Posted by Erica May 04, 2012

Check out this awesome stop motion video of Luca Loiudice's performance constructing the scenorgraphy for his work of art, The Spaceman.

"The scenography is composed by a background wall, size 5m x 2,50 m, painted with some thin paintbrushes, and the same for the floor. The other stage elements are: the suspended globe and the hand-painted UFO on cardboard below on the right. As regards the small squared buildings, they are made with four bricks black painted as well for the happening. Concerning the enlightment: we used the same kind of sources  consistent to one led bar, lightening from the left side of the picture, and  thirty-five small light points. Some of them positioned on a pipe on the wall’s top, one by one inside the squared bricks made buildings and a group of ten placed on a wooden panel to enlight the two subjects. "

Final photo: Alberto Gubernati.

Video: Stefano Scuderi.

Model: Elena Morini.

The spaceman: Luca Loiudice.

Length of the project: 93 full days.

Video length: 3:46 min.

Place: Torino, Italy


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