Posted by Miranda July 09, 2012

Leecifer has been more than a busy boy for SDCC! You will be able to catch him at a few booths, he has a ton going on! First up Dragatomi booth #4935, he will have a bunch of customs on display and also appearing live for a signing with Drilone at 11am on Saturday! 

I love these custom Camille Rose...

Posted by Erica July 09, 2012

3DRetro is stoked to announce one of their awesome SDCC Releases. Put your hands together for The Bart Grin "Ron English" Colorway Release. 

"From Ron English and Matt Groening comes our favorite Simpson, Bart with a magic touch from Ron English. Bart isn't...

Posted by specialK July 09, 2012

Super 7 has three new additions to their Star Wars t- shirt series. Georgie boy gave his official seal of approval so you know they're good! 

Hey check it out - you're not just playing Asteroids in the 80s, you're playing STAR WARS ASTEROIDS!! That's...

Posted by Zombiekel July 09, 2012

Heavy Metal Qee is finally coming to end and to celebrate the end of this momentous project and to help cut a nice cheque for the chosen charity the remaining custom 8” Qee are being auctioned on ebay.

The auctions are live now, and finish between 4pm and 6pm London time (GMT) on the 15th of July.

1/3 of...

Posted by Erica July 09, 2012

We are very exited to announce the NEW Michael Michael Motorcycle Section in the Clutter Marketplace! For those of you who dont know, Clutter has started partnering with artists and brands to create curated stores-within-our-store right on the Clutter Website! 


Posted by specialK July 09, 2012

Check it owwww-t! To promote the launch Fonzo for SDCC Freak Store has made a promo video.. This glow-in-the-dark version is limited to 100 pieces and he's selling for $60. You can find him at ...

Posted by Miranda July 09, 2012

Jeff Koon's brand new exhibition is currently being hosted by the Fondation Beyeler in Basel, Switzerland. Displaying work in three categories - The new, Banality and Celebration - all sections provide a key to the Koon's sensibility. 'New' focuses on his early work, a time when he incorporated a lot of cleaning appliances into his work. '...


Posted by specialK July 09, 2012

What do you do when you need that extra wolf power & your wolf shirt is not quite getting you there? You sit your ass down on a wolf chair and feel the extra wolf magic surge through your body and out of your throat in the form of a guttural howl! Place this Wolf WIthin chair near a porcelain statuette of an American Eagle & you will be unstoppable! 

The red,...

Posted by Miranda July 09, 2012

I want to start this post by saying that CS Moore Studio produce some awesome sculpts/toys for the main stream comic and games market, so I am not writing this post to simply downplay their work. I'm writing this post because I am frustrated. I'm frustrated because it seems the outside perception on how to become involved in the designer toy...


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