Posted by marc May 04, 2016
Famicase Art

The annual My Famicase exhibition is underway at the METEOR shop in Tokyo and is on display until the end of the month. Artists from around the world create new stickers for Famicom (the Japanese NES) carts, implying gameplay and narrative though one simple illustration. Hundreds of cases are up for viewing, and Studio Uamou - who have two pieces in the show - were awesome enough to shoot a...

Posted by marc May 04, 2016
Van Nintendo Collaboration

Back in the day, you just couldn't find Nintendo merch. Now it's all over the place. Coming soon is the collection of sneakers from Vans, featuring character graphics and a pixelated recreation of the Vans wave, I'm not feeling the hi tops, but I do like the lows. And those Zelda slip-ons are just classy, even without the Zelda graphics. I'll definitely be swapping my Pegasus Boots for...

Posted by marc May 03, 2016
9DKP Card Game

While Erick Scarecrow continues to work on making his 9DKP anime project a reality, he's branching out into other formats. Just launched this week is a Kickstarter project for a collectible trading card game of the same name. It's a bit like Magic: The Gathering, where two players each have a deck of character cards and modifier cards, with lots of skill and a little bit of luck...

Posted by marc May 03, 2016
Uglydoll Sofubi Series

After only a bit over a month of waiting, Uglydoll and Toy Art Gallery will be releasing the first four of the sofubi Uglydoll Mini Monsters. We're not sure if these are blindboxed, but we will know at noon Pacific tomorrow, May 4, when they launch over on T.A.G.'s web shop. The original previews we saw were cast in purple sofubi, while these...

Posted by marc May 03, 2016
SML dissected

Well that's a coincidence. We recently featured Sticky Monster Lab as part of our #TBT series. And that was pretty timely, since the Korean studio has teamed up with Jason Freeny and Mighty Jaxx to create dissected versions of their art toys. There will be four different sculpts available and are launching at the Art Toy Culture convention...

Posted by marc May 03, 2016
Katie Perry Tamagotchi

Last night, both Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom wore Tamogotchis on their outfits at the annual Met Gala fundraiser. The Internet is understandably abuzz and I can't decide if this is awesome or awful. Why are the Illuminati embracing the 1997 pop culture phenomenon? Is this going to be a thing now? Why were both celebs wearing black and white Tamagotchis? Is now the time to sell my...

Posted by marc May 03, 2016
Radiohead Burn the Witch

After much hubaloo over the weekend, Radiohead have finally unveiled their first piece of music since 2011's The King of Limbs. Titled Burn the Witch, the new track is accompanied by a stop-motion video and features a classic Radiohead sound: ethereal, falsetto vocals from real-life hobbit Thom Yorke, electronic percussion, and washes of guitars from Johnny Greenwood....

Posted by marc May 02, 2016
Bob's Burgers

Open now and on display until Saturday, May 7 is Gallery1988's art show dedicated to Bob's Burgers. The Beast Brothers, Jellykoe, Steff Bomb, and plenty more are participating, with prints, paintings, sculptures, and even crochet up for viewing and for purchase. Check out the gallery below for some of our favorites, include Steff Bomb's rendition of Gene's keyboard synth! See the...

Posted by marc May 02, 2016
20" Brillo Dunny

With his mid-'60s sculptures, Andy Warhol created one-to-one simulacra of everyday objects. His Brillo boxes, for example, aren't made out of cardboard, but painted and silk-screened plywood. Five decades later and that sculpture is now taking the form of a 20 inch Dunny! Kidrobot have just released a photo of the first Mega Dunny in the Warhol line. It's going to be tough to say "no" to this...


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