Posted by Nick April 11, 2012

Loving me some Avengers. No doubt this movie will be the most teased and advertised in history, but thank god there is only one more month to get through before we can see it! Check out these 2 new TV spots out this week.

All put together from alot of bits you've seen before but this first one is mainly a highlight for featuring the line 'Hulk Smash' but not from Hulk! Also i only just spotted that Iron Man switches between suits, possibly starting in the Iron Man 2 developed suit (triangle light in chest) before going back to the circular glow for the finale. New suit? or MkIII armor. Must be new right?


You've seen all these clips before for sure! except Scarlett Johansson's 2 lines 'This should be fun' and more importantly 'Where do you want me?' which i have many many inappropriate responses to!


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