Posted by Erica March 28, 2012

Last Saturday Super7 & Bwana Spoons were celebrating the welcoming of Frederick the Beetle to the Monster Family at none other than... Frederick Fest!
If you missed it check out some of the artwork below!

Bwana Spoons Blue Bearturd Deck


Posted by Erica March 28, 2012

Rose Vampire is back in action with a brand new ride! On Thursday April 5th Super7 will be releasing Josh Herbolsheimer's latest Pink Prowler Casket Cruiser. This is cast in Pink GID vinyl with White, Red,...

Posted by Seek and Destroy March 27, 2012

What if celebrities had full body tattoos?

In the style of...Traditional.

Tina Fey

Eva Mendez

Mary Kate and Ashley..Hee-Hee-Hee

Jennifer Aniston...

And Friend



Funny not so many male celebrities.

Thank You Photoshop. And Thanks to the Worth1000...

Posted by Erica March 27, 2012

On Saturday March 31st The Corey Helford Gallery will be presenting their latest group exhibition "Hookers," curated by Natalia Fabia. The exhibition will feature 22 artists' interpretation of the term Hooker. This event focuses on figurative paintings by a wide range of accomplished artist including,...

Posted by Trustpigs March 27, 2012

With the impending holiday of Easter almost upon us, all true fans of the cute have only one question on their mind: How will Holly Stanway, also known as A Little Stranger, out do themed Cavey design of last year? Well wait no more! And be prepared for double the adorable trouble… As you can see above,...

Posted by Erica March 27, 2012

K.Olin tribu and Ajee are just about to release Kosplay Porcelain, their first collaboration together. This was one of the most technically complex project K.Olin tribu has ever done. The Kosplay includes 2 parts, a bear, and a female character. This figure is hand made of Porcelain...

Posted by Erica March 27, 2012

At first glance these just look like colorful, chunky, somewhat geometric rings. But they are actually Crayon Rings. Tim Liles started this project as a very simple interpretation of "color" for a show sponsored by the American Design Club. Since then these colorful crayon rings...

Posted by saki-waki March 27, 2012

Last Thursday evening marked the opening of Breaking & Entering at New York’s Pop Gallery. The opening showcased what is evidently a culmination of work by the duo UR New York [URNY], comprised of artists Mike “2Esae” Baca and Fernando “Ski” Romero. Despite only recently...

Posted by Erica March 27, 2012

Put your hands together for the official release of Francis Nosellot! For those of you who don't know Scott Tolleson and Screaming Sky Gallery have teamed up to produce the Nosellot Plush Figure line. 

If you're not following, here's the official definition,
Nosellots (knows...


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