Posted by marc May 12, 2016
Auto by Superdeux

Weirdly enough, there have only been a handful of collaborations between musicians and vinyl toy creators. Aesop Rock and J Dilla are more recent examples, but back in 2009, Superdeux and Artoyz created a toy series for a band called Auto. The figure used an audio cassette as a head, creating a graphic match to...

Posted by marc May 12, 2016
david horvath x devilrobots

David Horvath's and Devilrobots' collaboration debuted in South Korea recently, leaving Western fans wondering if they'd be able to get their hands on these ultra cute sets. Horvath, the co-creator of Uglydolls, has confirmed that orders outside Korea will be opening up soon. We'll keep you posted on details, but in the meantime, check out the fancy-pants packaging in the gallery below. ...

Posted by marc May 12, 2016
atmos x Yak Pak Be@rbrick

Well here's a classy Be@rbrick. You can't really beat gold on matte black. This guy is a bonus for purchasing a backpack collaboration between Tokyo's atmos and Brooklyn's Yak Pak, which launches this Saturday. So those of us who either don't live in Tokyo or don't need a new backpack are out of luck, but it's still fun to look!

Check out more...

Posted by marc May 12, 2016
OSKUNK Customs

OSKUNK, who usually customizes vintage gaming hardware, has taken his Posca markers to an Iron Man mask to create Iron Muerte Man. Based on traditional dia de los muertos skull artwork, this pieces has plenty of intricate lines and OSKUNK pulls off the symmetry perfectly. Maybe Tony Stark should have considered a design like this for one of his million suits in Iron Man 3.


Posted by kristina May 11, 2016
Super 7 Glow Cyclobot Fighter

If you're just a bit superstitious (or have a fear of serial killers sporting hockey masks), you might be dreading this Friday. Don't fear-Super 7 and Secret Base are releasing a new toy that's ready to kick any unlucky butt this week! Glow Cyclobot Fighter is boxing...

brittandpuppycat's picture
Posted by brittandpuppycat May 11, 2016
Clutter Gallery Presents: "Shrunken Heads" – A Carlos Enriquez Gonzalez Solo Exposition!

The Clutter Gallery is excited to present "Shrunken Heads", a solo exhibition by Carlos Enriquez Gonzalez. This show features surreal, never before seen, one-of-a-kind pieces by the contemporary artist. 
Carlos himself will even be traveling from Venezuela to New York to attend the opening!
The opening reception will be free to the public and take place on May...

Posted by marc May 10, 2016

Complex have teamed up with Pharrel Williams and Takashi Murakami to bring the first ever ComplexCon to Long Beach, CA. on November 5 and 6, 2016. The daytime events will focus on style and food while the night schedules consist of media and music performances. Pharrel will serve as Cultural Director and Host Committee Chair while Murakami will be directing the con's art and design....

Posted by marc May 10, 2016
Fakir customs

Fakir continues to prove his ridiculous painting skills with another Be@rbrick portrait, this time of David Beckham, who might be known just as well for his 40+ tattoos as he is for his footballing skills. Fakir accurately recreates Beckham's sleeves, torso, and back pieces, which is extra impressive considering how varied in style the tattoos are. And that's not to even mention the killer...

Posted by marc May 10, 2016
Sekure D Dunny

Sekure D's first-ever production Dunny which is also Kidrobot's first-ever 5-inch Dunny is launching this Friday! Codename Unknown features the Australian sneaker and toy customizer's signature aquatic textures and bold colors. Kidrobot did a great job recreating his painting style on a mass produced toy, and it looks like the head, body, and arms are each cast in different colors of vinyl....


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