Posted by marc March 26, 2014
Want some snacks, alcohol, and plush-making knowledge? Got a few hours to kill tonight? Sewing-machine-sensei Steff Bomb will be teaching a plush hamburger making class tonight at Sew Crafty Studio in Chicago. Show up at 7 to conjure plushy patties and buns.
Posted by marc March 26, 2014
Brian Flynn of Super7 will showcase his Duorocker fibgerglass rocking chair on April 5. Two years in development, the rocking chair will debut at Flynn's Toy Art Gallery showing. Taking design cues from Super7's DokuDuo toy, Duorocker blends a cute design with a dark overtone. Visit TAG next saturday to check it out in person.
Posted by Trustpigs March 26, 2014
Following the debut of alto 's "OpenSource" concept at last year's Designer Toy Awards , ToyCon UK 2014 will see the unveiling of the second chapter of this original line. "OpenSource 2", also known as "Platform A," is specifically designed to be a platform-type toy. A versatile sculpt, featuring large blank surfaces and offering a multitude of opportunities, in respect of its configuration, the customising opportunities available are endless. As with the previous release, the buyer of the piece not only gets the '1 of 1' edition master sculpt itself, but also the design rights to the figure...


Posted by Trustpigs March 25, 2014
SubUrban Vinyl (4 Frederick St., Waldwick, NJ 07463) have announced a very different sort of art exhibition, one that asks a bevy of talented artists to customize toilet seats! Entitled "1's & 2's: A Toilet Seat Art Show," the exhibition will include pieces by Matt Walker, Tasha Zimich, Ben Nati, Little Boot, Small Angry Monster, Soko Cat, John Grayson, The Jelly Empire, Gold Poo NYC, Carson Catlin, and many more! Plus, as an added scatalogical bonus, a very limited quantity of exclusive blue "Ass Wipe" toilet paper rolls from The Sucklord will be on hand for the show. The event will be...
Posted by Trustpigs March 25, 2014
Fans have clamored for The Disarticulators 's popular 2-inch tall "Madball of Death" to be offered in glow-in-the-dark rubber and now their requests have been answered! Inspired by AmToys's classic '80s gross-out toys, retro '50s-style sci-fi, and even a dash of neo-kaiju fun, these GID MoD pieces were designed & sculpted by Zectron and produced by Tru:Tek . Replete with a number of ingenious design features including a lenticular skull/cyclops head, exposed brain and hollowed out eyes, the pièce de résistance has got to be the figure’s central mechanism: two magnetically joined halves...
Posted by Steve March 24, 2014
Man, oh man, how can you not love this guy?! German artist Dust returns to bring us "Hell Lotus - Master Teddy San," the second installment in this small series of two teddy-based customs of the resin Hell Lotus figure. Modified with sculpted epoxy parts, this finished one-of-a-kind piece was painted with sprays and acrylics. As this is a Mintyfresh exclusive, go to Mintyfresh everyday and eagerly await this fantastic piece to drop!
J.ME.'s picture
Posted by J.ME. March 22, 2014 , Japan toy manufacturing company, has finally finished the colored sample of Rockin' Jelly Bean 's long-awaited figure - Devil`s Cheerleaders. Keep your eye out for release date and price by following both Wing Co., Ltd's Facebook page and Twitter .
imageImg52998-2.jpg, by J.ME.
imageImg53008-2.jpg, by J.ME.
imageImg53017-2.jpg, by J.ME.
imageImg53025-2.jpg, by J.ME.
Posted by baykiddead March 21, 2014
It happens all the time. You become aware of an artist and quickly realize they have it all. Great name, amazing work, adoring fans, and everything seemingly going for them. Then you meet them and you realize they've paid for all their success by transforming themselves into a jerk. I became aware of Van Holmgren and soon wondered if this affliction would apply. Because let's face it, he's got the killer name, the work that lives up to it, and a bunch of people singing his praises. And then I met him, got to know him a little bit, and wouldn't you know it, the guy's a prince. If the success...
Posted by Trustpigs March 21, 2014
The first collaboration between iconic innovators SLAVE×ONE & GUUMON is here! The "Gero" figure by SLAVE×ONE has been specially painted in an ultra-limited quantity by GUUMON, resulting in the 6.5-inch tall cycloptic monsters you see above — four hand-painted in a Titanium edition with one Black Titanium chase — as well as two completely unique chases figures (one of which is pictured below). These vinyl creatures are only available through a lottery system hosted by KaijuMonsteR , with those interested having until 10PM EST on Sunday, March 23rd, 2014 to send their name, mailing address...



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