Posted by Nick September 19, 2011

Check out this teaser from Maquet of their upcoming halloween figure "Nailhead" from Frank Kozik. I'll reserve judgement for seeing a painted version cos i don't really think too much of it at the moment, but i did very much like the previous figure they did with Kozik in Heathrow the Hedgehog!

Seems to be a real spate of companies...


Posted by Nick September 19, 2011

ThreeA showed some new pics of their collaboration on the upcoming Reel Steel movie figures and they look simply amazing, I really haven't figure'd the film out too much, it's like Robot Wars meets WWE with the accompanying story of a kid reconnecting with his Dad played by Hugh Jackman.

The story seems like it'll be cliche but the...


Posted by Nick September 19, 2011

Lovin this first look at a Rick Ross resin cat mini figure from Greg & Fake. Coming to NYCC this October, they look pretty tiny but really detailed sculpts and will be available at the Cultyard Booth #979. Price and production run are unknown at this time but i'll update you when i have more info!

Posted by Nick September 16, 2011

Absolutely loved these from the minute i clicked the link in Jason's Email. These nesting dolls look absolutely superb! Due out in 2012 in a collaboration with the Jailbreak Collective Jason has some real winning designs on his hands here, simple, classy and packing his usual flair for sculpting and underlying anatomy! More news when we get it!

In the meantime check out his site at...

Posted by Nick September 15, 2011

Too much fun to be had with that title. Of course the 'Clops are far from being Bastards but it is after all the name of their recent Sell out series of MUSCLE inspired mini figures released at San Diego Comicon a short while back. And there's more exciting news for fans of the figures as Rob and Luc will be beavering away to produce and other run of the figures as well as a 6" figure!

Posted by Nick September 15, 2011

UPDATE: I've left the rest of the post as-is, as it is still a valid post about the figure but since it was posted it has come to light (in the comments) that this figure is a complete rip-off of a design by one José María Andrés made back in 2009. I'm not sure what HeadPlay thinks they are doing by producing this figure without the partnership or permission of Jose, but...


Posted by Miranda September 14, 2011

Someone let Julie B. out of LA! Miranda and I, who now live in the woods, recently got to have lunch with the fabulous Julie B. of Cherry Vinyl and Pretty In Plastic. She was in NY on business and pleasure and met up with us in Beacon, the Art Worlds 3 day weekend retreat and home to some of the Designer Toy...

Posted by baykiddead September 14, 2011

When I first laid eyes on this collection of re-made cameras from English artist Jennifer Collier, I had to look away. They were simply too beautiful. It was like staring into the sun. I've gone back to her site for moments at a time, the pang of not possessing them has lessened, but the love of these objects hasn't. Maybe it's my history with the camera, being a photographer and all. Maybe it...

Posted by Nick September 14, 2011

Check out this teaser of this awesome plush coming soon from Martin Hsu and superbly made by Clutter 15 star Lana Crooks, queen of plush! The figure is entitled the Puffer Puss plush and from the teaser and original artwork it looks like it's gonna come out amazingly!

The Puffer Puss will be super limited and come...


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