Posted by Andrew Hayward July 13, 2012

News leaked early today through a seemingly-accidental listing on Microsoft's website (which has since been removed) that a limited edition Halo 4-branded Xbox 360 console will launch alongside the standalone game this fall. IGN caught the listing before it was pulled, and snagged the image below, along...

Posted by specialK July 13, 2012

Gerry Judah is best known for his installations at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. For this year's festival Gerry put together an installation featuring Lotus Cars. Take a look at some of the photos. I would have loved to watch them assemble & install this piece.

Take a look at Gerry Judah's other installations and...

Posted by specialK July 13, 2012

Butt crack is ugly no matter how you dress it up. German ad agency Scholz & Friends photographed the shirts on some plumbers to demonstrate how the shirts do what they do. The butt crack/ cleavage ads were recruitment print ads for the German craft union Handwerk.

Posted by Erica July 13, 2012

The AMAZING Jim Crawford is hauling ass at SDCC 2012 by reporting all of the sweetest details from the con to Clutter HQ. After a crazy day at the convention yesterday, and then the Munky King/ DTA Nomination Announcement Party last night, i think now is a good time for Jim to get punked. 

SO we are giving YOU a chance to punk Jim and win some free shit... 


Posted by specialK July 13, 2012

Lots of companies take advantage of San Diego Comic-Con to debut their new & sensational products. Apparently NueroSky are making quite a sensation with the debut of their Necomimi Cat Ears at SDCC 2012.  I think these ears have lots of stupid fun potential. I can see myself wearing these at a party while playing a game, but I would...

Posted by specialK July 13, 2012

French architecture firm a/LTA created this pretty & cool basketball hoop. Drawing inspiration from trees, there are hoops on different level "branches". I don't think this   hoop is practical for a game, but it's cool for practicing free throws. I mean, you'd have to have a group of extremely polite players for it to work in a game.

Posted by Erica July 13, 2012

Clutter's very own Jim Crawford has been reporting all of the juicy details that SDCC 2012 has to offer! Yesterday saw the first day of the Con, and boy did Jim send us some awesome pics. Heres a quick photo recap of SDCC 2012 Day 1.

Jim started his day off by catching a cab with Jesse Hernandez. 

When they saw this... they knew they were in the right place....

Posted by specialK July 13, 2012

When I think of crochet I think of Erica's mom showing me how to make a blanket. Or, I think of little old ladies making sweaters and cute ,fuzzy, hats for babies. While I know (on paper) it's possible to cover anything with crochet, the thought of crocheting a cozy for anything & everything never crossed my mind. 

Artist Agata Olek...

Posted by specialK July 13, 2012

Take a look at this vibrant mural of Mount Rushmore by Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra. Located in L.A., the mural was painted to honor America's Independence Day. The colors used in the mural are so bright & vibrant, they really make the mural look like a celebration. 

Kobra says "My...


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