Posted by marc February 08, 2016
Clutter's Valentine's Day 2016 Gifting Guide

You've officially got less than a week to pick out a gift for Valentine's Day. But don't worry. As long as your Valentine appreciates vinyl and plush as much as he or she does roses and chocolate-covered strawberries, we've got you covered with this installment of Clutter's Gifting Guide.


A gift without a greeting card...

Posted by marc February 08, 2016
Mr Clement's Final Astrolapin Full Reveal & Release

Mr Clement has revealed full shots of the final version of his Astrolapin toy. The steel-colored vinyl combined with a glossy finish gives the toy a metallic look. A silvery flag accessory joins the space bunny, both encased in a brushed steel style monolith, adding even more of a callback to 2001: A Space Odyssey. Despite tagging Rotofugi in the teaser announcement, this figure is...

Posted by kristina February 08, 2016
Dolly Oblong Oblong Dairobo-Z 5" Dunny Teaser from Kidrobot

Earlier today, Kidrobot posted a teaser of the packaging for two upcoming 5 inch Dunnys. While we are well aware of Sekure D's first production Dunny, we're surprised and pumped to see Dolly Oblong getting her own 5-inch Dunny as well. If you look closely at the picture, you can make out...

Posted by marc February 08, 2016
WIP | Custom Kidrobot Mega Man by Squink

Squink adds some grit to Capcom's Blue Bomber, making him look like he's been dragged through Wiley's Castle. Someone get this guy an energy tank. I love how Squink has subtly changed the color pallete from the stock blue tones originally on the Kidrobot 7" figure. The best part is how he's removed Mega Man's irises and pupils, making the design a bit more minimalistic but also making the...

Posted by marc February 08, 2016
3D Calligraphy by Tolga Girgin

We recently featured calligrapher Seb Lester for his hand-drawn recreations of famous logos and his original work. If you dig his lettering, you'll also love Tolga Girgin. He takes the trend of anamorphic art and melds it with calligraphy, blending his letterforms with the real world. Meticulous...

Posted by marc February 08, 2016
LEGO Food by Michał Kulesza

Most of us don't make it out of our toddler years without ingesting a few LEGO blocks. Polish artist Michał Kulesza brings back those near-death experiences with his LEGO food sculptures. These are especially cool thanks to the way Michał blends the plastic toys with real food items like a banana and orange peels. It's also bizarre that he can make ABS plastic look delicious. ...

Posted by marc February 05, 2016
Follow Friday | Nathan Jurevicius Scarygirl

Creator of Scarygirl, Nathan Jurevicius is a staple of the designer toy scene. But that's not exactly why we're highlighting him in this week's Follow Friday. What's caught my eye recently is Nathan's near-daily colored pencil illustrations of momentus events if rock 'n' roll history. Despite their scribbled, minimalist style, the musicians featured in the drawings are instantly recognizable,...

Posted by marc February 05, 2016
Clutter Magazine & Gallery News | February 2016

Groundhog Day, Abe Lincoln and Darwin's birthdays, Valentine's Day, New York Toy Fair - there's a lot going on in February. And that's of course true with Clutter Magazine, too! This month we'll be hosting our fourth annual (In)Action Figures group exhibition from Saturday, February 13 through Friday, March 4. A free opening ceremony will be held next Friday from 6-9PM. This show features art...

Posted by marc February 05, 2016
Sorayama Does Marilyn Monroe

Hajime Sorayama's airbrush work will transport you right back to the 1980s. But for this exhibit titled “An actress is not a machine, but they treat you like a machine.” he melds 1980s aesthetics with 1950s pop culture by reinterpreting famous photos of Marilyn Monroe as his famous Sexy Robot character. The Nanzuka Gallery in Tokyo is hosting this solo exhibition, featuring both paintings...


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