Posted by Erica March 08, 2012

Winson Ma (BrothersFree Fame) was invited by hasbro to customize a transformer figure and give it an "apeexplorers'' look. It was created for the Transformer Cybertron Con in Southeast Asia and looks awesome!!

Posted by Nick March 08, 2012

As Dover Street Market Ginza prepares to open it's doors, here's a peek at a new collection that will be launching at the Ginza store. Comme de Garcons have collaborated with a multitude of different brands including Medicom, Herman Miller, Porter & Loopwheeler.

A pretty random collection, the highlight of which...

Posted by Erica March 08, 2012

The Corey Helford Gallery is proud to present their major exhibition of new work by artist Amy Sol titled "Numina". Inspired by the word "numinous', Sol chose the title "Numina" as the title based on the curvature of hits letters, feminine qualities and sound alluding to magic and mystery. All of these...

Posted by Miranda March 08, 2012

As a British woman and new mother, who chose to move to America, the land of the free, I'm shocked and appalled. Many freedoms we celebrate having as women in America  are under scrutiny and on trial by the current Republican attacks. These Republican men and women think they have the right to legislate any women's rights and relationships with their doctors. And to go so far as demeaning...

Posted by Erica March 08, 2012

Take a peek at what Super7 is bringing to WonderCon as an exclusive! Get ready to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours, with Strawberry Caramel Delight Foster!

"There's a fine line between sickly sweet and sweetly sick with the Strawberry Caramel Delight Foster. Is his expression of happiness due to the...

Posted by Nick March 07, 2012

We recently blogged about Bigfoot's newest figure the Forest Warlord. Due to debut at WonderCon we now have fresh shots of the figure in a different colourway to take a look at. Now the original Bigfoot figure from StrangeCo was a classic and if i were to compile a list of...

Posted by Erica March 07, 2012
Check out this awesome Jeremy Lin Action Figure!! As you probably already know the past 6 weeks Jeremy Lin, point guard for the New York Knicks, has taken the nation by storm. Jailbreak Collective has decided to commission Seattle based sculptor  Mike Leavitt to create the one and only '...
Posted by Erica March 07, 2012

For those of you who haven't read our previous blog, Toy2R and So So Happy have teamed up to put together custom toy event. 30+ Artists have been asked to create their very own custom Qee using the world of So So Happy as their inspiration. While other artist's have been leaking their creations,...

Posted by Nick March 07, 2012

Just when you thought the Nike Flyknit was the sneaker you'd always wanted along come the Nike Sportswear Roshe Run's in these brightly soled colorways! There's the black/pink, grey/yellow and also a camo version heading our way hopefully in the next month and i am most likely gonna be getting a pair.

Some thing a lil different from Nike with the shoe lookin very soft and comfy,...



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