Posted by Trustpigs August 07, 2012

San Francisco-based sculptor Shadoe Delgado was commissioned to craft this fantastically detailed 5-inch custom Labbit entitled "Old Blu." The vinyl was extensively remodeled to create a new base upon which Delgado could paint, adapting the normally smooth vinyl form into a weathered leathery texture with plates...

Posted by Trustpigs August 07, 2012

When contemplating having a unique and elaborate wedding invitation, it must be of quite the benefit to have a friend like James Jean. Designed and fabricated by Jean, these stunning wooden placards feature a beautifully rendered etching an ox and snake co-mingling on the front while the reverse contains all the pertinent information...

Posted by specialK August 06, 2012

French street artist OX has produced some awesome billboards this summer. I love the way he incorporates what is around the billboards into the piece. The image below was completed this past July in Troyes, France. 

Below is another image from Troyes, France, also completed in July. 

The next two photos are billboards...

Posted by Erica August 06, 2012

Digital Channel WIGS is proud to annouce the second installment of the WIGS Real Documentary Series, featuring iconic street artist/fashion designer Claw Money. Watch the video below to get the inside look at her day-to-day life as she creates, inspires and explains the past-present-future of her brand. 

Also be sure to check out...

Posted by Erica August 06, 2012

Dudebox has teamed up with your own Clutter Magazine to offer this very cool combo of new Dudebox products - at a screaming deal to boot! Available only through Dudebox and Clutter, the Mo Money Bunny Collection features both sizes of the Mo Money Dude plus a hiqh quality T-shirt featuring the design. ...

Posted by Zombiekel August 06, 2012

Six Months in the making and finally ‘Dragons Custom Toy Show’ is 2 weeks away!

Dragons Custom Toy Show is the creation of UK Toy Collector Andy Kelly (Zombiekel) who wanted to bring together some of the UK’s greatest artist in a single platform show and raise some money for charity at the same time.

Due to the show being held...

Posted by specialK August 06, 2012

Australian magazine Kingbrown was in New York recently to launch their #8 issue with a skateboard inspired art at Klughaus Gallery. Mike Giant was on hand to promote the group show with an installation at the L.E.S. Coleman skatepark in Chinatown....

Posted by specialK August 06, 2012

Have you ever needed a little divine intervention and couldn't get to your place of worship? No time to get in the confession booth? Well, if you happen to be around the University of Manchester you can duck into the Pray-O-Mat and get that spiritual boost.

 German artist Oliver Sturm turned an old photo booth into a versatile mini-house of worship. For only 50 euro cent...

Posted by Erica August 06, 2012

Tony Gil just shared his experimental custom with us! This custom was created to prove that ninjas are invisible, the figure is called "Diamond Invisible Ninja". This ninja inspired figure is balanced on one leg, of course. 

Diamond Invisible Ninja was made with clear resin, along with several hours of sanding and...


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