Posted by baykiddead August 09, 2011

Sometimes you can almost see it on your own. Sometimes you feel it first, and by the time you look, it's gone. There's another world running parallel to ours, where many of the things we take for granted exist, yet in an entirely different manner. Allison Sommers, however, sees it all the time. And then she paints it so that others may see it as well.

Sometimes these worlds are calming...

Posted by Miranda August 09, 2011

What's better then Pete Fowler characters, Felt Mistress Puppets and Comedy script writing?? Absolutely nothing, that's what! So roll up, roll up and meet THE STUFFS an awesome TV quality YouTube comedy puppet show, produced by...

Posted by baykiddead August 08, 2011

Fuzzy Ink is dedicated to mustaches. Odd, I know, but look at how that passion manifests itself. And if you like mustaches, or beautiful and whimsical art, then "A Helping Hand" is something you need. Measuring 18" x 24" this print captures the unequaled imagination of childhood, wraps it up in a scene of full of goodness, and provides a warm fuzzy we could all use every now and then. ...


Posted by baykiddead August 08, 2011

If you're into paper toys, there are a variety of ways to participate. You can purchase any one of the numerous books featuring some of the best designers in the game, you can scour the web for free templates, or you can make your own. As much as I love making a Shin Tanaka, or a Matthew Hawkins, nothing beats the satisfaction of bringing something of my own from an idea to a free standing toy...

Posted by baykiddead August 08, 2011

There are paper toys, and then there are papertoy monsters, and then there's Marko Zubak [aka YeboMaycu.] Marko makes papertoy monster art. In fact, you can dispense with the whole papertoy thing and cut straight to the chase. It's art, pure and simple. And the form he's been exploring since 2007 with the original Pinn Guin [an actual penguin] has yielded some delicious design within a shape...

Posted by Nick August 08, 2011

We don't post as much 3A stuff on our blog as we probably should do, and personally i think they produce so many figures nobody could possibly own them all without committing financial suicide. Enough about my 3A issues cos this Blind Cowboy & Ghost Horse by Ashley Wood is awesome.

This horse must be freakin huge! I've got a 1/6 scale motorbike and this horse is waaaay bigger!...

Posted by Nick August 05, 2011

This one's been a long time coming, though really i guess most Kidrobot projects have been in the idea stage for a looong time but the UK series was quite a while ago now, back in Jan 2009! So thank god this dunny has come out lookin awesome and isn't an exact replica of the Rainy Day Dunny Triclops designed back then.

Taking inspiration from Belgian surrealist Rene Magritte's self...

Posted by baykiddead August 05, 2011

Sarah Bush either;

A) Had a really messed up childhood.

B) Has one of the most whacked imaginations.

C) Possesses a healthy love for zombies

D) Is one of the coolest girls any nine year old boy would ever hope to invite to their birthday party.

Maybe it's all of the above. How else to explain the crazed impulse that led her to take a time honored toy and...

Posted by Miranda August 05, 2011

If you're in NYC this evening (Fri 5th Aug) you have no excuse to not run over to Brooklyn's Cotton Candy Machine, for a Buff Monster and Jeremyville extravaganza. Two of the nicest guys in art and toys, get together for a night of celebration, both in attendance at the event!! If you are planning to buy some goodies, you should make sure you get over there fast, openings at The Cotton Candy...


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