Posted by Trustpigs July 18, 2014

Walter Gatus's Jungle Boy Productions enlisted the soft sculptural talents of Lana Crooks to make an adorably cute character in plush for them: a critter named Kitsune. Sharing its name with the Japanese word for 'fox' (狐), it should come as no surprise that this pudgy 12-inch tall fellow...

Posted by marc July 18, 2014
The Black Abyss in Death's Eyes by Jon-Paul Kaiser Mardivale Dunny

JPK takes a grim approach for his most recent custom. Using Andrew Bell and Kidrobot's Mardivale Dunny, this dark but somehow beautiful custom goes beyond the standard skull and scythe, adding skeletal anatomy and detailed wings. The skull is particularly eye-catching thanks to being very slightly off-kilter and having tiny details...

Posted by Trustpigs July 18, 2014

Disart ToyLabs once again partners with a fantastic artist, in this instance tattooist AshMadeThis, to unleash something creative and unexpected: the “Bartholio” custom bootleg! Inspired by Ash’s hugely popular pin badge design of the same name, the hilarious mash-up of iconic ′90s cartoons...

Posted by marc July 17, 2014
64 Colors Bad Apple Madam Mayhem Dunny

Well that was quick. Kronk's Madam Mayhem Dunny has been on store shelves for about six weeks, but 64 Colors have already customized the 8-inch Dunny with seven acorn dwarves, Snow White, and some deer. With a face on the front featuring signature 64 Colors eyes, and an entire scene on the back,...

Posted by marc July 16, 2014
amanda vissel kitten beartrap resin set

Amanda Visell's latest hand-cast resin set contrasts cute imagery with allusions to torture and hunting. The super cute kittens and their bows reflect a sheltered life and curiosity while the beartrap serves a sign for the danger of life outside the house (and the crazy things some people do to animals). The set comes in...

Posted by Trustpigs July 16, 2014

3DRetro once again partner with the superbly talented Gary Baseman to issue forth the debut piece in the Wild Girls figure line! Including a duo of charming characters in this 2-pack, you'll receive the 6-inch tall "Beverly" girl as well as the 3.5-inch tall stylized "Chou Chou" companion. While both figures can stand...

Posted by Mike July 16, 2014

At SDCC 2014, DKE Toys will be releasing two figures from Argentinean based artist Bombermat, aka Matias Bovero. The Boba Fatt hand made resin figure on card is an edition of 16 piece, while the Jango Fatt hand made resin figure on card is an edition of only 12! If you look closely at the transparent portion of Jango, you can even...

Posted by Trustpigs July 16, 2014

Peter Kato's popular "Bedtime Bunnies," little sleepwalking bundles of adorable rabbit-ness, shuffle their way forward in the brand new "Nocturnal Purple" colorway! Hued in the colors of a clear night's sky, these dark purple bunnies are indeed wearing bunnyslippers, which makes them possibly the cutest things on Earth. Available in two...

Posted by Mike July 16, 2014

Here is Count Draco Knuckleduster by Killer Bootlegs! Character Design and Concept by Killer Bootlegs aka Peter Goral and Art by Wizard Cleave, aka Michael York Gilreath.
Each figure is hand made out of resin on coes on a backing card. Released in an edition of 25 at $100 apiece.




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