Posted by marc February 12, 2016
Follow Friday | Andrea Kang Harlow Bear

If you read Clutter, you know who Andrea Kang is. Her bear illustrations are instantly recognizable for their cute and simple design. And you don't have to wait for us to show them off if you're following her social accounts. But of course that's not the only reason we're recommending you follow her this week. In case you didn't know, her Pomeranian is the cutest puppy in the designer toy...

Posted by kristina February 12, 2016
Huck Gee Vannen Blank Edition Watch

Huck Gee and Vannen are collaborating to release a new watch for 2016! This design is called "Blank" but not much information on what it looks like has been released yet. So far Vannen has only posted a teaser picture of the packaging. Based on the image, it's very likely that this design is based...

Posted by Miranda February 12, 2016
Kawaii wrist rests

If you are anything like me, then you spend on average 23.5 hours sitting at your desk behind a computer, and as we all know this can lead a whole host of problems;  varicose veins, carpal tunnel, eye strain and worst of all loneliness. 

Japan, as always, comes to your rescue with these awesome snuggle friend wrist rests! Not only do these help you prevent those...


Posted by Miranda February 12, 2016

Kenth Toy Works has teamed up with well-known Harajuku brand Milkboy on a brand new collaboration toy and t-shirt!

Taking inspiration from the Kubrick cult classic movie A Clock Work Orange, Kenth created this 12-inch tall sofubi figure; Nadsat Boy. Accompanying the figure are a resin cane, mask and base accessory, all with hand painted details.  The figure has two...

Posted by marc February 12, 2016
New Get Up Kids Album

Talk about something to write home about: The Get Up Kids are in the studio recording new music! We don't know whether this will be an EP or an LP, but I'll take what I can get from my third favorite band of all time (the top two being The Receiving End of Sirens and Glassjaw). The '90s / early 2000s emo band (you know, from when "emo" was an actual musical genre and before it was...

Posted by marc February 12, 2016
2-Foot Tall Pacific Rim Jaeger LEGO Sculpture

What do 5,000 LEGO pieces, 86 hours of work, and a love for giant robots get you? A giant LEGO robot, obviously. Builder Jason Corlett went all out preparing for the ABS plastic kaiju onslaught. All this Jaeger needs is a LEGO tanker / baseball bat accessory. Check out more of Jason's work here.


Posted by marc February 12, 2016
BFFs Series 3 by Travis Cain x Kidrobot

I've been waiting for this moment literally for forever. Kidrobot have just announced that they're reviving Travis Cain's BFF toys with a third blindbox series! These toys come in pairs of best friends who really shouldn't be hanging out together. Examples from Series 1 & 2 include a tooth with candy, an apple with a worm, and a cupcake with a fork. Judging by the box art, Series 3...

Posted by marc February 11, 2016
#TBT | Rolitoboy Mini French Kiss Series by Rolito

After spending years working on Toy2r’s Qee platform, French designer Rolito created a few toys of his own. 2006 saw the release of both the Rolitoboy and Rolitoboy Mini French Kiss Series. Even though they were smaller in stature, the Mini series toys were what struck a chord.

12 variants were created for the series, which included artists like 123Klan, Superdeux, and of course...

Posted by kristina February 11, 2016
Peter Kato Clear Valentine Bunnie Raffle

If you needed another reason to own the February colorway of Peter Kato x Clutter Magazine Bedtime Bunnie, other than it being adorable, here's an even cuter reason. When you purchase this Bedtime Bunnie, you're automatically entered into a...


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