Posted by marc November 25, 2014
star wars x bape medicom

Following up their Darth Vader and Storm Trooper toys, Disney Star Wars and A Bathing Ape are striking back with figures featuring Baby Milo in Boba Fett and Scout Trooper suits. There are two colorways for the Boba Fett version and a single one for the Scout Trooper. These look like standard super-deformed takes on classic Star Wars characters until you remove the helmets, revealing BAPE...

Posted by marc November 25, 2014
shawnimals fuzzy friday

Shawnimals' annual Fuzzy Friday deals are just a few days away. Hit up and if you're fast enough you can use one of the super limited coupons. If you're not quick enough, you can use the unlimited 15% off one, too, so you're covered either way! Here are the codes:

5 x 50% off - FF1450
10 x 40...

Posted by marc November 25, 2014
ESC-Toy Erick Scarecrow Toys

Erick Scarecrow and company are dropping a ton of new resin toys, custom vinyls, and even a print on Black Friday. Polar Opposite Frost is a 3" open edition resin piece ringing in at a super reasonable $20. Shadow Titan is a transparent black rendition of his custom Attack on Titan custom resin Dunny. This one is limited to 20 pieces, runs $45, and comes with a hilarious...

Posted by Trustpigs November 24, 2014

As a wintery chill decends on New York this November, Peter Kato decides to melt everyone's hearts with a fresh release of his adorable "Bedtime Bunnies" and "Sleeptime Bunnies!" Released in the "November Blues" colorways, the randomly packed pieces are cast in a range of light to dark blue resin figures as well as clear blue chase figures! The super...

Posted by marc November 20, 2014
konatsu sofubi

It's not often that a sofubi designer gets her toys distributed through gachapon machines, which makes the newest release from Konatsu even more awesome. This series of tiny sofubi toys are based on the Japanese mythical creature, the Kappa, which is a river monster that looks like a scary Ninja Turtle. While stories of the Kappa are used to scare kids from wandering too close to the water, a...

Posted by Trustpigs November 19, 2014

In an announcement sure to bring cheers and tears of joy to die-hard fans and artists, KR Purchase, LLC (a wholly owned subsidiary of National Entertainment Collectibles Association) and Kidrobot today announced the signing of a definitive agreement under which KR Purchase will acquire Kidrobot. The globally recognized...


Posted by Trustpigs November 18, 2014

The Super Sucklord has been making resin art toys for over decade, most paying homage to the vintage figures children of the '70s and '80s grew up loving and playing with. And it is finally time for him to tackle the iconic M.U.S.C.L.E. and Monsters In My Pockets lines… again! Yes, his S.U.C.K.L.E. series is back, featuring 10 newly mini figurized...

Posted by marc November 17, 2014
64 colors custom toys

64 Colors have turned a few fan's pets into Marshalls with these two new customs. The first is a cute Yorkshire Terrier sporting some snappy plaid pants and suspenders. The second is a Maine Coon cat, complete with the mane often seen in the breed. The eyes that 64 Colors paint always amaze me and these ones are no exception. 

Posted by marc November 17, 2014
jpk customs

JPK goes all out for his latest commission. This set consists of four customs, with Amanda Visell's What-Did-I-Eat-Aphunt turned into a war elephant as the centerpiece. Aboard the pachyderm killing machine are three of Visell's cavemen from her Tick-Tock Apocalypse series holding spears and war flags. This set is awesome both on a conceptual basis and due to the fact that every piece of...


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