Posted by Trustpigs April 10, 2014
Joining the slew of other exclusives that’ll be up for grabs at the Rampage Toys × Disarticulators 's ToyConUK Booth #16, the duo are thrilled announce a special collaboration: the Pachi Gacha Machine! Packaged in a vintage vending machine inspired display created by Tru:Tek , this red box full of rubber mini-figures is overflowing with pieces from two very different series… the Cupcake Pachi In Ya Pocket (featuring 3 classic Rampage MIMP customs) and a mess of Mecha Freaks, crazy rubber ‘bots that were created during Tru:Tek's trip to Japan earlier this year. All the figures have been cast...
Posted by Trustpigs April 09, 2014
Skinner 's famed 8-inch tall "Ultrus Bog" figure is born anew as Frank Kozik unleashes the hand-painted "Aqua Bog Edition!" Cast in Japanese vinyl (sofubi), this magnificent beast is limited to an edition of 13 pieces that each come bagged with a signed & numbered header card depicting the Aqua Bog's loathed enemy, Aquaman, rendered in two! Being released on Thursday, April 10th, 2014 at 12 Noon Pacific time in Kozik's online shop for $200 apiece.
Posted by Trustpigs April 09, 2014
Devils Head Productions 's "Alavaka" figure, which depicts a demonic entity in mock Buddha pose, will be unleashed in the new "Midnight 6ix" edition. Cast in gold flecked clear soft Japanese vinyl (sofubi) with a double pour of glow-in-the-dark inner vinyl, the 4-inch tall exterior is decorated with metallic blue, purple, and gold sprays as well as subtle neon accents on the faces and horns (2 in neon green, 2 in neon orange, and 2 in neon pink). Limited to an edition of 6 pieces, with neon accent spray color shipping randomly, these will be available on April 19th, 2014 in the Devils Head...
Posted by Trustpigs April 09, 2014
Canadian illustrator Patrick Wong has teamed up with Artransmitte to release the "Dead Hippie" figure at ToyConUK on April 12th. Standing 3-inches tall, these hand-cast resin pieces are limited to an edition of 30 with a 1/6 chase in black & mint green colors! Inspired by Dan Graham's statement that youth culture, such as hippies, perceive that one would symbolically die at the age of 30, or whenever they entered the so-called 'adult world.' Packaged in a beautiful box made by Wong, each one include a signed & numbered card. Available at Artransmitte's ToyConUK Booth 09 for £20 apiece.
Posted by marc April 08, 2014
Glow in the dark vinyl is like the "put a bird on it" of designer toys. Just add phosphorescence and boom, you've improved your toy. Studio Uamou have done just that with their follow-up to last fall's Ultra Uamou, replacing the gray base color with GID. Like the previous Ultra Uamou, this likely won't be sold outside of Japan, so we'll have to make due with the photos. If you happen to be in Japan, you can pick one up for ¥3,240 at the Tsuburaya Productions Creative Jam 50 event. Check out the gallery below and see more work from Studio Uamou here .
Posted by Trustpigs April 08, 2014
The Disarticulators finally announce the Western debut of the "Atomic Uchuujin," which 'wow'-ed fans earlier this year at Rampage Studio's Keshi Party in Japan. And, of course, this 2.5-inch tall figure, designed & sculpted by Zectron and cast in premium flexible rubber by Tru:Tek , will be unleashed in three limited colorways at ToyConUK on April 12th, 2014. Inspired by the banned Ultraman character Alien S’Pell, from the spin-off show Ultra 7 , here's a quick rundown of the fantastic versions that those attending the convention will be able to snag: Standard “Keshi-Gomu” Edition!...
Posted by marc April 07, 2014
Got a strong craving from vinyl-infused caffeine? Me neither. That would probably taste pretty gross. But I'm always down for some Cup of Tea toys from Lunartik (AKA Matt JOnes). His newest creations will be available at ToyCon UK at booth #20. This set includes seven 2.5" Teas and is limited to 300 pieces worldwide. And there's good news for those of us out of ToyCon range. The set will also be available on April 12 online at . Pick up a set on April 12 for a special price of 40GBP (about $67). The price goes up to 45GBP (about $75) after that. Check out the gallery below for...
Posted by marc April 07, 2014
Need something kawaii to round out your shelf? These two new sofubi toys from Chima Group should do the trick. The husband and wife duo have produced previous super-cute kaiju like Amedas and Wool. Launching in May is Radio Monster Parabola, which is a dog wearing an Elizabethan collar (AKA dog cone) and has a lightning bolt for a tail. These pictures show off the test pull and future releases will be painted. Accompanying the sofubi pup is a tiny bird, tentatively named Tori (which is Japanese for "chicken"). This guy is so tiny you could probably fit him in your nose. Yes, that's a...
J.ME.'s picture
Posted by J.ME. April 05, 2014
It has been over a year since Dehara san's last Exhibition in Taiwan. This year, as the title of the exhibition "Tiny Little Objects", Dehara san has brought over 150 tiny little clay figures to the show. Some characters are new, and some are from the past creation. Two of the clay figures were too small that you even need a magnifier to see it. Dehara san siad that as he get older, he might got presbyopia, so this might be the last time he made these tiny clay figures. Last night was the opening of the exhibition, Dehara san was kind enough to gave evryone who attend the exhibition a clay...


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