Posted by Nick February 24, 2012

Check out these pics of INSAs collaboration with High Rise to paint a huuuge wall at Birminghams Custard Factory! Mashkuture had the best pics of the wall so i pilferred them from there. Check out the vid too!


via [...

Posted by Miranda February 24, 2012

More news on the Kiwi Fruit Spike by Jeffrey Lamm and our friends Unbox Industries . No firm release date yet, but a firmly picked color scheme by Dan Willett or as Jeff likes to call him "English Dan". To really get the scoop make sure you are on the mailing list for sales over at Unbox! I can not...

Posted by Nick February 24, 2012

It's about time this got its release! Produced as a concept design a few years back this compact plug design has finally been released to the masses! Err well on pre-order anyway, but don't worry they start shipping on Feb 27th. We do seem to have one of the chunkiest (but safest) plug systems out there so this is a welcome product.

Called the Mu, the first release will be the USB...

Posted by Nick February 24, 2012

ThreeA's 1/48th scale Metal Gear Rex is absolutely ginormous! and comes with matching pricetag. The final boss from the first PlayStation game will cost you a cool $490 when it's released on March 2nd. I have absolutely no doubt that they will sell out quick cos it's a stunning figure.

Metal Gear Solid remains one of my greatest video gaming memories growing up (PlayStation version)...

Posted by Erica February 24, 2012

3 Years ago Rebekah Speights, from Dakota City, was at her local McDonalds where she ordered Chicken McNuggets. As Rebekah was just about to throw away her left over nuggets she spotted George Washington... staring at her. WHAT?

Just as a side note, i don't know whether i think this is totally awesome, or completely ridiculous.

Speights says "I saw this portrait...

Posted by Andrew Hayward February 24, 2012

MediCom's Be@rbrick blind box series has become increasingly varied with each passing release, and the upcoming Series 24 -- due out this June -- looks to continue that trend with bears based on a wide array of licensed properties.

According to this teaser image shared by Plastic Culture, Series 24 will...

Posted by Erica February 23, 2012

Lomography is stoked to present their first customizable camera. The La Sardina Seoul Edition was a collaboration between Lomography and the Seoul Metropolitan Government. This unique customizable camera is aimed to introduce Lomographers to...

Posted by Erica February 23, 2012

Finnish sculptor Mari Kasurinen has been working on her collection of Pony Sculptures inspired by several elements of pop-culture.

"Like many girls, I loved My Little Ponies when I was young, especially their bright, unnatural colors, their long, comb-able plastic hair and their collectability, which made them an endless...

Posted by Erica February 23, 2012

Now this is really interesting. Apparently there have been mysterious paper sculptures being spotted through out the Scottish Poetry Library. One day a staff member at the library came across a beautiful paper creation. This intricate work of art was carved from only paper, mounted on a book with a tag addressed to...


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