Posted by Erica January 05, 2012

Ryan aka Brutherford, of Brutherford Industries, has got something pretty awesome up his sleeve. His full time gig is in design and manufacturing, with that said, he knows “the tools of the trade”. Ryan has been a collector for years and has recently gotten into the manufacturing side of the Designer Toy Scene. So he has recently branched out to fulfill his personal artistic needs with his own designs!


Ryan has been working on a rad product dubbed the “ Ice Scream Man”!! These are rotocast urethane figures, made by Ryan himself! He is pumping out a low volume of limited runs of this awesome figure! These figures above are nearing the last stages of creation. Seems like the “Strawberry” edition will be released first, there will be a limit of 125 pieces and will retail for around $75. Next to be released will be “Mint”, “Cholocate” and “Vanilla” still limited to 125 pieces but retailed around $50. I look forward to finding out/sharing more deats about a release date. If you want to keep yourself in the look you can follow Ryan on Twitter, and visit his website to sign up for his mailing list and learn about new projects in the works!




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