Posted by kristina July 19, 2016
Frank Kozik Smorkin' Monger Drizzle Jerome

Looks like you can never have enough ice cream because there will be even more Frank Kozik Smorkin' Jerome variants at SDCC this year! Over the weekend Rotofugi posted that there will also be two Drizzle Jerome colorways, vanilla cones topped with a flavor syrup on top.

Both colorways are completely made of vinyl-even the Caramel Drizzle...

Posted by kristina July 19, 2016

I'm a sucker for all things blue, but if it's cute AND blue I'm done! That's how I felt when I saw the new blue colorway of Figgle Bits by Chris Ryniak. Just UGH! Gubble, Fibbly, and Plopp have always been cute but this version just pushes the cuteness over the edge.

Adorable looking monsters in a bright color with black button...

Posted by Miranda July 15, 2016
Read Issue 39 online for FREE now! - SDCC Special Edition

Online now for you to read and enjoy, absolutely for free, is Issue 39 - SDCC 2016 - with cover artist James Groman & InstictToy! Ready to whet your appetite for what's to come, click on over to issuu and start enjoying!

On the inside:

Andrea Kang,
Bigshot Toyworks,
Miss Monster,
Vinyl Cryptids,
PLUS Designer...

Posted by marc July 15, 2016
Three Felix the Cat Figures at BAIT for SDCC

BAIT are doubling tripling down on Felix the Cat at SDCC this year. First up, the cartoon cat gets a 400% Be@rbrick treatment. The figure is limited to only 500 pieces and runs $100. Joining the Be@rbrick are two urban vinyl takes on Felix. There are a collab between BAIT, Dreamworks, and Switch Collectibles. One depicts Felix sizing up a canvas, can in hand, while the...

Posted by marc July 15, 2016

It's official: The third entry in Kidrobot's new 5 inch Dunny series belongs to Twelvedot, the South Korean studio famous for their PVC Apo Frog. The figure is titled "Incognito", calling attention to the fact that this isn't a vinyl recreation of the Apo Frog, but an insect pretending to be a frog, hoping that it wouldn't be eaten for lunch. Based on the turnarounds, the bug can be displayed...

Posted by marc July 15, 2016

We've been watching Squink's progress on his newest batch of Dreamer customs over the past few weeks. And today they're finally ready for primetime. At 4PM Eastern, all six colorways will be available on Squink's shop. Each hand-sculpted and -cast resin Dunny comes with his own pedestal, and each is a one-off colorway. Squink's stuff is hot, so make...

Posted by kristina July 15, 2016
Frank Kozik Smorkin' Monger Jerome SDCC Colorways

I wasn't expecting another Smorkin' Monger Jerome from Frank Kozik anytime soon since Rocket Pop Jerome was released earlier this month. So you can imagine how excited I was when Rotofugi posted that there would be not one but two new Jerome colorways for SDCC!

These chocolate and strawberry variants would be...

Posted by marc July 14, 2016

Super7 are bringing a metric butt-ton of vinyl to SDCC this year. 10 new colorways will be exclusive to the con, and both original designs and licensed products are on offer. A few highlights include a Doku Duo and a Dokuwash, which hasn't been seen in quite some time. A red Colonel Stinson is also super cute. The prices range from $25 to $95 and will be available at booth #4945.


Posted by marc July 14, 2016

An officially sanctioned, HDMI-enabled machine that plays NES ROMs? Yup, sold. Nintendo have just announced the NES Classic Edition, which looks like a miniature NES and plugs into your TV via HDMI. 30 games are included, all of which - except for Castlevania II - are great games. Surprisingly, several third parties like Konami and Capcom have signed on and contributed...


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