Posted by Trustpigs April 16, 2014
The 12-inch tall "Jyujin" vinyl figure designed by Japanese artist GEEK! and produced by Medicom Toy is receiving an extra-special micro edition release courtesy of Mutant Vinyl Hardcore and Rotofugi ! Faciliated by Rotofugi, Rich "LASH" Montanari of MVH painted a small run of the Bigfoot-esque beast in soft Japanese vinyl ( sofubi )! Entitled "Sakura Lord Zone 5 Jyujin" for this edition, which is priced at $165 apiece, this figure will be sold by lottery system… meaning you have to be lucky enough to be randomly selected from the entrants to even pay for this glorious beast! You can enter...
Posted by Trustpigs April 15, 2014
Displayed prominently on the fictional Too Cute Department's Wall of Fame, we fine Peter Kato 's adorable hand-cast and hand-painted original creations, the "Bedtime Bunnies." These sleepwalking rabbits are, of course, wearing bunnyslippers! These 3-inch tall resin pieces, depicting sleepwalking rabbits wearing bunnyslippers, have been cast in an assortment of four pastel colors — light violet, chic yellow, marshmallow pink, and baby blue — with contrasting colored footwear. Limited to an edition of 20 pieces, these myplasticheart exclusives are sold blind bagged, with one truly lucky...
Posted by Trustpigs April 15, 2014
Intertwining the terribly monstrous with the utterly human, Carlos Enriquez Gonzalez has masterminded this massive 10-foot tall rendition of "Udegeruge" for the upcoming " Hacia El Plano Verde " Contemporary Art Biennial in Centro De Artes Integradas, Caracas, Venezuela. Gozalez's fiberglass installation, which will be on display as part of the exhibition opening in May 2014, appropriates the base design from the popular Japanese franchise Barom One , elevating the design to a more sympathetic level with the visually striking realistic eyeball and the incorporation of the pristinely painted...
Posted by marc April 14, 2014
If Disney's version of Lewis Carroll's Cheshire Cat is a little too purple for your tates, 64 Colors' rendition of the grinning kitty should right up your alley. The grin makes this piece instantly recognizable as the Cheshire Cat, and the big eyes and textured paint make it clear that this is a custom from none other than 64 Colors.
Posted by marc April 11, 2014
Remember when game consoles actually came with a second controller? If you do, you might have fond memories of the "atomic purple" controller that came with the Nintendo 64. Erick Scarecrow and EscToy have distilled those memories into purple transparent resin. Evoking recollections of '90s masterpieces like Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 64, and Ogre Battle, 6Null4 is begging you to exhume the N64 from your closet. Pick one up today (April 11) for a special launch-day price of $35. 4MB RAM Expansion Pack not included.
Posted by Trustpigs April 11, 2014
Shadoe Delgado 's "Shadowling" blind boxed series, produced by We Are Not Toys , will be available — while supplies last — at a discounted price until April 21st, 2014! The 3-inch tall resin figures are each hand-painted, featuring ten different Shadowling designs! The blind boxes, normally priced at $35 each, will be available for $25 apiece during this sale and, for the true collector, you can snag a guaranteed complete set of the 10 designs for $250. These are available in Delgado's online shop now HERE . As if that wasn't enough, Delgado will also be giving away one complete set of the...
Posted by Trustpigs April 10, 2014
Joining the slew of other exclusives that’ll be up for grabs at the Rampage Toys × Disarticulators 's ToyConUK Booth #16, the duo are thrilled announce a special collaboration: the Pachi Gacha Machine! Packaged in a vintage vending machine inspired display created by Tru:Tek , this red box full of rubber mini-figures is overflowing with pieces from two very different series… the Cupcake Pachi In Ya Pocket (featuring 3 classic Rampage MIMP customs) and a mess of Mecha Freaks, crazy rubber ‘bots that were created during Tru:Tek's trip to Japan earlier this year. All the figures have been cast...
Posted by Trustpigs April 09, 2014
Skinner 's famed 8-inch tall "Ultrus Bog" figure is born anew as Frank Kozik unleashes the hand-painted "Aqua Bog Edition!" Cast in Japanese vinyl (sofubi), this magnificent beast is limited to an edition of 13 pieces that each come bagged with a signed & numbered header card depicting the Aqua Bog's loathed enemy, Aquaman, rendered in two! Being released on Thursday, April 10th, 2014 at 12 Noon Pacific time in Kozik's online shop for $200 apiece.
Posted by Trustpigs April 09, 2014
Devils Head Productions 's "Alavaka" figure, which depicts a demonic entity in mock Buddha pose, will be unleashed in the new "Midnight 6ix" edition. Cast in gold flecked clear soft Japanese vinyl (sofubi) with a double pour of glow-in-the-dark inner vinyl, the 4-inch tall exterior is decorated with metallic blue, purple, and gold sprays as well as subtle neon accents on the faces and horns (2 in neon green, 2 in neon orange, and 2 in neon pink). Limited to an edition of 6 pieces, with neon accent spray color shipping randomly, these will be available on April 19th, 2014 in the Devils Head...


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