Posted by Trustpigs January 28, 2016
Mondo announces the return of… Madballs!

While the prototypes were displayed at last year's San Diego Comic-Con, official word has leaked through the Instagram accounts of Mondo proper and Brock Otterbacher, Mondo's Creative Director for Toys & Collectibles, as well as in an...

Posted by Trustpigs January 27, 2016
Thunder… Thunder… Thundercats Ho!!! Matty Club's Third Earth Series!

Mattel’s Matty Club brings back an '80s favorite in the form of the ThunderCats! That's right! Thunder… Thunder… Thundercats Ho!!! This Third Earth series of figures features new renditions of Lion–O, Panthro, Pumyra, Jackalman, and the subscriber exclusive Mumm–Ra. Yes, the evil sorcerer can be ours but only if you subscribe to the entire set, as it will never be...

Posted by marc January 27, 2016
Taylored Curiosities' Worry Kickstarter Funded!

Congrats to Taylored Curiosities, as their Kickstarter project has more than doubled their goal with 21 days to go! Penny of Taylored Curosities has let us know that she's found a UK-based factory to produce these aromatherapy plushies, though you can rest assured that the 100 originally planned for the Kickstarter will be handmade by Penny herself. "For those who backed early and got one of...

Posted by marc January 27, 2016
20" Otto Björnik Reyna Dunny by Kidrobot

We've been blowing you up with Kidrobot news today, but when has that been a bad thing? The brand is going all-in with Otto Björnik. After revealing their Shah Mat 3 inch Dunny chess set, they're also throwing down a 20" Reyna Dunny. This royal lady is similar to...

Posted by marc January 27, 2016
New TMNT Blindbox Series from Kidrobot This Summer

Just in time for June's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, Kidrobot will be releasing a new series of TMNT blindbox toys. 14 characters will be included in this series. While it's been confirmed that Casey Jones, Krang, Tokka, Rahzar will appear in the movie, a bunch of old characters from the TV show and Archie comics will be tapped for this run. Along with the...

Posted by Trustpigs January 27, 2016
(In)Action Figures 4 exhibition at The Clutter Gallery!

It's been four years and we're still going strong. No, not the magazine… That's been around over a decade now. I'm talking about the annual (In)action Figures group exhibition at our gallery space! Featuring action figure & other retro toy inspired art, we love presenting a varied mix every year of new names alongside old...

Posted by marc January 27, 2016
24" Stache Labbit & Litton Family Plush Set from Kidrobot

Personal anecdote time! I love puppies. Always have, always will. When I was a wee child, I got an amazing birthday present called Puppy Surprise. It was a big plush dog with a bunch of tiny plush puppies inside. Amazing. (My rigorous research indicates that Puppy Surprise has had a modern comeback!) Kidrobot are taking a page from that magic with their "life-sized" 24 inch Stache Labbit...

Posted by marc January 27, 2016
Air Bonsai Levitating Plants

I've never been into decorating my place with plants other than the occasional cactus. But Japanese company Hoshinchu are changing that with their new Kickstarter campaign. Using a magnetic base and holder, the Air Bonsai levetates your plant mid-air. Due to import...

Posted by marc January 27, 2016
Flatwoods Monster Up for Pre-Order at Lulubell Toy Bodega

If the Medicom x Marmit Flatwoods Monster piqued your interest, you'll be happy to know it's getting brought over to the US. Lulubell Toy Bodega has the cryptid up for preorder right here. A few...


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