Posted by marc February 01, 2016
Wooden Lego Minifigures by BTmanufacture

I was never good at LEGO. I'd always just end up making a cube. Clearly I was never intended to become an architect. But that does stop me from wanting these wooden Minifigures by BTmanufacture. Carved out of oak, these come in 10, 20, and 31.5 inch versions. I'm hoping that some of the collectors who pick these up end up customizing them, either with paint or even just some classy...

Posted by marc January 29, 2016
Follow Friday | Alejandro Jodorowsky

Alejandro Jodorowsky is an existentialist filmmaker, comics writer, and Twitter auteur. On a nearly daily basis, he posts a barrage of whacked out - but often thought-provoking - tweets, which are translated from his native Spanish (he's from Chile) to English at @AlejodoEnglish. A few of my recent favorites are, "If you have a short rope, all...

Posted by Trustpigs January 29, 2016
Con Art's "Limited Shelf Life" Exhibition at SubUrban Vinyl!

Artist John Grayson spent months creating the 25 new works that will be displayed at his first solo exhibition, Limited Shelf Life at SubUrban Vinyl in Waldwick, NJ. Featuring mainly screen-printed acrylic plexiglass works that have been mounted on top of screen-printed, hand-painted, and/or...

Posted by marc January 29, 2016
Blown Glass Sculptures by Kiva Ford

Blown glass is often limited to vases, marbles, fake candy, and of course bongs and pipes. But Kiva Ford, who creates custom medical instruments out of blown glass, creates amazingly intricate sculptures, from single figures to an entire story of an animal's journey from tadpole to frog. While his large-scale work doesn't seem to be for sale, you can get a piece of the glass blowing action...

Posted by marc January 29, 2016
Warden of the Grove Custom Munny by Fiona Ng

That's a lot of swords you've got there! This custom Munny is called Warden of the Grove and was created by Fiona Ng. Her client wanted to recreate his character from the MMORPG, Guild Wars 2. The result is impressive, not just due to the amount of sculpting and meticulous symmetry, but also thanks to the eight incredibly detailed accessories in the...

Posted by marc January 29, 2016
Parra Releases Spring 2016 Collection

Dutch artist Parra is probably most recognized in the art toy scene for his Pierced toy from Kidrobot. My biggest designer toy regreat is not scooping that when I had the chance. His Rockwell by Para line offers some redemption for those who are un-Pierced, though. Today he released his Spring 2016 collection under his Rockwell label, comprising of colorblocked nylon windbreakers and...

Posted by Trustpigs January 29, 2016

Twin girls, one wearing an inverted cross while the other curls her fingers into the sign of the horns, a decapitated pig head at their feet. Another girl stands merrily in her Victorian dress, a fuzzy rabbit held in her hands, a bunny mask on her face, and a bounty of human skulls partially obscured by her hemline. A proper looking lad with a thick bone in one hand and a skull grasped by the...

Posted by marc January 29, 2016
coarse Omen Fade Wood Edition

coarse are making Ron Swansom proud with their Omen Wood sculpture, a followup to 2014's Omen Outburst Wood. There are two variants, one using ash and another walnut, each being limited to 30 pieces. You could stare at these for hours thanks to the intricate grain patterns and rings. Ringing in at $627.20 each, they've got a price tag to match their beauty. Be...

Posted by marc January 29, 2016
Andy Warhol Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars Spring 2016

15 minutes? Not even his death could end Andy Warhol's fame. Converse are continuing their relationship with the Andy Warhol Foundation and are dropping a third consecutive season of Chuck Taylors, as well as apparel featuring the pop-art master's work. I'm digging the fact that these aren't full of Campbell's Soup imagery. The somewhat more obscure work of Warhol turns these sneakers into a...


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