Posted by Erica May 11, 2012

MIS-Fortune Cookies? I think that might be the most brilliant idea i have ever heard of! After a nice meal of Chinese food most people are excited to snap open that delicious tasting cooking and read their "fortune". Now imagine you and your best buds have just finished some Chinese cuisine, and when they go to crack their fortune cookie, they freeze, and read aloud, "The future predicts...

Posted by Erica May 11, 2012

Crappy Cat and FlunkMonkey shove off for a Multidimensional Schnapps Tasting Tour! The first Schnapps flavor up, is Poison Plum! This plum based fruity schnapps includes plums, fermented heads of lost travelers, a dash of poison pink berry to add a sweet and smooth finish, and a trapped spirit to serve thirsty people everywhere.

This CrappyCat...
Posted by Erica May 11, 2012

Brooklyn artist Scott C, will be doing his first ever solo show in Brooklyn at Tara McPherson's Cotton Candy Machine. Scotts work has been shown in galleries and publications worldwide.

"we couldn't be happier to put on this show with him on his home turf." - says The Cotton Candy...

Posted by Erica May 11, 2012

If you happen to be in the Los Angeles area Joe Ledbetter is hosting a "dont miss" event! He will be hosting a Pop-Up Store and Garage Sale! This occasion will allow you to access Prints, AP's, Rarities, Skateboards, and much more JLed goodies. Plus some of Joe's personal vinyl toy collection, art prints and memorabilia from more then 10 years of activity in the Art and Toy World.


Posted by Erica May 11, 2012

Ludo just released an awesome new sculpture titled "Black Grapes of Wrath". Each are, after some drawn sides and profiles, laser sculpted then hand sprayed and come with a signed COA.

Edition is only 5. Size is 12cm (w) x 16cm (h) x 7cm (d). Price is 400 euros + shipping.

Also 50% of each sale will go to Skateistan.

Posted by Erica May 11, 2012

Check out CLAW MONEY's featured tee of the week! This Teeshirt was inspired by one of the greatest artists of the 20th century! This Piclawsso Tee is a modern twist on Pablo Picasso’s “Girl before...

Posted by Nick May 11, 2012

Ok so last night Fafi was signing copies of her new book from Rizzoli at Rough Trade. I got a sick girlie sketch in my copy, and got one of my MAC figure boxes signed too - i'm not too greedy :P

To be honest I was expecting a much bigger queue for a Fafi signing, especially with toy fans decending on East London for the Dudebox launch but it was a modest queue and actually made things...


Posted by Nick May 10, 2012

Ok I just made it back home from the Dudebox Launch in London tonight, and I have to say they set the standard for all future events held on these shores, and honestly I don't think anything will come close in the near future, except for maybe another Dudebox event!

I was already as giddy as a schoolgirl as I'd just been to Rough Trade to bag a doodle from Fafi (more on that tomorrow)...

Posted by Miranda May 10, 2012

On the eve of their first toy launch in London, Jim Crawford sat down with Dudebox’s founder Robert Beecham and its creative director, Sichi. Read on to know more about Dudebox and take a glimpse at some upcoming products!

By now, just about everybody interested in Designer Toys has heard of DUDEBOX, a new UK-based toy brand that’s poised to jump into the Art Toy...


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