Posted by Nick February 27, 2012

Revealed last night on Facebook by Nike Skateboarding and Frank Kozik is this forthcoming SB Dunk, and very nice it is too! I've not been into the SB releases for the last 6 months or so and i prob still won't buy this but the release, coinsiding with some Kozik tee designs, shows some nice subtle design features and material choices that will make it a must have for many.

Currently known as the Kozik Quickstrikes (a name known for determining a Nike limited release) the Dunks feature Military themed colors and material to 'protect you as the weather warms up'. Looks like a solid release to me with some hardwearing materials. Liking the orange lining too. And i'll even forgive the KOZIK on the heel considering its pretty subtle.

Check out the other graphics Kozik's been working on for the capsule release


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