Posted by Erica July 27, 2012

The MakerBot crew was at SDCC 2012 demonstrating their latest and greatest, MakerBot Replicator. It appears as though they used the machine to transform Ron English's Cereal Killer Franken Fat, into a 3D figure. I am really interested by this, we already know that Cap'n Cornstarch is going to be the next figure...

Posted by Trustpigs July 27, 2012

The UK-based artist Squink has been catching up on some Adventure Time recently, which inspired him to try his hand at customizing a 3-inch Dunny to resemble Finn (one of the protagonists from the cartoon). Given the apt title "Dedicated to Finn," Squink completely and brilliantly re-sculpted the form to...

Posted by Doug July 27, 2012

With the build up to the Olympics in London it has been a constant battle between the streets and the government when it comes to graffiti and street art. The government appearing to have a little difficulty in finding the right balance between presenting a clean image to the world and maintaining the culture that draws people to certain areas of the city.  Shoreditch, in London’s east...

Posted by Erica July 26, 2012

Shadoe Delgado just sent some info on his latest series. He is excited to introduce the Shadowboss (the red one) and his minions Sunny (orange), and Gloom (blue). Shadowboss is 10" and will sell for $120, while his minions are between 4" and 5.5" selling for $60 each. 

" I thought it would be fun to create a small...

Posted by Erica July 26, 2012

As Tony Parker leads Team France in the Olympic Games this summer, he also released a limited edition Tissot watch. The Tony Paker PRS 330 Limited Edition 2012 Tissot watch is said to "convey...

Posted by Erica July 26, 2012

Check out this video recap of San Diego Comic-Con 2012. Video provited by Nerdirt.




Posted by Erica July 26, 2012

Taxidermy is making a comeback! (incase you hadn't noticed).  Recently I have started noticing various taxidermy pieces making appearances in "hip" places, such as boutiques, bars, coffee shops etc. For me, I have always associated taxidermy with old people, grandparents and of course hunters. As a kid there was nothing more creepy to me then being at my grandparents house, staring at a...

Posted by Miranda July 26, 2012

David Kraig just sent us images over of his custom Zukie for the 'Zukie vs The World' show held at Toy Tokyo Underground, opening tomorrow (July 27th). Using Super Sculpey and Acrylic paint, DK turned the 4" Zukie into Hellboy. 

If you are in NYC...

Posted by Erica July 26, 2012

Check out 'Dee-Dee Silverspoon', the lates awsome addition to the UME Toys family. Dee-Dee is presented bagged with a header card snuggled next to a laminated hand-cut sticker. 

The 3 inch resin figure will be sporting various colourways from pink to metallic gold, and is offered in a 'blindbox' lucky dip style....


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