Posted by marc January 13, 2015
Custom Deadpool Mini Munny by JPK

Need a palate cleanser after remembering that Ryan Reynolds is the big-screen portrayor of Marvel's self-aware superhero? Try JPK's latest custom, which makes the deranged character actually kind of cute. As is the standard with Jon-Paul Kaiser, there is a ton of detail in this custom Mini Munny. Check out how even the extremely dark grey between the white eyes and the black shadows ...

Posted by Miranda January 13, 2015

This weekend (Jan 10th) marked the opening of the 1st annual "DTA Dunny Show," a group art exhibition produced in partnership between the Clutter Gallery and Kidrobot. Featuring a fantastic array of 20-inch and 8-inch one-of-a-kind, custom Dunnys, the much anticipated show was a huge success. Attendance was fantastic, even if it was brutally cold (...

Posted by marc January 12, 2015
Fuzzy Uamou

Last year saw some matte finish Uamou toys, but now we're talking full-on fuzzy. Fuzzy Uamou and Fuzzy Bastard are flocked figured that come in mellow pastel colors. Why so fluffy? "During winter, Uamou grows a thick and fluffy fur to cope with the harsh cold and even though his natural instinct tells him to go into hibernation, he continues to meet up with Boo who seems unaffected by the...

Posted by marc January 12, 2015
Marbled Menace Pocket Rose Vampire from Super7

Super7's Pocket Rose Vampire goes bowling-ball-chic this Thursday with the Marbled Menace colorway. This guy is cast in swirly red and purple vinyl, so no two are exactly alike. The figure is accented with hit of yellow, green, and silver sprays. Grab one Thursday, January 15 at Noon Pacific here.

Posted by Miranda January 06, 2015

Sucklord and Wasted Talent have teamed up to bring you "Gayberry" Mini Marijauna Medallions. All resin cast and individually hand painted, they are signed and splattered by The Sucklord. The chain measures 27" and the run is limited to 50 pieces. 

Available now on for $25....

Posted by marc January 05, 2015
Ame Ame Uamou Lamé Lavender
Posted by marc December 30, 2014
Custom Hood Zombie by JPK

The Force is strong with this custom. JPK and his client decided to use Super7's Hood Zombie for his newest custom. The cosmic zombie has been customized to resemble Darth Vader while retaining the style of the late 2000s classic. We've heard that George Lucas intends to remake this custom with CGI and a "Nooooooo!" soundbite.

Posted by marc December 24, 2014
Custom Coarse Locks by JPK

JPK gets zen with his newest custom, using Coarse Toys' Locks as a canvas and a character at the same time. Jon-Paul explains the narrative taking place: "I painted as both a character and a scene, depicting a monk passing through a narrow valley in the woods, a look of serenity on his face. Across the valley a bear stands when he hears the monks passing, but for now everything is at...

Posted by marc December 22, 2014
Dear Media Results,  My name is Marc and I love making videos. Whether I'm writing scripts, shooting footage, animating motion graphics, or editing everything all together, I'm having fun, and therefore doing great work.  Over the past five years I've created countless videos as a writer, videographer, editor, animator, and production manager. From being in the trenches and logging footage all the way to managing a team of freelancers, I've covered a wide range of video production responsibilities and have

Inspired by Clover Studio's (R.I.P.) game, Ōkami, Parisian artist, Fakir will be releasing his newest toy on Monday, January 5. The Japanese-style wolf features heavy additional sculpting throughout the Trikky silhouette and the color scheme of the Shinto goddess, Amaterasu. Only ten of these have been made and they'll go for 150€ plus shipping. Grab one...


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