Posted by specialK August 31, 2012

David Mach has added 2 new sculptures to his Coathanger series, the new pieces being a tiger & a cheetah. Other works in this series include gorillas, several giant figures on crosses as well as pop culture icons, like MIckey Mouse. You can see the series online ...

Posted by specialK August 31, 2012

ZED1 brightened up Norway with several new murals located in & around Oslo. Invited by Norweigan Urban Collective Samtidskunst, ZED1 spent most of August painting these awesome murals. Hey ZED1, please come to my town!

The mural directly below is titled 'Norway vs. Thor,' a piece described as ZED1's "new signature mural". 

Posted by specialK August 31, 2012

I love the new Swatch Watch 'Gent Patterns' Collection, which consists of the Fun Fabric, Scottish Tartan and Black & Grey Checkered designs (pictured above and below). These additions to the company's 2012 Fall/Winter catalog are available now for $60 each. Take a look at the Swatch website for further details, including how to...

Posted by specialK August 31, 2012

Shanghai-based photographer Maleonn creates thought-provoking, beautiful photographs and is an important part of China's growing art scene. His background is one that most of us cannot comprehend: Maleonn was born & raised in a Chinese re-education camp. His family was banished to the camp during China's Cultural Revolution and his stay in the camp â...

Posted by Erica August 31, 2012

Erick Scarecrow has just announced his second release this week, The Little Axe Unearthed figure. This beautiful figure is limited to only 1 piece worldwide. Each signed by Erick himself. 

The retail price is $500 +$1 for shipping. 

Posted by specialK August 31, 2012

Using more than 5,500 toy soldiers, artist Joe Black's 'Made in China' is the perfect description for this portrait. 'Made in China' is based on a photograph of a young Chinese soldier that was featured on the cover on Life Magazine in 1938. The all of the molded, colored plastic toy soldiers were manufactured in China, giving the title a literate...

Posted by Erica August 31, 2012

Today marks the release of KaNo's Sketch Series 1. The series utilizes the Kidrobot 4" color mini munny platform, and features various sketches/designs by KaNo. There will be 8 different colors/designs, each one coming with their own matching KR accessory. 

This will be a blind box sale,...

Posted by Trustpigs August 31, 2012

Lori Zawada, also known as Polysoup, designed these fantastic 10-inch tall "Bonsai Dragon" resin statues that were released by Patch Together. Available in four seasonal colors — Pink (Spring), Green (Summer), Orange (Fall) and Charcoal Grey (...

Posted by Erica August 31, 2012

Check out Josh Mayhem's latest "The Black Jackalope w/ Ultra-Deathray". If you are thinking that this figure looks familiar, its becuase this was based on his custom piece for the recent Bellicose Bunny custom show "Bellicosity" at Toy Art Gallery.

"With this commission piece the collector wanted...


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