Posted by Miranda April 10, 2011

This week i managed to attended a few shows down in old NYC. Coming up in this post are pictures of Shawnimals show at myplasticheart, Chuckboy's signing at Kidrobot and a look at Sas and Colin Chrisitan's work at Opera Gallery.

After turning up to the shawnimals opening at myplasticheart a day early (Doh!) i managed to swing by on saturday and get a good look at the show. The work was...

Posted by Miranda April 10, 2011

Last night saw Williamsburg, Brooklyn, become a hive of Tara McPherson fans and supporters, with the opening celebration of The Cotton Candy Machine, Tara's debut store. We arrived a little after the opening time of 7pm to see a line not just out of the door, but down stretching down the block and practically around the corner.

The Art on display was outstanding and varied, really...

Posted by Miranda April 09, 2011

Legendary publishing house LAST GASP celebrated its 41st anniversary last weekend with the opening of ART ALMIGHTY, a group art show featuring thirty amazing artists. It's a great show, weird and racy, in keeping with Last Gasp's focus on the best in underground comics, art and culture. I stopped by the opening night show after spending the afternoon at...

Posted by Miranda April 08, 2011

Tomorrow night sees the opening party for Tara Mcpherson's new store "The Cotton Candy Machine". To celebrate she has pulled together 100 of the worlds top artists to create 100 tiny pieces of artwork. Each piece will sell for $100 on the 100th day of the year! All artwork is being sold on a first come first served bases, with no preorders being taken, so you better get down to the show early...


Posted by Miranda April 08, 2011

Toy Street returns for their second year, of toy and art celebration. This time featuring Ron English, this promises to be a one day extravaganza. Set for April 22nd (12 - 8pm) we are looking forward to attending and joining in the party.


Posted by Nick April 08, 2011

If you haven't spotted this all over the web then where the hell have you been!!!! This is the trailer for the forthcoming video from the Beastie Boys featuring Seth Rogen, Elijah Wood and Danny McBride as a 'Fight for your Right to Party' era 'Boys and Will Ferrel, John C Reilly and Jack Black as a older time travelling (?!?) threesome! The Video is just awesome and features tons of celebs...

Posted by Miranda April 08, 2011

New from Paulkaiju, is this extremely limied resin set. Hand sculpted, cast and painted, the set is limited to just 4 piece. They will retail for $150 and be available at soon. We love it!


Posted by Miranda April 08, 2011

Everyone needs giant toys in their life, that's just a fact. In the complete flip side to the mini series which adorn all collectors shelves, and have extensively grown in numbers over the past few years, Joe Ledbetter and the Loyal Subjects collaborate to produce this giant 48" tall Colossus Bunny. Produced in fiberglass, standing 4ft tall, Mr. Bunny comes in 4 different colors – ...

Posted by Devin April 07, 2011

Really diggin these desktop dumpsters by steelplant. I can't wait to see blanks for these! I think it's inside every mischievous artist to want to turn something as awful and smelly and disgusting as a dumpster bin and make it cool and artsy. But i quite like the idea of a home version that can sit on your desk and hold a few cold beers as well. A lot of...


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