Posted by kristina April 29, 2016
Johnny Cupcakes LA Closing

After 8 years at their Los Angeles location, Johnny Cupcakes will be closing their doors this Saturday. Johnny Earle, the owner of the brand, announced earlier this year that he wanted to wanted to change the focus of the company in lieu or personal events. Changing the focus, as per Earle, includes closing some of his stores and the shop on Melrose...

Posted by Brian April 28, 2016
Secret of the Ooze

Last week, our friends at Playmates Toys were kind enough to send us a package containing a couple of their new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze 25th Anniversary Figures. We received a Leonardo figure as well as Donatello. Playmates had sold these figures previously in their ”Classics” line, as figures from the first TMNT movie, but they’ve included a...

Posted by Karl April 28, 2016

After what seems like an age Black Mask Comics finally release 'Four Kids Walk into a Bank', a five issue mini-series about, well, four kids who walk into a bank.

The first issue kicks off with a nice scene setter where we meet our four protagonists playing D&D.  The humour, even here, is dark and fun and then we meet these four 11...

Posted by kristina April 27, 2016
Amanda Visell & Michelle Valigura Pig and Butterfly

The latest pair by Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura may look like an unlikely match at first, but you have to admit they make a cute couple! Meet Pig and Butterfly, a new resin duo that's growing on me. Pig stands with nose in the air while Butterfly is smiling. Choose to have to the two stand side by side or have Butterfly sit on Pig's nose...

Posted by marc April 27, 2016
Nintendo Zelda Delay 2017

Outside of the wild success of their Amiibo figures, Nintendo has been hurting for a long time. Things just got even bleaker this morning when the company announced that their biggest game in years, a reworking of The Legend of Zelda, has been delayed yet again. Originally planned for 2015, then pushed to 2016, the game will now be launching in 2017. That game was the anchor for...

Posted by marc April 27, 2016
WuzOne Custom Dunny

Elmo with an afro pick? Sure, why not? WuzOne's hand-painted work is on point as always, and he continues his recent trend of adding extra eyes to classic characters (which should be weird, but he somehow makes it look completely natural). These were limited to three pieces and cost $89 shipped, so it's no surprise that these sold out immediately!

Check out more...

Posted by marc April 27, 2016
Drilone Custom Dunny

The 20 inch version of J*Ryu's It's a F.A.D. Dunny was available in a patina colorway, but Drilon kicks up the antique look up several notches with his latest custom. An oxidized copper look covers most of the surface, which has been further distressed with staining, cracking, and missing chunks. I love how Drilone stuck with the Dunny's theme but took it even further than the production model...

Posted by marc April 26, 2016
LEGO Voltron

LEGO Ideas is like Kickstarter but without money. Someone builds a cool idea out of LEGO - often an IP that LEGO has yet to obtain the license for - or model it out with software and submits it to other LEGO fans for voting. If it obtains 10,000 votes, a team at LEGO will review the project and possibly approve it for further development. Fast approaching that 10,000 mark is...

Posted by marc April 26, 2016
Edouard Martinet art

Do metal birds dream of electric worms? Edouard Moartinet's streamlined, metallic animals are straight out of a future where fake animals are more prominent than real ones. He uses reclaimed parts from bikes, cars, and motorcycles to build the faux fauna. The best part? No gluing, welding, or soldering is used; everything is screwed together for a genuinely retro-futuristic appeal.



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