Posted by marc November 25, 2015
Black Friday at Kidrobot

Kidrobot aren't adding asterisks to their Black Friday sale. Use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY15 to take 15% off of anything in their online store. Yup, that includes their made-to-order Art Giants series, the new J*RYU "It's a F.A.D." Dunny, and everything else!

Check out more Black Friday deals right here

Posted by marc November 25, 2015
Kidrobot x Kenny Scharf Bart Simpson Figure

Kidrobot brings credibility to licensed toys with their 6" Bart Simpson figure. This toy was a collaboration between Kidrobot and Kenny Scharf, an '80s NYC artist, SVU grad, and friend (and former roommate!) of Keith Harring. Scharf often uses cartoon characters in his work, making Bart a completely organic basis for this piece. His blobby characters are integrated into the...

Posted by marc November 25, 2015
Super 7 online issues

Don't worry. We know Clutter Magazine is your favorite mag, whether you read it in meatspace or online. However, there's something you have to check out. Super7 have just digitized and uploaded their entire run of magazines. These go all the way back to 2002 and span 15 issues, covering all sorts of vinyl, sofubi, and collectible toy culture shenanigans. Check out all the issues right...

Posted by marc November 24, 2015
Jeremiah Ketner custom toys

Jeremiah Ketner just dropped a ton of shelf candy on his online store. His ethereally painted customs are of course destinct for their characters' calm demeanour and the vivid color palette. This batch contains customized Gumdrops originally by 64 Colors, Omen by Coarse, and Unicorno by tokidoki. Check out the gallery below and hit up the...

Posted by marc November 24, 2015
shawnimals fuzzy friday

It's time to get fuzzy this Friday. Shawnimals have shared a bunch of discount codes to use on their plush, vinyl, accessories, and original artwork. These codes are limited, so have your computers or computer-phones at the ready at 8AM Central on 11/27/15. Hoever, the 20% off code will work all weekend. The codes are as follow:

FUZZY1520 - 20% off - all weekend

Posted by marc November 24, 2015
myplasticheart black friday deals

Need to stock up on presents or just want to snag that toy that's been on your radar for a while? myplasticheart have already rolled out a bunch of Black Friday deals. Some highlights include Kidrobot Black's Domestic Hunger, Jibibuts blindboxes, Tokyo Plastic's Koguma in all three colorways (a personal favorite of mine), and Tequila 2.0 by Muttpop. Check out all the deals right...

Posted by marc November 23, 2015
F.A.D. 20" Dunny by J*RYU

The pearescent white colorway of J*RYU's It's a F.A.D. 20" Dunny is finally up for grabs over at If you stopped by Clutter Magazine's booth at NYCC, you know just how beautiful this thing is. If any toy of this size deserves a spot in your home, this should be one of the top...

Posted by marc November 23, 2015
Awesome TVs from JPK, Awesome Toy, and KoreKoreUK

The kaiju we talk about are usually in plastic form, simulacra of the monsters broadcasted over the air in Japan decades ago. But in a Zoolander-esque twist, these kaiju are in the TV - the Awesome TV, that is. Awesome TV is platform from Awesome Toy featuring different artists' images on a small toy TV. Their most recent collaboration is with JPK, who lends his black...

Posted by marc November 23, 2015
christmas 2015 bearbricks

'Tis the season for special editions. The year's Christmas-themed Be@rbricks from Medicom come in three styles. One is the obligatory Santa design, while the others sport snowflake patters that form a mosaic of a Christmas tree. Those icey blue, transparent legs look great, but a little more variation between the two snowflake designs would have been nice. You'll be able to pick these up as...


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