Posted by baykiddead March 29, 2012

The wonderful calendar series from Go Scout Creative continues with this spring themed offering. Dragon eggs? 

Get yours HERE.

Posted by baykiddead March 29, 2012

It's so easy to get lost. Programming is so much a part of our lives, it's easy to slip into the trance, to give up control, and let the programming do the work. We've been programmed to eat, work, sleep, wake, repeat.

What, you may ask does this have to do with toys, or culture, or pop, or geeking out? Well, everything.

I've been a fan of Paul Budnitz from the word "go" and...


Posted by Miranda March 29, 2012

We blogged the update to Jason Freeny's Toy Prince last week, and we are really excited to reveal the finished sculpt! Jason did an amazing job! We are so thrilled with the way it turned out!! So what's next with this piece i here you ask...

Posted by Trustpigs March 29, 2012

"Here comes Peter Cottontail, hoppin' down the bunny trail… Hippity hoppity, Meatster's on it's way!" Wait, Meatster?!? Oh yes! During this rabbit-riddled holiday season, resin casting guru Motorbot has unleashed a new version of his iconic Meathead figure: the Meatster Bunny. These 3.5-inch-tall beasts are hand-cast in tinted transparent...

Posted by Erica March 29, 2012

Here at Clutter we are huge fans of Instagram and Postagram, but I have just discovered StickyGram and i am stoked. StickyGram is a personalized service that turns your favorite Instagram photos to adorable little magnets! Stick them on your fridge, locker or any magnet loving...

Posted by Nick March 29, 2012

Check out this awesome new iPad app Paper by FiftyThree. Designed by a bunch of ex Microsoft people its essentially a digital Moleskine Notebook and i've just been having a play and its a really slick app that is worth your time to check out.

The App is free but extra pens can be purchased in app aside from the one you get to begin with, and these are essential for making your doodles...


Posted by Erica March 29, 2012

Check out Foldable.Me! The Foldable.Me team has joined forces with CubeeCraft to build a website where anybody can create a customized cardboard toy! You can make one of yourself, or one for each of your family members. Select facial features, glasses, clothing etc. and view your creation in 3D with the 3D model...

Posted by Erica March 28, 2012

There comes a time, about once a week, where us at The Clutter Magazine HQ get a bit kookie. After one two many caffeinated beverages and a smorgasbord of sugary treats we tend to get the giggles. And now my friends.. is one of those times.

With that said... I introduce to you a, very late, Recap of the 2011 USA National Beard and Mustache...

Posted by Nick March 28, 2012

Thankfully this mass collaboration between Skinner, L'amour Supreme x Mishka and adFunture isn't a case of too many cooks as this Skinner handpainted edition of the Bootleg figure is totally badass!

It was a few years ago now that L'amour Supreme sculpted the Bootleg, in record time Mishka and adFunture had put out the figure. There have been loads of small hand painted releaseses from...


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