Posted by marc September 12, 2016

Case closed. It's not an Xmas Dunny. It's not getting additional paint applications. And it's not a 3 incher. We've used our detective skills to get to the bottom of the glittery Dunny mystery and have found that this will be a 5 inch Dunny called Chroma Dunny. This means Chroma Dunny will be the first non-artist Dunny to be part of the 5 inch series. Personally, I'd prefer a full-on rainbow...

Posted by marc September 12, 2016

It's less than a month until NYCC 2016, so you can bet a bunch of artists are hard at work customizing toys. Andrea Kang is one of them, and has just shared a sneak peek at one of her custom Trikkys that will be available at myplasticheart's booth. The toy features her big signature eyes, pouty kitten mouth, and a mostly monotone palette. I'm definitely excited to see what else Andrea Kang and...

Posted by marc September 12, 2016

Most Hello Kitty merch is understandably on the low end to keep prices down. But for those looking for something articulated and well-painted, Bandai will be releasing four Sanrio characters under their FiguartsZERO line in January.


Hello Kitty will come in an OG colorway as well as a gold variant, both of which come...

Posted by marc September 12, 2016

Bob's Burgers definitely had a rough start. But a not-so-funny premier season eventually grew into a pretty hilarious cartoon of the modern age. Now the Fox animation is teaming up with Kidrobot for a 19-piece blindbox series and a Bad Tina medium figure.


The bad news? We'll have to wait until next spring to...

Posted by marc September 12, 2016

Oooo, shiny! The gold, silver, and bronze Uamous were a hit, but these new metallic colorways are even better. Gray, blue, silver, pink, and gold have been applied to the classic sofubi toy, while Fortune Uamou and Bastard also add a bronze finish to their lineup.


Each figure is finished in a semi-gloss coating for extra...

Posted by marc September 09, 2016

Here's a fun surprise: BAPE are teaming up with Capcom to bring collab shirts to Tokyo Game Show 2016 (9/16 - 9/18)! Shirts featuring Street Fighter, Makaimura / Ghosts 'n Goblins, Biohazard / Resident Evil, Rockman / Mega Man, Monster Hunter, and Phoenix Wright are all getting BAPE-ified, several being...

Posted by marc September 09, 2016

Sure, Squink created a production version of his Ken Dunny with Kidrobot. But the customs still have that special charm. And these two new commissions are no exception. Those lines are as super sharp as ever, but that blue really catches the eye. And that semi-gloss finish doesn't hurt. Here's to another five years of Ken!

Check out more...

Posted by marc September 09, 2016

Yup, just put me down for the whole set. Shoko Nakazawa just shared a close-up of the five new colorways of her Baby Byron figure for VAG Series 8. Super vibrant pink, yellow, blue, purple, and gold are all sprayed onto the white base figure, leaving the tubby belly white. The colors really lend themselves to the cute character and there isn't a dud in the lineup. They're hitting gachapon...

brittandpuppycat's picture
Posted by brittandpuppycat September 09, 2016

The Clutter Gallery is excited to present "Vinylploitation!", a horrific group show featuring Retroband, Violence Toy, and Miscreation Toys. This show is going to be terrifyingly gruesome, with pieces inspired by grindhouse and cult classic horror films! All three artists have teamed up to represent your favorite genres of horror. We've been dying to show you these killer...


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