Posted by marc June 15, 2016
Jaws x BAPE

Well it had to happen at some point. The brand known for their full-zip shark hoodies has finally teamed up with Universal Pictures for a Jaws collaboration. And it just so happens to be in time for the summer's silliest marketing campaign, shark week. The collection includes three t-shirts: one of a camo'd Jaws, one with the BAPE logo within Jaws' - erm - jaws, and one with shark jaw bones...

Posted by marc June 15, 2016
Custom Xbox Controllers

While Microsoft's Xbox presentation at E3 revealed zero games I'm interested in (apparently I'm getting old), and left me scratching my head after they announced two new console configurations, one cool service was revealed that I'm actually considering throwing my money at. Just like sneaker brands have been letting customers customize their shoes with different colors and materials, you can...

Posted by marc June 14, 2016
Trumpty Dumpty

Popaganda and Clutter are very excited to drop Ron English's Trumpty Dumpty art toy this Thursday, June 16, and it's gonna be yuuuuuge. From 6PM to 9PM, we'll be selling these limited edition hand-pulled resin figures at the Popaganda Pop Up Toy Store located at 72 Gansevoort Street in NYC, across from the Whitney Museum. These are first-come first-served and is the...

Posted by kristina June 14, 2016
Chris Ryniak GID Glitter Dewdrop

Whatever you're doing right now-STOP! Chris Ryniak has just dropped a new Dewdrop colorway! This 2-inch guy is made with opaque resin, black acrylic eyes, and silver glitter. Oh, and did I mention this cutie glows in the dark???

Dewdrop is available now while supplies last exclusively in the Bindlewood shop. Since there's a limit is one...

Posted by marc June 14, 2016
Dishonored 2 Jane Doe

Hoo boy. I had to do a double-take this morning as I caught up with all the video game news coming out of E3. I was scrolling through a photo gallery of limited / deluxe editions of games that publishers have revealed when I got to the Dishonored 2 Collectors Edition, which comes with a poster that looks shockingly familiar. I don't think it's any stretch to say that whoever...

Posted by marc June 14, 2016
Kidrobot deck

Kidrobot announced a nice surprise today. Limited to only 100 pieces, this skate deck features the brand's classic Dunny outline in a sharp contrast between yellow silk screened paint and the natural wood grain. Each deck is numbered and costs only $49.99. You can pick one up here and throw it on your wall or take it for a...

Posted by marc June 13, 2016
Hedgehog cup clingers

Cups are so utilitarian. But you can spice things up with a cup clinger, and the best cup clingers take the shape of hedgehogs. These guys have just hit stores that house gachapon machines and run ¥300. Hopefully some stores import these over the next few weeks because I have a lot of cups.

Check out more gachapon here | See...

Posted by marc June 13, 2016
Brandt Peters Night King

We got some good news and some bad news from Kidrobot today. Let's start with the bad news because it's not terribly bad. The brand's "Behind the Vinyl" series of product teasers and reveals used to be a weekly affair, but is now shifting to a monthly basis. See? Not so bad. The good news is that Kidrobot are collaborating again with Brandt Peters for a new black, white, and purple colorway of...

Posted by marc June 13, 2016
Bitsumo vinyl

JPK's latest custom is a heavy hitter. Bitsumo was originally released in 2014 and is the canvas for his Japanese tattoo work. The collector who commissioned the piece has a focused cache of lime green and black toys, so Jon Paul Kaiser used this pallet for a detailed dragon and sakura floral pattern. The custom paint looks like it's glowing set against the black vinyl. Very nice!...


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