Posted by Miranda July 11, 2017
Clutter Gallery Presents: The 2nd Annual Blank Show opening recap!

This past weekend (July 8th)  saw the opening reception of "The 2nd Annual Blank Show", fueled by our friends at Lagunitas, and wow what a party!! Collectors and artists traveled from far and wide to see the amazing customs on display, and to be one of the first to check out Huck's latest and greatest masterpiece, the ENTIRELY 3D PRINTED ReBlank: AS09! 

ClutterGallery_blankshow_opening12.jpg, by Miranda

The show was jam-packed with the top customizing talent from all over the globe including;

64 Colors • Artmymind • Camilla d'Errico • Candie Bolton • Clog Two.• Colus Havenga • Czee 13 • David Bishop • Dethchops (Josh Kimberg) • Dolly Oblong • El Hooligan • Fluke • Heath Duntz • Huck Gee • HX Studio • J*RYU • James Groman • Jason Limon • JeAA • Jenn & Tony Bot • Jfury • Jon-Paul Kaiser • Lisa Rae Hanson • Mike Strick • Mr.Mitote • Muju World • Nugglife • Quiccs • RXse7en • Shiffa • Tokyo Jesus • Wetworks.

We were very excited to also host Mr. Mitote all the way from Mexico City! We have been showing his work in our exhibitions for years, so it was fantastic to finally put a face to a name, and what a great guy he is!!  His sculptural, Mayan influenced style has always made his work stand out from the crowd. His body of work is instantly recognizable and flawlessly exercised. 

ClutterGallery_blankshow_opening14.jpg, by Miranda
IMG_4457.jpg, by Miranda

All of the pieces in this show really blew us away with the quality and attention to detail, we know the work that each artist put into their piece, and are honored to be showcasing them at our gallery. From Nugglifes miniature grow house world created inside the head of a RE:Blank, to J*Ryu's rendition of the infamous Iron Maiden character Eddie. From Colus's giant deer hiding an inner secret to Mike Stricks king of the sea, the work is phenomenal and no-one disappoints!

A huge thank you to all of the artists who worked so tirelessly, and to all of the collectors who came out for the opening. Not forgetting a heartfelt thank you to the man himself Huck Gee, who flew in from San Fransico to celebrate the work.

If you are in NY don't sleep, these pieces will on display until Aug 4th, so make the trip! 

IMG_4424 2.jpg
IMG_4424 2.jpg, by Miranda
ClutterGallery_blankshow_opening17.jpg, by Miranda

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