Posted by Nick December 16, 2011

Taking their queue from the Jeremy Scott x Adidas Panda/bear tounged sneakers comes these Hello Kitty sneakers produced by UBIQ. Called the Mascot Fatima these sneaks only come in ladies sizes (well duh!) and are currently available for pre-order from...

Posted by Erica December 16, 2011


Today, Friday December 16th, and Noon PST  Super7 will be releasing Mummy Boy and Yuletide Honoo. Yes, Leecifer’s Honoo figure is back, this time in a bright green vinyl! The undecorated Yultide Honoo features silver, green ,red and brown sprays. The decorated version will feature silver,...

Posted by Erica December 16, 2011


This is an original, one of a kind, design by Robinson Design Goldsmith. It is based on the New Zealand Tiki and is made of 24 Karat Gold Bullion. This bad boy weighs 2 pounds and is 6” tall.

To make such a masterpiece has taken a lot of work. They hand hammered sheets of pure gold into different shapes, while the intricate...

Posted by Erica December 16, 2011

Maqet has released a ton of plastin figures which all have a little something in common. They’re all holiday themed, seems like Maqet has got Christmas fever! I know we have already posted about Heathrow, but there are some other really cool figures as well!

We have Bernie Cane and Saint Bernard by ...

Posted by Erica December 15, 2011

Creo Design is proud to announce that his toy collaboration with UK based TADO will be released this Friday marking it a “FUNGHI” FRIDAY event!

This 4” tall, resin toy comes in 35 colourways. This is a limited edition piece and there are only 60 pieces worldwide! Each “Funghi” also...

Posted by Nick December 15, 2011

As we get closer to the end of the Designer Toy Run, in conjunction with Goldrun, here's your latest rundown of the additional toys that have been added to the run in recent weeks. Still plenty of toys to be won - get collecting!

Little Prick (Super7), Lady Maxx (MaxToy), Winston Stitch (Triclops), Poison Sweet (Yosiell...


Posted by Miranda December 14, 2011

MAQET the 3D printing service has again teamed up with Frank Kozik to produce a Christmas twist on his Hedgehog 'Heathrow' figure. Limited to 50 pairs (although it does say for 2011 so these may be re-released next year, I'm not 100% sure) these cute little dudes will certainly bring the Christmas Spirit to your shelves.  MAQET uses Plastin to create...

Posted by Nick December 14, 2011

Check out the awesome new lineup for the third series of Fatcaps from Kidrobot. This time round the lineup for the series has expanded a bit to include some more diverse (by which i mean non-graffiti) artists. Now say what you want about that decision, but you can't deny that it certainly adds to the series, in particular Jon Paul Kaisers Cosmonaut looks like being the strongest design in the...


Posted by Miranda December 14, 2011

Scott Tolleson has been a busy boy.. First up he has partnered with to create the ARGH barber 'figure'. The pieces are made of acrylic and have articulated head and arms. They stand at roughly 7-8" and are limited to only 10 pieces. We don't have much information on release date or...


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