it we may just give you a prize!!). So we have just received the same request to be used in Transformers 2!! YEAHHHHHH GOOOO TEAMMM CLUTTTTTERRRR!! So keep your eyes peeled this time, and lets hope someone reading it a scene (ok so thats doubtful but here's hoping!!)!!

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