Posted by Miranda February 29, 2012

For those of you who don't know about our contest, (where have you been??) we teamed up with 1XRun and put together an awesome Facebook contest with a very special prize.... Entering the contest gave each contestant an opportunity to win a collaboration run of their very own prints with 1xRun -  a great opportunity for any artist - allowing them to join the likes of Tara McPherson, Pete Fowler, Nathan Jurevicius, and Gary Taxali.  Today we are stoked to announce the winner!!!

Congratulations to Lucas F. Lobo who won the contest with his self portrait titled Crâne.

Lucas will receive assistance from the 1xRun staff in producing a hi quality art print. His art will be featured on 1xRun website, email blasts and all of their social promotions. Once the prints are ready Lucas' prints will be sold on 1xRun for one week!

We contacted Lucas last night and he had this to say "I can't believe I won! And I really just want to thank Clutter Magazine and 1XRun for this great opportunity. Thanks to everyone who supported me and believes in my work, I can't translate in words how happy I'm right now. I just feel honored and glad." 

Thank you Lucas! You worked hard for it! We will let everybody know when Lucacs' Prints will be for sale.

We also want to give a shoutout to, runner up, Pietro Thewingsart Cardarelli. A close second, Nice job!


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