Posted by Doug April 12, 2012

ICN gallery opened the "What is Ukiyo-e?" exhibition last week showing work from Japanese masters such as Hokusai, Kuniyoshi, Hiroshige, Sharaku, Utamaro.  You might be wondering what Ukiyo-e is, well Ukiyo-e literally means "pictures of the floating world"  and is usually a woodblock print or painting depicting everyday life and other popular subjects from the Edo period in...

Posted by Trustpigs April 11, 2012

Your on the desert planet of Tatooine, huge sandcrawlers slowly rolling across the horizon… A weird sound catches your ear just in time for you to spot short, robed figures, their blasters aimed at you. The scavengers have come to steal your technology, ready to sell it later to unsuspecting buyers. Yes, you've encounted the Jawas.

For their simple appearance, I've always...

Posted by Nick April 11, 2012

Ok the other film to be excited about this year (aside from the Avengers) is Ridley Scott's is it, or isn't it prequel to Alien: Prometheus.

Right so i'm not exactly an Alien expert but what i can tell you is that this story it set before the goings on in Alien and tells the story of the exploration ship Prometheus. Prometheus is heading on an expedition to this planet after...

Posted by Nick April 11, 2012

Loving me some Avengers. No doubt this movie will be the most teased and advertised in history, but thank god there is only one more month to get through before we can see it! Check out these 2 new TV spots out this week.

All put together from alot of bits you've seen before but this first one is mainly a highlight for featuring the line 'Hulk Smash' but not from Hulk! Also i only just...

Posted by Nick April 11, 2012

Saw this over the Easter weekend and instantly forgot to blog it, but if on the off chance you haven't seen this, then this blog post is for you. One of the most iconic vehicles in cinema brought to life: Kaneda's custom built motorcycle from the 1988 classic 'Akira'.

There have been real life versions before, and in my opinion it's impossible to make a perfect replica of the bike due...


Posted by Nick April 11, 2012

Check out this insane One Piece figurine, celebrating 15 years of the popular Japanese anime/manga. 

The statuette depicts all t he major cast members: Monkey D. Luffy, Nico Robin and Tony Tony Chopper in a pose taken from the One Piece coloring book "Shark". All characters are wearing clothing with the classic Mastermind Japan Emblem. Some of the best product pics around to show...


Posted by Erica April 11, 2012

From the piles of new's we've been getting, regarding the C2E2 Show in Chicago, i can already tell that it is sure to be an awesome event. But what about after? Well Shawnimals has got you covered. Prepare for the Ninjatown Throwdown on Saturday April...

Posted by Erica April 11, 2012

Its been some time since UhOh Toys let out a new release, but in their words, "its time to spread some resin fun". So they've released three new Limited Edition Nagaremon.

First is the Easter Disease Edition Nagaremon. This figure is made of Clear Resin with Metallic Blue, Pink and Yellow Sprays, standing 3"tall. This guy will...


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