Posted by Nick June 14, 2011

Check out this new figure from Jon-Paul Kaiser. The King of black and white has fast become a favourite of custom collectors and now has several pieces in production from Toy2r and this 5" Mini Qee is the latest..

Now to be fair i'm not a massive Toy2r fan. i used to be until one day i woke up and decided no more Qee for me as Toy2r's shameless corporate production Qee made me cry daily. Thankfully they seem to have finally turned a corner and found some new artists to play with and have been making some new and more interesting waves in my Inbox (no dirty jokes).

Again i'm not a massive fan of the cutesy 5" Qee's but in this case the figure works as the First Mate Qee is designed as an acoompanying piece to Jon's 8" Qee from last year Captain Stūrnbrau. Top work from a top bloke!


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