Posted by Trustpigs January 28, 2016
Funko's Harry Potter Pop! Vinyl Series 2 Announced!

Funko has announced the second wave of their Harry Potter Pop! Vinyl figures, consisting of the next nine designs from the famous novel and film franchise. As opposed to the first wave, this one only includes one rendition of Harry Potter himself — in his Triwizard Tournament uniform — as well as new looks for series 1 favorites Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, this time around...

Posted by marc January 28, 2016
Opera Dude by Tokyoplastic

We're going with a classic this week. Back in 2004 you maybe have stumbled across some stunning Flash animations from a boutique creative studio, Tokyoplastic. While the team was based in London, they created a unique Japan-meets-web 2.0 style. Check out an archived version of their "Opera Dude" animation:

Art toy collectors got to bring the Opera Dude...

Posted by marc January 28, 2016
JPK Sketracha Custom 8" Dunny

I just got my 8 inch Sketracha in the mail, but JPK already has his sanded, primed, and outfitted with a cork instead of a bottle cap. I can't wait to see what he comes up with, since his custom Sketchup Dunnys never fail to impress. One thing I'm wondering about is if painting on the Sketracha will be...

Posted by marc January 28, 2016
Melted Rose Vampire & Bandaged Bruiser Pocket Mummy Boy by Super7

Dropping at noon Pacific (3PM Eastern) are two new colorways for some of Super7's most popular sculpts. Melted Rose Vampire is cast in a purple and GID swirl with hits of red, yellow, green, and silver paint. Pick one for $35 each. The Bandaged Bruiser edition of the iconic Mummy Boy sports blue and black marbled vinyl (hence the name), and is accented with silver and red paint....

Posted by marc January 28, 2016
KAWS Sculpture Park Teased for Yorkshire Sculpture Park

You know that scene in The Force Awakens where the riot control stormtrooper yells "Traitor!" at Finn? Of course you do. In my mind, though, that stormtrooper had crossbones and X eyes on his helmet. KAWS has been out of the art toy scene for years. But at least he's still working in 3D, so it's all good. Check out a video of his upcoming sculpture exhibition at...

Posted by marc January 28, 2016
New BAPE Baby Milo x Sanrio Hello Kitty Collaboration Teased

A Bathing Ape and Sanrio have collaborated plenty of times before, proving that the meeting of two infinitely cute mascots does not indeed trigger the apocalypse, but it seems like the two Japanese brands are teaming up once more. It's safe to assume that plenty of clothes featuring both characters will be available, but we're hoping for some vinyl along with the cotton. Previous collabs have...

Posted by Trustpigs January 28, 2016
Mondo announces the return of… Madballs!

While the prototypes were displayed at last year's San Diego Comic-Con, official word has leaked through the Instagram accounts of Mondo proper and Brock Otterbacher, Mondo's Creative Director for Toys & Collectibles, as well as in an...

Posted by Trustpigs January 27, 2016
Thunder… Thunder… Thundercats Ho!!! Matty Club's Third Earth Series!

Mattel’s Matty Club brings back an '80s favorite in the form of the ThunderCats! That's right! Thunder… Thunder… Thundercats Ho!!! This Third Earth series of figures features new renditions of Lion–O, Panthro, Pumyra, Jackalman, and the subscriber exclusive Mumm–Ra. Yes, the evil sorcerer can be ours but only if you subscribe to the entire set, as it will never be...

Posted by marc January 27, 2016
Taylored Curiosities' Worry Kickstarter Funded!

Congrats to Taylored Curiosities, as their Kickstarter project has more than doubled their goal with 21 days to go! Penny of Taylored Curosities has let us know that she's found a UK-based factory to produce these aromatherapy plushies, though you can rest assured that the 100 originally planned for the Kickstarter will be handmade by Penny herself. "For those who backed early and got one of...


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