Posted by Erica February 10, 2012
MyPlasticHeart is stoked to announce the opening of their next art show coming February 24 - Rabid, Wild & Docile. This show will be a collection of bear inspired artwork. Bears have been popping up all over the place, whether it be a panda, a grizzly or a polar bear, these animals have been finding their way onto canvases, stickers and 3D figures for a while now. So now is the time to bring these bear creations into the same room. Jessica George (aka Team Sweet) has put together a lineup of 18 awesome artists and their bear inspired peices. artists lineup: Molly Bosley Luke Chueh EVOKER...
Posted by Nick February 09, 2012
The fans cried out for a 64colors 8" Dunny as soon as images of their 3" version in last years Dunny series were revealed. In record time for Kidrobot they have revealed this 8" Dunny design and there is no doubt that 64color fans will be happy as it's a real stunner! I say Kidrobot must have put this together quickly as I only interviewed 64colors recently for Issue16 and there were no plans for an 8" version in the making (unless they were lying to me! - they wouldnt do that would they?). None the less congrats to Eric and Laura it's no less than they deserve - it takes alot of work for...
Posted by Erica February 09, 2012
"Lady Butterfly... She is a fairy of the street. She comes in the night and draws stories of love and romance." Tomenosuke is stoked to present the Cherry Pink Edition of, street artist, Aiko's Lady Butterfly . This beautiful resin figure is limited to only 10 peices worldwide and will retail for only $550. She will be released at 2:00pm on Valentines Day (Feb. 14)
Posted by Miranda February 08, 2012
Last night saw Tara McPherson appear at Vinyl on Vinyl in Manila to help them celebrate their 2nd Anniversary. Alongside her exhibition she releases a limited qty (35 pieces) of her Lucius Resin piece. The character is taken from her very well known artwork she created for the Melvins. Each piece was hand painted, and are available for approx $450 from Vov. They look like they stand at around 15" (but don't quote me). I would love to get my hands on one they are amazing. Pictures stolen from Sean's Instagram feed ( @shotgunsean)
Posted by Erica February 08, 2012
"Stegoforest is from the late Jurassic period and was found in what is now known as the Pacific Northwest of North America. Stegoforest had an array of coniferous plants that grew from its back and are thought to have been used as camouflage. Stegoforest were herbivores, but it is also speculated that they gained energy through photosynthesis as well. They averaged a height of 10 meters (from foot to tree top), and a length of 9 meters. Although it bares a striking resemblance to the Stegosaurus, this creature was neither an animal or a plant, but somewhere in between making it hard for...
Posted by Nick February 07, 2012
Loving these upcoming releases from Obey and Incase, the official lingo says its a collaboration with Shep Fairey himself but i kinda find it hard to believe he gets his hands dirty with actual designing and just art directs this stuff. Never-the-less i particularly love the range of red patterned awesomeness in the shape of a backpack, 15" macbook sleeve, iPad case and iphone case. To be honest the rest of the designs are a bit shit, much like the entire Obey clothing line.
Posted by Nick February 07, 2012
Thinking of doing some decorating? Maybe you happen to be the new propriators of a shop space and need some lil touches to make the place feel like home. For your consideration are these Bang Bang door handles by Nikita Kovalev. Modeled on the Russian Makarov 9mm pistol and coming in black, gold, silver and chrome this one of a kind door knob works by pulling the trigger. Nikita Kovalev


Posted by Erica February 07, 2012
Round 5 Teams up with Legendary Art Toy Designer Jeremy "MAD" Mad l to produce Bruce Lee's Temple of Kung Fu! The Temple of Kung Fu launch is the first of many Bruce Lee inspired collaborations between Round 5 and other established art toy designers. "There are so many different things to celebrate about Bruce Lee, the martial artist, the philosopher, the actor, but here we are just celebrating Bruce Lee - the legend," said Damon Lau, President of Round 5. "Working with MAD on a brand like Bruce Lee has been incredible, his passion for the brand is so evident in the design of this collection...
Posted by Erica February 07, 2012
Dragatomi is going to be celebrating the Year of the Dragon by opening "Year of the Dragon" Group art show, opening this Saturday Febrary, 11th. This Art Show will feature a whole bunch of awesome artists including: Jared Konopitski, Carson Catlin , Daniel Fleres , Gatchabert , KingQuan , Jeremiah Ketner, Chris Ryniak , John "Spanky" Stokes , Jay222 , DrilOne , Leecifer , Jackie Gallagher , Helena Garcia , Betso , Chauskoskis , LilJapan , PodgyPanda , Skinner , Philip Lumbang , Ritzy Periwinkle , J*RYU , and Valleydweller. This open platform show allows all of the artists works will have a...


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