Posted by marc April 12, 2016
Mikael B. Art

While he's much more than the parts that make up his identity, mix Lisa Frank, Trapper Keeper art, and some hallucenagenic materials, and you've got a good idea of where Mikael B. is coming from. Combining hard, geometric shapes with ethereal whisps and smears, with a bit of typography thrown into the mix, his murals, paintings, and prints are certainly a trip. If you'd like to see his work in...

Posted by marc April 12, 2016
Mishka shirts

The Mishka Dunny series may have dropped last month, but Kidrobot keep bringing the goods, this time with two new t-shirt designs. A black shirt sporting L'Amour Supreme's eyeball design and a white tee featuring a photo-accurate portrayal of the Keep Watchin' Dunny are both available starting today at Kidrobot's online store...

Posted by marc April 12, 2016
United Nations band tour

Screamo revival band, and one of the only "new" bands (8 years old is still new, right?) I love, United Nations will be touring the East Coast and a few additional locations this June. Fronted by Thursday vocalist, Geoff Rickly, and formerly featuring Glassjaw's Daryl Palumbo and Converge's Ben Koller, they'll be playing small clubs and bringing along RLYR, whose debut album will release next...

Posted by Miranda April 12, 2016
Read Issue 37 online for FREE now! - Peter Kato & More...

Online now for you to read and enjoy, absolutely for free, is Issue 37 - April 2016; Peter Kato!  Ready to whet your appetite for what's to come, click on over to issuu and start enjoying!

On the inside:

  • Peter Kato Interview
  • Bob Africa (Kidrobot)...
Posted by marc April 12, 2016
Konatsu Sofubi Toys

It's like someone melted down an Extreme Green Nintendo 64 controller and cast the plastic into Konatu's molds. While she hasn't announced which store will be selling these limited edition Shibara and Mamera toys, I've already got my credit card out. Her Mamera and Migora figures are two of my all time favorites, so I'm sold. Add transparent sofubi to the mix and I'm drooling.


Posted by marc April 11, 2016
Parra X Oedipus Brewery

Parra's art usually appears on prints and clothes, but if you like beer, you'll be happy to hear the Dutch artist has collaborated with Oedipus Brewery to create an illustrated logo, pint glass, and bottle opener. Featuring his signature combination of bold colors and curvy ladies, I'd just as soon have a bottle of this beer on my display shelf as my refrigerator. Parra is apparently selling...

Posted by kristina April 11, 2016
Woot Bear Bedtime Bunnie Coming Soon!

Can't wait for the next Peter Kato and Clutter's Bedtime Bunnie? You don't have to-Woot Bear in San Francisco will be selling an exclusive Bedtime Bunnie colorway this Friday! This version of Bedtime Bunnie is made with white with pink slippers. So cute! 

Woot Bear will...

Posted by marc April 11, 2016
Office Cat Sofubi by Max Toy Co.

Tiger Boss might be the king of the cubicle jungle, but Office Cat is the hard working feline who makes sure shit gets done. Max Toy Co. recently shared this teaser designed by Javier Jimenez, the guy behind the Tiger Boss toy. So, is this a print, or is it a sofubi follow-up to Tiger Boss?...

Posted by marc April 11, 2016
Oswald the lucky rabbit toy

Let me take you to school for a second. Before the mouse, there was the rabbit. Most people think of Mickey's appearance in Steamboat Willie as Walt Disney's first foray into the anthropomorphic mascot world. But a year before that, in 1927, a short animation by Disney and Ub Iwerks featured Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. That said, the similarity between the lagomorph and the...


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