Posted by specialK July 20, 2012

Fang Ling Lee is an extraordinary artist who's large scale erotic paintings work the union of realism & abstraction. 

Recently she has teamed up with Sheresa Coates to produce jewelry inspired by her art. Titled 'Pretty Little Fangs' they are available over on...

Posted by Miranda July 20, 2012

I love the Nolan family batman interpretation and I don't mean in a being in the mood for dancing kind of way but just the gritty, real life tempering of action vs intimate dialogue driven scenes.

This one was always gonna have it tough, trying to follow an Oscar worthy performance and a tragic death was a tall order and I fear they tried too hard.

I'm not going to reveal...

Posted by Erica July 20, 2012

With the Designer Toy Awards event approaching fast, we are super excited to begin releasing special details about the Awards Ceremony on October 13, 2012 in New York City. With that said, we are proud to announce the host of this year's event: The Super Sucklord!

New York City based pop...

Posted by specialK July 19, 2012

Pedro Reyes is a Mexican artist who has created a series of sculptures called Capula. Made of steel and woven nylon, Capula looks like an awesome clubhouse.  

Reyes has drawn up a "Capula Manifesto" that reads like this:


If a Room has rigid walls/the Capula shall be elastic 

If a Room...

Posted by specialK July 19, 2012

David Mach is an artist from Edinburgh, Scotland who is known for his sculpture and public art. David likes to set things on fire. Specifically, he likes to set fire to his  matchstick sculptures. 

I'm always up for a flaming skull. Our cover boy before & after pictures are below.



Posted by specialK July 19, 2012

We miss artist Gino De Dominicis. In 2007 he made a 91' skeleton called Calamita Cosmica and installed her in the Palazzo Reale in Milan, Italy. Here she is! 

Posted by specialK July 19, 2012

Our exQuisite Corpse makes these colorful, beaded human & animal skulls. I can't say they're creepy. These skulls look too damn happy to be here to be creepy. However, I can say they are beautiful, eye catching and a great conversation piece. 

NO way is this guy creepy! He looks like he's having a good time.  ...

Posted by Clutter July 19, 2012

The Cotton Candy Machine is proud to present "Other Mother Brothers" featuring New York Artists', Jon Burgerman, JK5, and Andrew Bell. The show will include original work, prints, fun merch, toys and more. Check out some of the artists work below. 

Jon Burgerman

JK5, a...

Posted by Trustpigs July 19, 2012

DKE Toys has proudly announced that the 2012 DesignerCon will be rebranded as the Suck-Con… well, not truly, but given the massive line-up of Sucklord specific aspect at the convention they might as well officially change to that name. There will, of course, be The Second...


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