Posted by kristina July 11, 2016
Martin Hsu Dragon Dog Plush

Get ready for the latest from Martin Hsu! For weeks Hsu has been posting sneak peeks of a new plush on his Instagram and fans have waited to learn how to get one. Earlier today Hsu finally released details of Dragon Dog, a pup that accompanies Dragon Boy in...

Posted by marc July 11, 2016

Sekure D was on-site in Hong Kong for an exhibition featuring custom sneakers and the very popular Taiko No Tatsujin arcade game (which came out over here on PS2 as Taiko Drum Master). It's an odd pairing but I'm not complaining as I love both of those things. 20 pairs of Sekure D's customs were featured among many others, the standout piece being leather Chuck-style...

Posted by marc July 11, 2016

If you've read our interview with Bob Africa, President of Kidrobot, you'd know just how much blood, sweat, and vinyl he and his team put into making the company profitable again. Now that the brand is back on its feet and printing more bills than ever before, he's announced that he'll be stepping aside. "Kidrobot wishes to sincerely thank Bob for his tireless leadership in the face of...

Posted by kristina July 08, 2016
Rato Kim WatermelonCat

If you thought Rato Kim's UglyCat wasn't cute enough you might just squeal over WatermelonCat-I know I did! WatermelonCat is designed by Kim and uses her BoxCat platform to create a tasty looking custom just in time for summer. It looks so yummy and cute! WatermelonCat is hand cast in resin with red and...

Posted by marc July 08, 2016

OK, I need this. Medicom have opened up pre-orders for their tribute to 2001: A Space Odyssey. Both a 100% and a 400% are available, recreating the red space suit from Stanley Kubricks warm-up for faking the Apollo 11 moon landing - I mean, his sci-fi masterpiece. Pre-orders are open until midnight on Sunday, so check out the Medicom...

Posted by marc July 08, 2016
Kidrobot Andy Warhol

I've been so excited for this Dunny series that it's felt like I've been waiting forever. Today, the full set of 3 inch Andy Warhol Dunnys are available in-store and online, with plushies and 8 inch Dunnys still on their way. The series recreates some of Andy's most well-known work, including Banana, the Brillo box, Soup Can, Marylin Monroe, and more. Personally, I'll be trying to pick up the...

Posted by kristina July 07, 2016
Dead Zebra Bear Awareness Android Revealed

Summer is in full swing and Dead Zebra has a new Android to collect! Last year the summer Android set was about swimming but this year it's all about camping in the forest. Andrew Bell wants you to to be aware of bears with this new collectible.  The set includes a 3-inch bear Android and a 1.5 inch Scout Android you can use as a keychain. And as an...

brittandpuppycat's picture
Posted by brittandpuppycat July 07, 2016
Huck Gee and Clutter Gallery Present "The Blank Show"!

Huck Gee and Clutter Gallery are excited to present "The Blank Show", a custom designer toy event of Huck Gee's Blank platform! Standing at 7" tall, each participating artist will customize a blank figure to be displayed in Clutter's Gallery space. We are super excited for this show! All the teasers and WIP pictures we have been getting have been amazing. 

Did we mention that Huck...
Posted by marc July 07, 2016
Jinx Geralt Figure

The Witcher 3 came out at the perfect time, stealing the wind from The Elder Scrolls’ sails and blowing the minds of Western RPG fans. Over a year after the game’s initial release, the game is still going strong, with an expansion pack, a card game spinoff, and new merch being released. One piece of merch our readers will definitely be interested in is J!NX’s Geralt of Rivia...


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