Posted by marc November 06, 2014
konatsu sofubi

I just got a little more bummed that I'm not going to DesignerCon. Two new color ways of Konatsu's Migora toy and one new colorway of the Nigora have been revealed as show exclusives. The Alice colorway is seafoam green on baby blue and the Peach colorway is a deep yellow on hot pink. No price has been announced, but if you're looking to pick up some super cute sofubi at the con, head over to...

Posted by marc November 06, 2014
Wreck-It Ralph Custom by JPK

JPK puts his own spin on the title character of Disney's Wreck-It Ralph. He used a Muttpop Tequila platform, which was a great choice. The bulky, hunched stance of the toy was a perfect fit for Wreck-It Ralph. Jon-Paul modified the toy's stock head, creating an awesome hair-do. And that plaid! Check out the gallery below for full-res shots.

Photo Credit: Justin Allfree

Posted by marc November 06, 2014
travis cain fun gus

It's the final countdown! If you want to see Travis Cain's Fun Gus platform and artist series become a reality, contribute to the Kickstarter project within the next 48 hours before it's too late. The artist series features designs from Kozik, Buff Monster, and Jeremyville. It's a pretty awesome assembly of four long-time toy designers, so...

Posted by Trustpigs November 06, 2014

A fresh crop has emerged from the Tolleson & Crooks farm: plush Beetlings! Based on Scott Tolleson's popular Deadbeet design and painstakingly hand-crafted as soft sculptures by Lana Crooks, these 14-inch tall and 6-inch wide pieces will make their debut at Designer Con...

Posted by marc November 03, 2014
Bubi Au Yeung

Soul Buddies is the new series of toys from Treeson creator, Bubi Au Yeung. These shots of the prototypes sculpted by Macsorro were recently revealed by T.A.G., who are helping to produce the series. It looks like it might be a while before these hit stores, but they're so cute that they'll be worth the wait.

Posted by marc November 03, 2014
chima group panini

Chima Group's newest gratuitously cute sofubi toy is called Panini. This stackable "deep sea monster" will debut next week at Design Festa.

Posted by Trustpigs October 30, 2014

"You shall pay, black prince. I shall place a curse of suffering on you that will doom you to a living hell. I curse you with my name. You shall be… Blacula!" Inspiring a wave of similar movies, none topped the first one, the king… The famed 1972 blaxploitation horror film Blacula! Paying tribute to this seminal piece of cinema,...

Posted by marc October 28, 2014
jpk death shroud

JPK dips into a comic book style backstory and cyberpunk themes for his most recent custom work. This set of five Dunnys for a group called Death Shroud. JPK describes the group as "a team dedicated to learning the secrets to eternal life through surgery, implantations and cybernetic augmentation." Here's his rundown of the cast:

The Beast: A long-term study in...

Posted by marc October 28, 2014
super7 dokuwashi

Super7 are celebrating Halloween with two new releases. Infected Halloween Dokuwashi is a transparent orange version of the classic Dokuwashi but contains a glow-in-the-dark skeleton by Scott Wilkowski. This one's available for order until midnight on Friday and will ship out in December as these are made-to-order. Gran one ...


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