Posted by marc September 08, 2016

It's never too early to start celebrating Halloween. Kyle Kirwan knows what's up. He's releasing a Skully version of his Bloom resin sculpture this Saturday, September 10 at noon Eastern. This micro-run has only five editions, one of which is a GID chase. The poof ball, reminiscent of the soot sprites from My Neighbor Totoro, sits atop ever so slightly creepy legs. The skull and...

Posted by Miranda September 08, 2016

Join us for this gruesome group show, where only the brave dare to tread.

UPCOMING EXHIBITION: VINYLPLOITATION! Featuring: Retroband / Violence Toy / Miscreation Toys

6PM - 9PM!

Sales for this event will be happening on a lottery basis. Half of the pieces will be first offered to our Gallery Preview List...

Posted by marc September 08, 2016

The Toy Chronicle are reporting that Stellina isn't the only tokidoki character getting the XXRAY treatment from Mighty Jaxx and Jason Freeny. Salaryman, Sandy, and Carina will all be dissected along with the Unicorno mascot. Stellina is premiering this week at STGCC and will hopefully...

Posted by marc September 08, 2016

I still don't really feel like I can justify buying a PS4. But once these two arcade ports come out, my mind will likely change. M2, a company famous for their attention to detail when porting games to new systems, is hard at work on PS4 versions of '90s shoot 'em ups Battle Garegga by Raizing and Dangun Feveron by Cave. Both games are danmakue-style...

Posted by marc September 08, 2016

The elusive Poopasus, the creature that leaps out of airbrushed vans at night and leaves a fragrant present by your bedside. Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura have cast the endangered species in resin for preservation. Each hand-cast and hand-painted Poopasus comes with a wee rider and a tiny turd.

Posted by marc September 08, 2016

One of the most anticipated blindbox series of the summer is finally here. Android Series 6 is now available for purchase as individual blindboxes or full cases of 16 figures. Each case includes 14 different designs: the 13 standard variants and one of three chase figures. Andrea Kang, Otto Bjornik, Nathan Jurevicius, Igor Ventura, Andrew Bell, and more have contributed top tier, adorable...

Posted by marc September 07, 2016

Film grain is a commodity these days. Thing is, a lot of the retro instant cameras available today are just plain fugly. But the Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 is actually pretty cool looking. French brand and retailer colette put their own spin on the camera with their signature blue dot, which really pops against the black and grey chassis. The camera itself features a fixed 60mm lens with a max...

Posted by marc September 07, 2016

The TMNT craze is still going full steam, and I'm OK with that. The latest collaboration from the brand comes courtesy of Reebok. Utilizing my favorite silhouette from the sneaker company, Reebok have outfitted their Instapump Fury with several homages to three of the Turtles' enemies.


instatmnt.jpg, by...
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Posted by brittandpuppycat September 07, 2016
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