Posted by Trustpigs April 08, 2015

The Clutter Gallery proudly announce Vinyl Azteca, a mesoamerican themed art exhibition.

Participating artists include Alan Urbina, Avatar666, Charles Rodriguez, Frank Mysterio, Gerard MDS, Grimsheep, Haus of Boz, JAR, Jesse Hernandez, Jump Jumper Ant, MaloApril, Marka27, Mr. Mitote, Obscure, Shiffa, Tadeo Mendoza, Tim...


Posted by Miranda March 25, 2015

As you might've already heard, Clutter Magazine has gone mini-sized and monthly, while remaining a completely FREE print publication! And our first issue under this format — issue #24 — is available now from our online store!

Clutter continues to bring you amazing content related to the Designer Toy industry and in this new issue #24 — the March 2015 issue —  we feature...

Posted by marc March 16, 2015

Medicom teams up with two brands from opposite ends of the design spectrum for their newest Be@rbrick 400%. House Industries are a type foundry and design studio that have created some classic logotypes like the typography seen on Green Day's Dookie. They've also created what is pretty much the best ampersand ever, seen on the Be@rbrick's belly. Karimoku is a Japanese furniture...

Posted by marc March 12, 2015
Beatles Abbey Road Toys by Bito

Need some more toys to compliment your Yellow Submarine blindboxes from Lunartik? Check out this set from Bito, featuring the Fab Four during their Abbey Road days. Each comes with a black and white striped pedestal that, when put together, forms the iconic Abbey Road crosswalk. Check '...

Posted by Miranda March 10, 2015

The internet has been buzzing this week with this awesome video of the Sucklord. It was added by Vimeo as a staff pick, and picked up by Digg and Gizmondo, and well deserved too. Not only is the video super clean and well produced, The Super Sucklord is as always articulate, on point, and one of the few artists in the industry who is willing...

Posted by marc March 03, 2015
Squadt Ooze Terror Boy Custom by JPK

JPK get grody with his latest custom, this time using a Squadt Ooze Terror Boy. The decomposing features enhance the already creepy design of the Squadt series. One very cool thing about this custom is how Jon-Paul Kaiser accentuates the existing sculpting of the drippy skull helmet, creating lowlights around the periphery of each drip.

Posted by marc March 03, 2015
Treeson x Momiji Resin Toy

Bubi Au Yeung and UK brand, Momiji, have teamed up in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Treeson character series. Momiji toys are typically designed as a chibi-style girl wearing a themed outfit. In keeping with that style, this collab has a human wearing a Treeson suit, complete with protruding twig. These are limited to 500 pieces and are only $27.50. Check 'em out...

Posted by marc February 25, 2015

It takes a true man to admit Hello Kitty kicks ass. Launching this Saturday is a set from Medicom featuring My Melody, Sanrio's rabbit character first introduced in 1975, and a hedgehog, because why not? The hedgehog concernedly looks on as My Melody cries with her head in her hands. Going for about $55 USD, I haven't been able to track down a North American seller, but you can learn more...

Posted by marc February 25, 2015
King Lion Custom 8" Munny by JPK

JPK revists the animal that's been a symbol of bravery for at least 2600 years. In contrats to his previous lion custom, this one trades savage for regal and steps up to the 8" Munny platform. Beyond the expertly rendered flowing mane, the shine of the character's armor showcase Jon-Paul's...


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