Posted by Devin December 02, 2011

I don’t know how I missed the “it’s Alive!” project being the avid universal monster fan that I am. But check out these sick Frankenstein’s monster recreations by over 80 different artists. And good news, they’re for sale and you don’t have to feel bad about breaking your bank on them because all the proceeds go to St.Judes charity! Woo! I would jump like lightning at the chance...

Posted by Miranda November 29, 2011

Finally! The gift of the season has arrived! Our favorite ceramic seed implanter ChiaPet has teamed up with the "likeness of President Obama" to create a horticultural miracle product... The ChiaObama!

Also available in Lincoln, Washington and Lady Liberty flavors!

Posted by Nick November 24, 2011

For those not in the know Benny Gold is a quality graphic designer who started up his own brand after previously working for HUF. He's really built up his reputation and is a well known name in the streetwear world and now he's secured this collab with Medicom producing his own Bearbrick.

A subtle design, clear with orange fade and his logo on the chest, the packaging is nice too!...

Posted by Nick November 24, 2011

Check out this latest awesome Be@rbrick design from Fragment design coming soon in 400% and 1000% forms! Hiroshi Fujiwara's design firm Fragment design specialises in some of the finest and highest quality collaborations in the scene and this figure, designed for the Be@rbrick World Wide Tour 2, show's that yet again.

The design features an all in one rabbit suit for the Be@rbrick but...


Posted by Nick November 23, 2011

We've got together with 1xRun to organise this awesome new Facebook contest. What's the prize you ask? Well you can win the chance to make your very own print in collaboration with 1xRun and join the likes of Tara McPherson, Pete Fowler, Nathan Jurevicius, Gary Taxali and tons more...


Posted by Devin November 22, 2011

This Pete Fowler custom toy can provide the soundtrack for an alien invasion. Electronic artist David Cranmer has collaborated with Pete Fowler to make this one of a kind sci fi instrument. The Van Orlax horns have been cleverly replaced with tesla inspired oscillators that let you control the pitch by touch. The figure also sports tons...

Posted by Miranda November 18, 2011

The team here at Clutter has put together a quick "how to guide" to make it easier for you to enjoy & win at the Designer Toy Run! Enjoy!

First up The run has 3 levels of game play; Global run which means you can collect toys anywhere in the world, allowing users to play who aren't in the cities with the specific runs. City specific runs to collect some awesome goodies and also...

Posted by Miranda November 16, 2011

What could be better than a bar with over 40 taps, Mexican food and an awesome collection of designer toys? Not much right! Well if you're local to Dallas, Texas, then you're in luck! Strangeways is a bar that not only offers all of the above but is also inspired and named after one of my favorite bands - The smiths. Huzzah! The bar is owned and operated by Eric Sanchez, hardcore toy and art...


Posted by Nick November 16, 2011

We've always got plenty of time and love for Coarse Toys - makers of some of the finest toys in our collections, stretching back to when we started back in 2004. Coarse have just released Paw! Raw an all white version of the awesome Paw figure. Whilst immediately DIY looking, i prefer to think of this as a design showing off the fantastic sculpt - i think you've got to have balls to customise...



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