Posted by Miranda March 01, 2012

Steve Lew has released a collectable art book based on his 25 page Japanese Moleskin he has been carrying around for some time. He turned all of his sketches into one long continuous HALOZ drawing. its printed on heavy stock paper and hand assembled.. in a small priority parcel box. Awesome idea!

Retailers can purchase wholesale...

Posted by Richie March 01, 2012

"I wouldn't call them mutants, because that would make them sound ugly. It's more like creating this... splendid form."- William Thomas Porter.

Desmond Williams of Porcuapa films has had the weird and wonderful pleasure of documenting the projects of William Thomas Porter. Porter is a Brooklyn resident...

Posted by Richie March 01, 2012

One for all you Paper folding enthusiasts! Just to keep you in the loop, Metalnap or Juan Carlos Romo from Mexico has a range of paper craft toys! Juan is a Graphic designer and the precision and eye for detail that comes naturally to those slick graphic designers certainly shines through in these vibrant designs! Although it...

Posted by Richie March 01, 2012

Roberto Gionta or more familiarly known as "RX" has inboxed us about his latest resin pieces "Me and Mr Death". RX is an Italian web cartoonist/comic artist and designer and these are the final resin sculpts of his "Me and Mr Death" limited edition series taken from his webcomic! Oh and when we say limited we really mean limited! There will be...


Posted by Erica March 01, 2012

Ben the Illustrator has just launch a brand new print store! You will be able to purchase any of his AlleyCats character art prints, which are awesome! There are six prints to choose from. Ben says that he was inspired by a different creative person, or type of person for each print. I love how he uses such psychedelic colors but still manages to...

Posted by Erica March 01, 2012

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present their latest show "Paulyvinyl State of Mind" by the legendary Paul Kaiju! Paul's first solo show at TAG will feature various characters of his in one-offs and editions in vinyl and resin, along with some big surprises!

"Paul’s work needs no introduction; as...

Posted by Erica March 01, 2012

A collaboration, between Toy2R and So So Happy,  see's an awesome group of 30+ artists invited to customize 8” Qees.  Inspired by the So So Happy characters and brand, these Qees will be displayed at venues and trade shows across the country for 2012!

The first stop for these...

Posted by Erica March 01, 2012

Tokidoki is launching its newest family of Collectible Vinyl Art Figures! Their latest series is titled Royal Pride.

The law of the urban jungle has no room for the weak.  Lion Pappa’s gang, Royal Pride, gets wild and rough to protect their turf.  They make the rules, get rich and spoil their girls, the only ones...

Posted by Erica March 01, 2012

It is the first of the month! You know what that means? We get to find out which Shawnimals character is going to be Ninja of the Month!

For the Month of March The Galaxy Ninja is being crowned as Shawnimals Ninja of the Month.

"Yet another Original Ninja has been revealed! This time, encompassing all that surrounds us. Space, the ether, bliss, you name it. Any...


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