Posted by Mike July 03, 2014

Good For You Toys wanted to pay tribute to one of their favorite and quite often underrated character from Pulp Fiction, Marvin!

"With his head in the clouds, Marvin's mind seems to have gone to pieces. Which has led him to find out that sometimes not having an opinion can be a real headache, and not to mention quite messy! Now it's up to...


Posted by marc July 03, 2014

Dave Bondi usually works behind the scenes, sculpting some of the most well-known toys of the past decade, but occasionally releases his own designs. Following up on Akashi, his mashup between Mickey Mouse and Super Mario, Bondi will be releasing Astronocchio at the...

Posted by Mike July 03, 2014

Pause Designs just finished up this piece for the upcoming Whimsknuckle show in Houston, TX. Each artist in the show received a 18" Knucklebear and was asked to create a piece with a circus theme. Rather than using the Knucklebear as one piece, they dissected the Knucklebear to make up four figures. Each clown is one of the Knucklebear's arms,...

Posted by Mike July 03, 2014

On Friday Jun 27th, Arik Ehle launched the first line of the Wild Westside 'OG Impala Mini' 1/3rd scale resin sculptures (based on the full-sized pieces). A series of faux taxidermy sculptures, which blend realism and caricature with a flavor of the wild west and west coast lifestyle. Each sculpture is meticulously cast, assembled, and...

Posted by marc July 02, 2014
monster munny kidrobot

Joining the 4-foot Dunny and 2-foot Labbits, this Munny stands at a monolithic 4 feet. Unlike the other pieces of the Art Giants series, which have a glossy finish, the Monster Munny has a chalkboard finish, though it retains the traditional fiberglass body. The chalkboard finish will make the Monster Munny a fun addition to any hip offices or cafes, but might be a turnoff for artists looking...

Posted by Trustpigs July 02, 2014

Yes that's right! I know you have been waiting for this year's awards to kick off… so wait no more!! We are looking at you to provide us with your nominations for consideration!!

The DTAs have now launched the nomination period for the 4th annual awards! Running until July 15th, nominations can be submitted through the website ...

Posted by Mike July 01, 2014

Wananeko is Javier Jimenez’s newest character and resin figure!

This cat isn’t your ordinary cat; he’s had an incredibly sad and hard life. Upon birth, he was abandoned and forced to live alone as a street cat facing peril and danger. Despite growing incredibly strong due to his rough upbringing on the streets of Japan, he still ended up dying, and out of his hate for humans, became...

Posted by Trustpigs July 01, 2014

Written by their super-talented friend Jon Hinton, the dynamic artist duo of TADO makes the leap into children's literature with the "Monster Trucks: The Big Race" picture book. The first in a series of stories surrounding the characters of Bolt, Chunk, Roxy, Fizz, Newton, and Masher, these monstrous vehicles rev off into exciting adventures filled with fun, laughter, and a few spills....


Posted by Mike July 01, 2014

Dust prepared a beautiful new mural in preparation for his Concrete Jungle exhibit at Galerie Merkle in Stuttgart. This surreal mural comes to 2.5m tall and 25m wide, spray painted right onto the concrete and metal of the stretch....



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