Posted by specialK June 22, 2012

Tokidoki will be launching some limited edition products at San Diego Comic-Con this year. The products include hats, tees, and co-branded products with Stoopid Monkey, Marvel, and Capcom.

The limited toys will be Silver Truffle & Silver Porcino, Mud Porcino and the Cactus Rocker Blue. Silver Truffle & Silver Porcino are selling for $20, The Mud Porcino $15, & The Cactus...

Posted by Andrew Hayward June 22, 2012

Following in the footsteps of the previous Nintendo DSi handheld and its own super-sized second iteration, the Nintendo 3DS will soon receive a much larger incarnation dubbed the Nintendo 3DS XL, which will be released in North America on August 19 in red and blue colors.

Priced at $199 -- a $30 bump from the standard model -- the 3DS XL boasts a 4.88-inch top display with a 4.18-inch...

Posted by Andrew Hayward June 22, 2012

Munky King has announced a limited edition run of Luke Chueh's Target vinyl statue, which is based on his classic painting of the familiar bear painting a target upon his chest. This initial colorway is limited to 250 pieces and will be sold exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con for $140 apiece, with the six-inch vinyl...

Posted by Trustpigs June 22, 2012

Back in 2010, long before he became popular for his Sickling figures, artist Yosiell Lorenzo released a limited edition, almost 6-inch-tall vinyl figure named "Poison Sweet." It appears Lorenzo unearthed a handful of these figures as he's just announced the release of 7 hand-painted custom "Poison Sweet (Sickling Edition)" pieces. Aside from being...

Posted by specialK June 21, 2012

Narwhal Projects presents "You and Me (and the Mouse in the Moon)" by Souther Salazar. This will be Salazar's first solo exhibit for the gallery. 

The Mouse in the Moon Ponders.

The new drawings, paintings, and sculptures that are...

Posted by Trustpigs June 21, 2012

After giving you a sneak peak of this figure, we now have the full reveal of the Sucklord designed Dunny Series 2012 case exclusive. If you want to be surprised to see this piece when you buy your sealed case at a brick & mortar retailer, then don't scroll down… But...

Posted by Richie June 21, 2012

Today we bring you news of another artist! Hannah Chloe is a UK based artist. Her favorite tools of choice are paints and canvas but she's also known to pick up a can of spray paint and stencil, or anything huge she can get her hands on!

Hannah's inspired by everyday life and people and it certainly shows through her work. Her body of work...


Posted by specialK June 20, 2012

Creative Social and creative representation agency Bernstein & Andriulli are teaming up to celebrate their book "The Best Piece of Advice Ever Given" in London at the  Shoreditch space Village Underground on June 26.

The book was born of a simple question by...


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