Posted by Miranda January 31, 2011
Due to preview at the Feb 14th NYC ♥ QEE Event, are these brand new Bossy Bear Figures. Standing at 5" tall two versions will be released; the classic Blue and the Roseus (pink) version. Fans should keep an eye open on variant version within the assortment.
Posted by Miranda January 28, 2011
Due to drop Mid February is the Red lucky Cat, Spiki. In Chinese tradition red represents luck, good fortune and happiness. Designed by Nakanari, Pre-orders start on Feb 2nd at . He is limited to 200 pieces and stands at 4" tall.


Posted by Devin January 28, 2011
I love me some Japanese inspired artistry. And nothing says Japan better than schoolgirls and robots! Things I frequently dream about. *Ahem* Anyways artist Pico Pico has this sweet new resin premiering in japan at the Billiken Shokai group show this week. There will be three types of figures for sale, painted, ink washed and raw, each at different price points. If any of you in clutterland are dreaming of robot schoolgirls but are too far away to see the show, maybe some Battle Angel Alita will calm your cravings. via [ SpankyStokes ]
Posted by Nick January 28, 2011
Ok so this doesn't have anything to do with toys but i saw these pics over on Freshnessmag and had to blog about Google's new London Headquarters designed by Scott Brownrigg . Located nr Buckingham Palace the 40,000 sq foot offices have apparently been inspired by Brighton Beach, tho having never been there I cannot verify its likeness... The interior features a very subtle Google logo (haha) and also has several beach huts that double as meeting rooms and other amenities. The offices also incorporate a Restaurant looking cafeteria as well as gym/showers and massage and spa treatment section...
Posted by Nick January 28, 2011
We've always been big fans hereat Clutter of anything and everything Nathan J here at Clutter (My wieghty ScaryGirl shelf say so too :P ) So we're always excited to hear about his latest ventures whether it be Comic updates, artwork or forrays into the video games world. This time the teaser comes from Kidrobot and it's a picture of a forthcoming 8" Dunny the two have been collaborating on... So what we have here looks to be one of his Owl designs on a Dunny which also looks to have a nice mixture of flocked and printed design which i'm really liking. It's a really stunning colourway and...
Posted by Devin January 27, 2011
Now i don't know how many of you spent your days on an old computer in the back of a classroom playing Oregon Trail. I certainly did. Probably explains my brain no goods... and grammar. But now the good people at "The men who wear many hats" have tweaked the classic into a zombie survival game that nostalgia's all over your face, in a completely new way. Meet ORGAN TRAIL and kill some of your precious time ..and zombies. and friends. Click here to give it a go...
Posted by Nick January 27, 2011
Shawnimals has been one of THE success stories of the last few years. From part time hobby to fulltime gig for creator Shawn Smith along with a Nintendo DS Video Game and one of the finest downloadable games for your iPhone in the shape of Trees of Doom. Ninja of the Month has been one of the cornerstones in that success and February 2011 sees the release of Aviator Ninja... Aviator Ninja is released on February 2nd 2011 at 1pm CST, limited to 100pcs and costing $30. Bargain! For that $30 you get the Ninja, signed drop tag, helmet and goggles accessory and medal along with a character sticker...


Posted by Nick January 27, 2011
Back in 2008 the star Edison Chen stepped away from the limelight after the infamous photo sex scandal that rocked the entertainment world. After a year of lying low Chen, the singer, actor and founder of CLOT , returned to the limelight and rebuild his reputation. No return of Chen would be complete without getting in touch with his old pal Eric So and get working on a new figure! Any mention of Eric So making a new figure is always great news and this picture (posted on Edisons CLOT blog ) hopefully means we can expect more from one of Hong Kongs finest very soon and not just making uber...
Posted by Nick January 26, 2011
Valentines is fast approaching! Time for us blokes to attempt to get our asses into gear and think of something else apart from toys. What's that? Toys are now a part of Valentines? Too damn right they are with this new selection of 100% Bearbricks from Medicom especially for Valentines. There are 4 figures, 2 specific to Valentines and 4 of Disneys BABBI Be@rbricks including some interesting colourways with print on top of chrome... see more after the jump via [ highsnobiety ]



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