Posted by kristina February 09, 2016
Martian Toys ToyConUK Contest Roundup

Voting has begun for perhaps one of the greatest competitions we’ve seen in the designer toy scene. Martian Toys is sponsoring a custom toy contest in which the winning artist will receive a round trip ticket to London for ToyConUK 2016!

The contest includes 29 entries from 25 artists based out of the United States and United Kingdom. In order to enter, participants had to...

Posted by marc February 09, 2016
Glass Sculptures by Christina Bothwell

That's not resin; it's cast glass and stone. Christina Bothwell went to art school for painting but taught herself the ways of ceramics and evetually cast glass. She creates these ethereal - and sometimes haunting - sculptures out of glass and stone. The transitions between the two materials are dramatic. The stone adds a rustic vibe to the ethereal nature of the colored glass. Check out more...

Posted by marc February 09, 2016
JPX x COARSE: Kwaii Clomp

coarse and toy production company JPX are poised to release a new rendition of their Kawii Clomp sculpture on Sunday, February 14. Standing 7 inches tall, this version of the cute bull swaps out its light gray color palette for a sleeker black. The arms are articulated and you can tilt the head from side to side, adding a pensive look to the figure. Limited to 350, Kawii Clomp will retail for...

Posted by marc February 09, 2016
Famous Painting Subjects Tattooed by Nicolas Amiard

Famous oil paintings get some ink thanks to Paris artist Nicolas Amiard. Not only are these so well done that they look completely natural, they also encompass several styles of tattoo art. From a traditional Japanese back tattoo on Grande Odalisque to the nautical styles on The Birth of Venus, Amiard is putting his artistic flexibility on display. Fine art aficionados would be getting...

Posted by marc February 09, 2016
MechatroWeGo Official Site & Store Launch for Western Fans

The Japanese MechatroWeGo series has taken the Asian toy and customizing market by storm thanks to their robots' cool and cute design. 1000toys are ready to take their mechs overseas by launching an official website and online store so Western fans can buy MechatroWeGo robots directly from the designers. The first release will be the 1/12 scale MechatroWeGo Aqua. It stands 22cm...

Posted by marc February 09, 2016
Another Peek at Bite-Sized & Puppy Labbits

Intrigued by all the recent Labbit news? We've got some new info on both the recently teased culinary Labbits and the series of puppy Labbits. The food-based Labbits will actually be a series of zipper pulls / keychains called Bite Sized Labbits. Check out previews of 17 of the figures plus one blacked-out chase in the gallery below. The puppy Labbits are officially called Kibbles 'n...

brittandpuppycat's picture
Posted by brittandpuppycat February 09, 2016
Mab + Vardagen: The Mab Collab we've all been waiting for!

Do you like Sci-Fi and Monsters, but also have a passion for Big Eyes?

Luckily for you, pop-surrealist artist Mab Graves collaborated with the apparel line Vardagen to create a Kaiju inspired tee. This kickass design is friendly for all genders while also bringing some much deserved female representation to the graphic tee world.

Check out...

Posted by marc February 08, 2016
Clutter's Valentine's Day 2016 Gifting Guide

You've officially got less than a week to pick out a gift for Valentine's Day. But don't worry. As long as your Valentine appreciates vinyl and plush as much as he or she does roses and chocolate-covered strawberries, we've got you covered with this installment of Clutter's Gifting Guide.


A gift without a greeting card...

Posted by marc February 08, 2016
Mr Clement's Final Astrolapin Full Reveal & Release

Mr Clement has revealed full shots of the final version of his Astrolapin toy. The steel-colored vinyl combined with a glossy finish gives the toy a metallic look. A silvery flag accessory joins the space bunny, both encased in a brushed steel style monolith, adding even more of a callback to 2001: A Space Odyssey. Despite tagging Rotofugi in the teaser announcement, this figure is...


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