Posted by Erica March 23, 2012

For those of you who missed it, i recently blogged Erick Scarecrow and Monster Kolor's Kissaki Teaser. In the blog post i had mentioned that the figure would be dropping "very-very soon". I am pleased to tell you that just two days after the teaser was released we've got some news that Kissaki...

Posted by baykiddead March 23, 2012

The latest in a now, year-long series of bears from Shin Tanaka. This is the 31st edition, 32 if you count his one day only April Fool's edition, or 29 if you don't count the 3 that no one has and as such doesn't really exist. Whatever. Shin has a new bear out.

Where's my exacto..?

Posted by baykiddead March 23, 2012

There was a moment in time a few months ago when Shin "released" four of his Br. bears in such quick succession that the first three became "available" and then "retired" in the blink of an eye. Fate being what it its, they were some of the cooler models in this very sweet series he's put together over the last calendar year. But that's all he's released to his faithful horde of...

Posted by baykiddead March 22, 2012

Ashley Wood's ThreeA toy Heavy Bramble sold out for a reason, and left a lot of folks more than bummed they didn't get one for their collection. Well, now you can change that. A word of warning though, that's a paper toy you're looking at in the above snap. A custom of a custom you might say. Originally translated into a paper template by paper toy...

Posted by baykiddead March 22, 2012

New, new, NEW, math.

La Muerta+Gaunty+beer+roofing=sweet.

Find out more HERE and HERE.

Posted by baykiddead March 22, 2012

Alexander Gwynne is an enterprising young chap. Having won England's Ambition AXA Award at the end of 2011, AG has been going full speed ahead in an attempt to transform his love of paper into a full-time gig. Part of those efforts includ a re-vamp of his brand, and re-releasing some of his old toys with a newer and improved design.

The most recent of these is his one sheet template of...

Posted by baykiddead March 22, 2012

A new Kickstarter project has come down the pipes. Part paper toy, part techno geek gadget, all awesome. Actually, the paper toy part in and of itself is amazing. Featuring three of my all time favorite paper toy artists, Dolly Oblong, Tougui, and Guillain le Vilain, and serving as my introduction to the effort of Mr. Kone, these paper toys are much more than meets the eye.

Billed as a...

Posted by Nick March 22, 2012

These awesome book cover designs for the Bond series by Michael Gillette became instant classic designs and there were numerous requests for there to be a series of prints released. Now they are finally available as a limited edition, signed and numbered set of prints.

Available exclusively at the Electric Works Bookstore the prints are...

Posted by Nick March 22, 2012

Check out the latest offering from Budnitz Bicycles. No.3 as it is known it is the cheapest of the Budnitz cycles to date and it's a real looker!

It's still not cheap by any means, hitting a price point of between $2,800 and $3,600 but this urban cycle is a stunner in the looks department. Budnitz, founder of...


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