Posted by Brian July 01, 2016
DreamEx Casey Jones

Last year DreamEx premiered some sculpts of their upcoming 1:6 scale Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures. Oddly enough, Casey Jones seems to be the first images we’ve received about painted figures in this line. This awesome-looking figure comes highly detailed, with a number of very cool accessories and cloth clothing. He appears to be modeled off the classic cartoon Casey, and is...

Posted by kristina June 30, 2016
Frank Kozik Rocket Pop Smorkin' Monger Jerome

Check out this latest twist of a childhood treat! Jerome by Frank Kozik is in a new colorway to help ring in summer. This "Rocket Pop" version of Smorkin' Monger Jerome is hand-painted and produced by Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi. It has one articulation at the cone so you can adjust to your needs, and if you prefer to have your frozen...

Posted by marc June 30, 2016

Well I suppose it was only a matter of time. Lisa Frank has just announced an adult coloring book which will be out later this summer. Relive your childhood in a somewhat socially acceptable manner while making everything else you look at seem colorless in comparison. I'm hoping Lisa Frank also debuts a line of super saturated high quality neon colored pencils to go with this book.


Posted by Brian June 30, 2016

Hitting store shelves now are a set of die-cast metal Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys from Jada Toys . The figures are based on the classic cartoon and retail for $11.99 apiece. Also available is a Leonardo with samurai armor for $21.99.

Posted by Brian June 30, 2016
Bebop & Rocksteady

Just a few days ago, Threezero posted a teaser image of their upcoming 1:6 scale Bebop and Rocksteady figures from the new TMNT movie. This is a continuation of the highly detailed 1:6 toys Threezero has been releasing for the new films. We have no details yet, but this is sure to be an exciting release, even for TMNT fans who aren’t so hot on the new movies, as this...

Posted by kristina June 30, 2016
MJ Hsu Donatsu Full Reveal & Release Date!

Remember those cute resin donut customs by MJ Hsu we were gushing over earlier this spring? The wait is over because starting next week you can order your own Donatsu in Hsu's shop!

Even the back story of these donuts is cute! Donatsu are donut...

Posted by marc June 30, 2016

Here's an odd team-up. KAWS has partnered with famous handbag designer Nancy Gonzalez, who is known for using luxurious materials and rich dyes. KAWS' Xs aren't embroidered onto these accessories; they're applied with acrylic paint, and they're likely hand-painted, since the crocodile suede's texture would make it difficult to screen any graphics on. You've got to wonder how broad the cross-...

Posted by marc June 30, 2016

The workers revolution is inevitable, as JPK keeps adding to their numbers. Joining the Woodsman and the Blacksmith, the newest laborer to take resin form is the Miner, equipped with hardhat, headlight, and pickaxe. The soot-soiled shirt is an extra detail that really makes the piece. As with previous entries in the Workers Project, this figure will be made to order. You can pre-order your...

Posted by kristina June 30, 2016

Last week myplasticheart hosted a mini-exhibit for TOOFLY NYC and I had to stop by to check it out. I've been a fan of TOOFLY's graffiti for a few years so it was nice to see her latest works. The show's called "Love Warrior" and combined TOOFLY's upbringing...


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