Posted by marc December 24, 2014
Custom Coarse Locks by JPK

JPK gets zen with his newest custom, using Coarse Toys' Locks as a canvas and a character at the same time. Jon-Paul explains the narrative taking place: "I painted as both a character and a scene, depicting a monk passing through a narrow valley in the woods, a look of serenity on his face. Across the valley a bear stands when he hears the monks passing, but for now everything is at...

Posted by marc December 22, 2014
Dear Media Results,  My name is Marc and I love making videos. Whether I'm writing scripts, shooting footage, animating motion graphics, or editing everything all together, I'm having fun, and therefore doing great work.  Over the past five years I've created countless videos as a writer, videographer, editor, animator, and production manager. From being in the trenches and logging footage all the way to managing a team of freelancers, I've covered a wide range of video production responsibilities and have

Inspired by Clover Studio's (R.I.P.) game, Ōkami, Parisian artist, Fakir will be releasing his newest toy on Monday, January 5. The Japanese-style wolf features heavy additional sculpting throughout the Trikky silhouette and the color scheme of the Shinto goddess, Amaterasu. Only ten of these have been made and they'll go for 150€ plus shipping. Grab one...

Posted by Trustpigs December 18, 2014

What began as a simple idea to allow artists to work live on stage at the 2014 New York Comic Con, has grown into something so much greater. On January 10th, The Clutter Gallery will open its doors to an incredible month long exhibit of customized 20” and 8” Dunnys, titled The DTA...

Posted by Trustpigs December 17, 2014

Ever wondered what Peter Kato's bedtime bunnies are dreaming about? In the new Bedtime Bunnies Artist Series by Candie Bolton, the bedtime bunnies are dreaming about Wonderland. Follow Alice on her journey down the rabbit hole as she meets a curious cast of characters: the White Rabbit with his pocket watch...

Posted by marc December 16, 2014
Steampunk Marshall by 64 Colors

64 Colors go steampunk with their latest custom Marshall. This alternative history Victorian marshmallow sports a wood and brass exoskeleton and and is outfitted with metallic goggles. The mechanical heart grinds its gears while the piercing eyes contrast the robot look and add that 64 Colors trademark. Awesome stuff!

Posted by marc December 16, 2014
Plastik Surgery Resin Casting Guide by Lunartik

Sometimes resin-casting wizards need a spell book. Check out Lunartik's newest guide, Plastik Surgery, where Matt JOnes himself walks you through the processes of prepping, pouring, and perfecting your very own resin toy. Available as a PDF download or a printed book, Plastik Surgery is perfect for beginners thanks to its illustrations and instructions specific to toy design...

Posted by marc December 15, 2014
Ghost of Xmas Past Rose Vampire from Super7

Super7's more recent colorway of their Pocket Rose Vampire is a chilly transparent vinyl with hits of silver and blue. Despite the cool color scheme, this guy melts hearts like a flaming pagan Yule log. Pick one up Thursday at 12PM Pacific.

Posted by marc December 15, 2014
shawnimals snow dumpling

Two Pocket Pork Dumplings are better than one! For their limited edition Xmas release, Shawnimals, mphlabs, and Squibbles Ink have combined two Porks into one to create a Snow Dumpling, complete with coal, carrot, and scarf. Grab one as a present for your friend or for yourself at ...

Posted by marc December 15, 2014
Android Series 5

If you felt like something was missing from your life this fall, you were right. Andrew Bell and Dyzplastic usually release a new run of Android Mini Collectibles each fall, but due to a few production hiccups you'll have until January to save up for the fifth series of blindboxes. Gary Ham, Devilrobots, Scott Tolleson, JPK, Lunabee and more will be featured in Series 5. Take a look at...


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