Posted by marc November 02, 2016

Remember those giant Swatches from the '80s and '90s that you could hang on the wall? Well, Swatch still makes 'em! And Lunartik has created his own Swatch Maxi for a a group show titled Time Warped. Hosted at Berlin's Oslo Kaffebar, each participant has created their own art clock. That makes me assume that this is a one-off custom by JOnes, but I'll still hold out hope for an official...

Posted by marc November 02, 2016

You've seen Cleon Peterson's Balance of Power before, but not like this. Case Studyo have collaborated with the artist to create a 3D version of the painting rendered in glossy, white porcelain. Standing six inches tall and 12 inches wide, the early November release - depicting two barbarians attacking one another - is, in a word, topical. Balance of Power...

Posted by marc November 01, 2016

While tokidoki have branched out over the years, there's no denying that the brand's Cactus Friends series is their greatest hit. The iconic designs feature cute characters outfitted in cactus suits, from the OG Bastardino to the brand new Cactus Pets. This newest series 10 designs, including one chase, theme around domestic pets. Previously explored animals such as cat, dogs, and bunnies are...

Posted by marc November 01, 2016

Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty is likely the most popular network cartoon aimed at adults currently on air. I hear people referencing the show while I’m just walking in public. So it’s a bit surprising that there are so few toys featuring Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s absurd characters. J!NX is fixing that with a new series of Rick and Morty plushies, though.

Posted by marc October 31, 2016

Miami artist Chris Pyrate is following up his Three Eyed Kaiju designer toy with Luck Katju, an amalgum of symbols for prosperity and Japanese kaiju. "The inspiration behind the Lucky Katju stems from two main sources: my love for old school Kaiju films and Manekki-Neko (A.K.A. Lucky Cats). When I first came up with the idea, I was really into studying different...

Posted by marc October 31, 2016

Ah, such soothing colors. This might be my favorite Uamou series since the Tengu and Cobalt series, which had an amazing matte finish. These ones, though, feature calming gradients painted by legendary airbrush artist, Goto-san.


Pink to purple and blue to green gradients are showcased on the Uamou, Fortune Uamou, and...

Posted by marc October 31, 2016

I don't think I need to explain why Coarse Toys have garnered a cult following. And the German duo's illustrations are just as alluring as their toys. (I have a postcard flyer featuring their raccoon character taped to my wall.) With "Cold Ways", Coarse fans can have a deluxe, collectible book of Sven's drawings along with a narrative by Andrew Greenberg. The summary reads:


Posted by Miranda October 28, 2016
Issue 41 online for FREE now! Cover Joe Ledbetter!

Online now for you to read and enjoy, absolutely for free, is Issue #41 - NYCC 2016 - with cover artist JoeLedbetter!  Click on over to issuu and start enjoying!

On the inside:

Arcane Divination with Camilla D'Errico interview
Andrew Bell interview
Flat Bonnie interview
Kyle Kirwin interview

Posted by kristina October 26, 2016
Rato Kim Opens Shops (FINALLY!!)

After successful email pre-orders, limited store releases, and comic convention exclusives, Rato Kim has finally opened an online store! If you're still on the fence about getting one of the BoxCat platform customs you now can order them through Kim's Etsy store....


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