Posted by Trustpigs August 28, 2014

Born in hellfire and left to rot in a field of disease, The "Lepreskar" is the perfect addition to any maggot infested collection of plastic joy! Mottled with patches of oozing flesh, the Toy Mafia name appears twisted into the back of the head!

Roughly 6.5" tall, 7" long, and 5" wide, this rotocast resin piece has been cast in marbled fluorescent yellow and purple and finished with...

Posted by Mike August 28, 2014

myplasticheart presents You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone, a group exhibition exploring the themes of loss and regret, curated by Lou Pimentel. Each artist interprets his/her own understanding of the subject matter, resulting in a collection of paintings, sculptures and illustrations each telling a unique story spun from one universal idea. We are given a glimpse into each individual experience,...

Posted by Mike August 28, 2014

The fine folks at True Cast Studio will have their first release of "The Walking Dud" on August 31st @8pm CST. These are composed of production PVC and feature Glyos System articulation.
There will be three gory colorways at different price points,...

Posted by Trustpigs August 21, 2014

After the breathtaking debut of Shirahama's painted "Alavaka" figures at Superfestival 65 in Tokyo, the domestic share of edition will be released by toy designer Devils Head Productions. Sold out elsewhere, this is the few remaining pieces in this fantastic version and there are only a few here in the...

Posted by marc August 20, 2014
JPK Locodonta Munny

It's vinyl Inception: JPK gets meta by customizing his 8" production Dunny, Locodonta. Using the Dunny as a canvas rather than a character, Jon-Paul Kaiser depicts a faceoff between a samurai and a Locodonta warrior. JPK does a great job of emulating a Japanese style of painting while accenting the piece with nice watercolor tones.

Photo credit: Justin Allfree

Posted by Trustpigs August 15, 2014

Texas-based artist RXSeven brings his unique style to Dallas's ATAMA Gallery & Shop with the "Realm" solo exhibition. Exploring the realms of life, death, and brilliant dance between the two, RXSeven continues to find the beauty in these natural states and expresses that perfectly through his custom art toys as...

Posted by Trustpigs August 14, 2014

From the over 700 entries placed for consideration, the Designer Toy Awards's Nomination Committee — comprised of over two dozen industry professionals — have painstakingly narrowed each award category down to the top 6 nominees in each, with the three fan choice versions consisting of the top 12 nominees. Announced earlier today on...

Posted by marc August 13, 2014
JPK Alien Chestburster

One of the most iconic moments in sci-fi movie history gets the JPK treatment. The chestburster scene from Alien is well known for scaring the crap out of both audiences and the actors, who were not told that they would be squirted with fake blood, creating a very candid shot. Poor Kane lies on the operating table in Munny form, with the alien poking his head out, ready to eat your...

Posted by marc August 13, 2014
Carson Catlin Munny

Carson Catlin has teamed up with street art gallery, Kultured Chameleon, to launch his new style of customs. While new Munnys mostly retain Carson's signature "reticulated" style, these ones do have some extra cowbell. Check out the orange one, which retains chunks of the Munny's original surface, which is a really cool effect. The others have very cool patterns and new color schemes. They're...


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