Posted by Mike September 26, 2014

In celebration of our upcoming 4th Annual Designer Toy Awards ceremony, we've once again asked all our industry friends to contribute production pieces, rarities, and oddities to make some amazing Lucky Bags to offer you, the fans. Contained within each reusable tote bag is over $1000 worth of items in the $500 bag and over $500 worth of items in...

Posted by marc September 17, 2014
jon-paul kaiser skateboard deck

Based on JPK's own Captain Sturnbrau design, this hand painted skateboard deck is a limited edition of one. It was actually a family project: Jon-Paul's father helped prep the deck to get that shimmering finish and JPK did the illustrating, making this piece extra cool. It will be up for grabs at 4:00 UK time on Friday, September 19th for GBP300...

Posted by marc September 16, 2014
ESC-Toy Erick Scarecrow Toys

You'd maybe assume that Erick Scarecrow would be taking a break while destorying Kickstarter goals, but you'd be wrong. He's brining plenty of new stuff to NYCC, returning this year with his own ESC-Toy booth. Peek the customs and new resin collectibles below and head over to booth 515 to pick these up.

Posted by marc September 12, 2014
Martin Hsu custom Munny and Raffy

Wow! These customs from Martin Hsu are both super glossy and metallic. These look more like unearthed archeological treasures than designer toys. The paint job is mesmerizing and the character on the forehead is super cute. These are for an upcoming show at Kidrobot SF.

Posted by marc September 12, 2014
peanuts x bape

In case Snoopy and Woodstock weren't cute enough for you already, A Bathing Ape has given the iconic Peanuts characters a slight redesign, borrowing from their own mascot, Baby Milo. Produced by Medicom, Snoopy stands 6" tall and Woodstock is 2" tall. They'll be shipping out later this month and can be pre-ordered for $150 at...

Posted by marc September 11, 2014
carson catlin chimera

Carson Catlin will be joining JPK at Suburban Vinyl's first annual Back to School MunnyWorld show. His most recent work takes its concept from the chimera, using two colors and two textures for each piece. The two 4" Munnys will run $100 each and the 7" will be $200. Visit Suburban Vinyl this weekend to...

Posted by marc September 11, 2014
dave bondi astronocchio blue myplasticheart

If you missed the red colorway of Dave Bondi's mashup between Astro Boy and Pinocchio, you'll be able to pick up a blue version at myplasticheart's NYCC booth. The 5" resin toy comes with a gun accessory based on Rick Deckard's from Blade Runner. Only 25 editions of this colorway were made, so head over to booth #113 with $65 if you'd like to add one to your collection.

Posted by marc September 10, 2014
JPK Suburban Vinyl customs

JPK has unveiled two customs that will be making their way to New Jersey for Suburban Vinyl's first annual Back to School MunnyWorld show. Both are based on the comic, 2000AD. The big guy, Sláine the High King of Ireland, is an 8" DIY Munny. The blue scars and swirls are super cool and the GID effect really makes the negative space pop. Ukko is the smaller one, made from a 3" Kronk...

Posted by Trustpigs September 05, 2014

The first look teaser pic of the new "Keep Watch" Dunny, designed by lifestyle brand МИШКА and premiere art toy producer Kidrobot. Evoking the same innovative design as last year's "Keep Watch" Labbit, this hint as to what the new vinyl figure...


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