Posted by Erica June 20, 2012

TOMORROW Super7 will be releasing Josh Herbolsheimer's latest Rose Vampire Casket Cruiser, the Outerspaced Edition!! This one is BY FAR my new favorite casket cruiser. Cast in clear glitter vinyl with blue, red, and gold sprays this Outerspaced Casket Cruiser is out of this world... literally. 


Posted by Erica June 20, 2012

There is just under a week left to enter Cavey's second birthday competition. The winner will receive this one-of-a-kind Purple Polkadot Cavey Pillow! 

Here's what you do:

Create a Birthday message for Cavey, it can be a photograph, painting, drawing, computer artwork, a card, sculpture... you get the point, something creative!

  • Email your artwork...
Posted by Miranda June 20, 2012

I wanted to post this separately to my Sneak Peaks blog post, so that it got your full attention! Introducing a film by Wesley Isaac and Saki Fenderson, that takes a closer look at Marka27's latest body of work for his show ...

Posted by Nick June 20, 2012

This new Haunted House from Lego looks absolutely superb! It's about time they released a Haunted House to go with their popular Monster Fighters collection.

The house features 2 floors-worth of rooms and you can see that it opens up like a dolls house! As well as it's unique design and boarded up windows it even features a secret lever that releases a drop down staircase! There are 6...

Posted by Nick June 20, 2012

Not a massive fan of this new Vader Kubrick from Medicom, but it has been released to commemorate the Medicom Toy Exhibition 2012 at the Parco Museum in Shubuya-ku, Tokyo.

I don't have anything other than the pic to go on for size, but it looks like it's just a 100% sized figure from the detail and will be avaialble from this Saturday (June 23rd) at 10am at the exhibition venue.


Posted by Miranda June 20, 2012

Marka27's solo LA show 'Neo Indigenous' is coming up on us fast, and we have some awesome sneak peaks to share with you lucky readers. These are process pictures for his new pieces, and they look awesome.

Opening on July 7th and running until the 29th, "Neo Indigenous". will be shown at the Crewest...

Posted by Nick June 20, 2012

Check out the new teaser trailer for Pixar's latest (and hopefully greatest) movie Monsters University.

I really hope this film is awesome as the characters of Mike and Sulley are some of my faves from the Pixar universe and from just this teaser that looks to be the case, as we get the idea of the beginnings of their relationship with Mike the bookworm nerd and Sulley the jock who are...

Posted by Nick June 20, 2012

Paris-based designer Dzimitry Samal started out designing for car companies like Renault but has since become more focused on product design and fashion. Check out these new Pixelated glasses he designed.

Each pair is hand crafted in France and combine the aesthetics of vintage designs with a splash of retro-futurism. Prices start from €298.

Order a pair now from his...

Posted by Trustpigs June 20, 2012

Holly "A Little Stranger" Stanway has continued her tradition of issuing a new Cavey design — done in collaboration — for conventions: designed by Gary Ham, crafted by Stanway, available at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con...


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