Posted by Andrew Hayward May 08, 2012

Thanks to SpankyStokes, we have a heads-up on a very well-intentioned Kickstarter campaign that has a surprising tie to the vinyl toy world. Goodie Monster is an initiative that looks to place adorable vending machines filled with healthier snack options in places where kids can enjoy them, and it's looking to raise $26,000 in the next 26 days via to make that so. As of this writing, it has 50 backers with a pledged total of $1,666 in these early days.

In typical Kickstarter tradition, promising money to the campaign yields backers rewards should the project become fully funded; if not, your money never changes hands, though you also don't get the reward. In this case, the rewards include things like art prints and t-shirts, as well as higher-level options like naming or adopting one of the Goodie Monster machine covers, though the one that may be of particular interest here is the Limited Edition Mini Monster vinyl toy.

Created in collaboration with Crazylabel, the studio behind Treeson & Other Stories, House of Lui, and the Droplet series, the three-inch toy will feature moveable arms and fuzzy green fur; what's seen here is simply a prototype. You'll need to commit to at least $30 to choose the Mini Monster reward, though larger backing options also include the toy. If successfully funded, the reward is set to ship in September. But even if you don't want to drop $30 or more for the Mini Monster, Goodie Monster looks like a great cause -- be sure to watch the video and check out the photos!


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