Posted by specialK July 26, 2012

This is not a snow globe filled with unicorns & fairies & white pretend snow drifting down upon mythical creatures. This is a No Globe. A globe that rains ash from a coal fired power station. 

For £2,000 you can own this reminder of pollution and climate change.

This is not the sort of globe you would find in card stores or the Sunday inserts....

Posted by Andrew Hayward July 25, 2012

A slick new line of officially-licensed shirts based on classic Sega game franchises is now available at Insert Coin, headlined by shirts inspired by the characters Beat and Gum (pictured below) from Dreamcast classic Jet Set Radio. With an HD remake...

Posted by Erica July 25, 2012

Friends of Triclops have just sent over some info on how people like YOU can support the production of their latest action figure via Kickstarter. The idea is to create a series of action figures called "...

Posted by Clutter July 25, 2012

Ron English's 2nd Cereal Killer Cap'n Cornstarch is about to take sail!! Myplasticheart announces Cap'n Cornstarch PREORDER, but as you know, Ron English's Cereal Killers are highly sought out pieces, so they are already "LOW STOCK" on MPH's website. 


Posted by specialK July 25, 2012

Look at this nail art from Alice Bartlett. We found these photos on her Flickr page. 

I just love the green fuzz. They look like little golf greens. 

Check out Alice's Flickr for more...

Posted by Erica July 25, 2012

Let me just say Jason Freeny is awesome. He is one of the only artists who is constantly keeping his fans in the loop via facebook. He is the King of Work in Progress Shots. Everyone should like him on facebook.

His latest Facebook Album Plunger Monster "Industrial Evolution", takes his fan's along on...

Posted by specialK July 25, 2012

Is there a point where we just say "enough of the Star Wars"?  I mean, Star Wars has been in the face of the world since 1977 & the newer movies are not that good. You know I'm right. Anyway, there's a new product for the Star Wars geeks out there there - Star Wars family stickers! 

I have have to admit, these are better than the stick figure family stickers....

Posted by Erica July 25, 2012

Double Haunt just sent over some info on their previously teased resin Skull Tattoos. 

"Skull Tattoos are angry spirits created from a cursed tattoo machine in that dingy tattoo studio that you've heard bad things about.

These scary skulls are solid coloured resin featuring flecks of darker pigment, sit around 5....
Posted by Erica July 25, 2012

Bob Conge will be showing some custom pieces in "THE TOY AS ART" group exhibition. The Exhibition will be held at the Jarvis Rockwell Gallery, in North Adams Mass. The show will open tomorrow (7/26/2012) and will run through until August 26th.

One of the pieces Bob is showing is a 1 of 1 hand...


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