Posted by Trustpigs August 13, 2014

Whittled down from over 700 entrants by the Designer Toy Awards's Nomination Committee, comprised of over two dozen industry professionals, the 4th Annual DTA's list of finalists will be announced during a special Toy Break broadcast on Friday, August 15th, 2014 at 1PM Pacific time (that's 4PM Eastern)....

Posted by Trustpigs August 12, 2014

Peter Kato's "Bedtime Bunnies" hypnogogic art sculptures have had their dream-like and magical properties magnified by incorporating the clean style and color palette of Andrea Kang's illustrative work. Using a specially modified and cast version of Kato's adorable "Bedtime Bunnies," Kang's wonderful work truly...

Posted by marc August 06, 2014
Custom McStomp by JPK

JPK's newest custom is ready to tear up some kaiju. Taking cues from Pacific Rim, Rose & Sky is a customized Penelope McStompsalot, originally by Huck Gee. Decked out with a weathered sword and shield, this robot looks like it's fought its share of alternate-dimension-monsters.

Check out more JPK customs here...

Posted by marc August 06, 2014
crayola mega munny by carl medley

For a lot of people, a Munny and some paint is the big boy equivalent of a pack of Crayola crayons and a stack of paper, which makes this mash-up so great. Carl Medley sculpted and added the apliances, painted the Mega Munny, and then created the crayons from mailing tubes, cardboard, styrofoam, clay, and construction paper. Super colorful, super cool. This custom is for sale, so...

Posted by marc August 06, 2014
kidrobot boulder party

Join Colus this Friday to pour one out for Kidrobot Boulder. The store will be closing up, so there will be plenty of sales, as well as drinks, music, new releases, and live customizing with Colus.

Posted by Mike August 05, 2014

Introducing the new commissioned custom 7-inch Munny, called "HECTOR," by BowoBaghaskara. HECTOR was a legendary warrior who was killed during the great war, who is now back from death and ready to defend his Kingdom again.

Posted by Mike August 05, 2014

With the Kickstarter a success, and the help of Unbox Industries to produce the awesome vinyl Cheestroyer, Double Haunt and Bad Teeth Comics have released a wave of hand painted Cheestroyers on their website while the pledges get the final touches. Including a blank glow in the dark, crystal clear, bubblegum pink, and some very...

Posted by Mike August 05, 2014

The wait for your Scarecrowoven designed "Yügla the Glorg" action figure is almost over, as the horrific creature from beyond the stars becomes available on Wednesday, August 6th, 2014 at 12 Noon! Made in two distinct editions — the 4.75 inches tall "Yügla the Mystical Glorg" and the 4.5 inches tall "Yügla the Warrior Glorg" — both limited...

Posted by Mike August 05, 2014

This Thursday night, August 7th, at 9pm on, Peter Kato will have the Teal series of Bedtime Bunnies. Inspired by fan-reaction to earlier test shots and serene oceanic colors. This time around the bunnie slippers are made to resemble the sand on the beach. Being released at 24 pieces with two sizes; medium size $20...


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