Posted by marc June 10, 2016
Kidrobot chess

When this series was first announced, it seemed so far away. But now you can finally pick up Otto Bjornik and Kidrobot's Dunny chess set, titles Shah Mat. You can either piece together the set by purchasing two-packs of pieces, each coming with four squares of the chess board, or buy the entire set, which comes signed and numbered by Otto. The two-packs run $20 each and the full set goes for $...

Posted by Miranda June 10, 2016
New Clutter Print Schedule 2016!

Announcing Clutter Magazine's new print schedule! As you may have noticed we have merged some of our issues to have one over two months. If you are a subscriber your subscription will be automatically updated to account for these changes. You will only be charged when an issue is scheduled for release.

Issue 38 – May / June  SPRING 2016 Street Date: June 10, 2016 Issue 39 –...
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Posted by brittandpuppycat June 10, 2016
Clutter Gallery Presents: "Le Rêve du Lapin", a Bedtime Bunnie Custom Show!

The Clutter Gallery is excited to present "Le Rêve du Lapin", a custom show of Peter Kato's first production vinyl, the Bedtime Bunnies! Standing at 6" tall, each participating artist has customized a blank figure to be displayed in Clutter's Gallery space. We've been getting so many super adorable sneak peeks from this show – we can't wait...

Posted by kristina June 09, 2016
Amanda Visell Buck Wethers Dunnys

There's just no stopping Amanda Visell! Not only has she been releasing resin sets this year (so many that we're losing count of them), she's also teamed up with Kidrobot to release Buck Wethers, a new Dunny that's ready to join any collector's family. He's a goat that you want...

Posted by marc June 09, 2016
Droplets vinyl toys

I don't even know where to begin with the Droplet series by JamFactory, which was produced by Crazy Label in 2008. They're ridiculously cute, with fun little smiley faces, hearts on their foreheads, and candy-colored coats of paint. Premiering at the am & Custard show, the blindbox series hit store shelves a few months later. With the body of a, well, droplet of liquid, each toy had...

Posted by marc June 09, 2016
Secret Base Marshmallow Man

As the premiere of the third Ghostbusters movie lurches closer, so does the merch. Images of a half X-Ray colorway of Secret Base's Stay Puft Marshmallow Man have surfaced online, though no details are yet available. The previous four colorways have been full X-Ray variants, exposing all of the faux corporate mascot's glittering and glowing innards. The opaque half of the sculpt...

Posted by marc June 09, 2016
Chocolate x Chococat

You should never give your cat chocolate, but if you pair up Sanrio's Chococat with Chocolate Skateboards, you've got a pretty awesome collaboration. Details are nonexistent at the moment, but we do know that three different deck illustrations will be available, each with Chococat integrated into the brand's chunky, cursive logo. These are definitely wall-worthy, but we won't hold it against...

Posted by marc June 09, 2016
WuzOne Dunny

"C" is for Elmo; that's good enough for me. WuzOne mashes up two of Sesame Street's most iconic residents in his most recent 8-inch custom Dunny. Maybe "mash" is too harsh a verb, as this piece delicately fuses the two characters right down the middle of the Dunny platform. Being an 8-incher, this custom is a one-off. It will be available soon for $295 from...

Posted by Miranda June 09, 2016
Ad Space open for SDCC Issue!

Calling all artist, manufacturers, and designers! This is your opportunity to get your word out to the attendees of San Diego Comic-Con! Ad spots are now open for Clutter issue 29, The SDCC BUMPER EDITION! 

With 10,000+ copies produced for this issue alone, our mission is to spread the word on Designer Toys, to the wider audience attendees at SDCC!



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