Parra X Oedipus Brewery
11 April 2016

Parra's art usually appears on prints and clothes, but if you like beer, you'll be happy to hear the Dutch artist has collaborated with Oedipus Brewery to create an illustrated logo, pint glass,...

08 April 2016

Our friends at The Loyal Subjects recently sent us a box of Series 1 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Vinyls, which included a few blind boxes of the ‘Metallic’ versions of their toys...

Alex Solis Art
06 April 2016

History repeats itself, especially when it comes to pop culture characters. Alex Solis' Icons Unmasked series makes this abundantly clear with clever paintings of vintage characters wearing suits...

Jack The Rascal Exhibit at Myplasticheart Roundup
05 April 2016

As previously reported, myplasticheart...

Dorian Vallejo artist
01 April 2016

Who doesn't like an illustration of a pretty lady? Dorian Vallejo is a master of the pretty lady illustration, turning girls performing mundane tasks like putting on their makeup, checking their...

New SMITHE Prints. Available now.
29 March 2016

Art print specialists, Dynamo Editions, have just announced their latest collaboration with Mexican street artist and illustrator Smithe.


Prints of the Late T.S. Claire's Last Work Available Today
21 March 2016

If you have not heard the heavyhearted news, the art community recently lost an amazing member. The lovely Los Angeles painter, T...

Jeremiah Ketner Coloring Cards
15 March 2016

Adult coloring books are all the rage right now. Rotofugi and Jeremiah Ketner are getting in on the action with five 5" x 7" coloring cards printed on heavy cardstock for that premium feel....

Phil Noto Art
11 April 2016

Most fans probably can't swing the $500 minimum for an original Phil Noto painting. But how about prints? Stranger Factory has 20 screen printed slabs of birch wood featuring one of Noto's retro-...

Claudio Sanchez Kid Crazy
08 April 2016

You know when your eyes read something but your brain doesn't? This morning I thought I got a press release about the long dead mid-'90s band Kid Kilowatt, which featured members from Cave...

06 April 2016

I'm convinced that schools are meant to destroy your soul so you become a complacent 8AM to 6PM worker. It doesn't help that so many of them have no character to them. Studio505 fixed that for a...

Mondo Mouser
04 April 2016

For the next 48 hours, Mondo is selling an exclusive version of their Mousers two-pack, which will be a part of their upcoming 1/6 scale Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line. The Mondo...

Wesker Zhan Jack The Rascal Black Colorway & Prints at Myplasticheart
01 April 2016
Kerby Rosanes Artist
25 March 2016

Talk about inspiration! Kerby Rosanes' work is both cool and well executed. Some of the Filipino's pen and ink illustrations are about transitions: Animals shift from polygons...

Scott Listfield Art
18 March 2016

You remember Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego, right? Or course you do! So, where in the world is Scott Listfield's astronaut? If you follow his social accounts, you wouldn't...

Cat Art Show 2
10 March 2016

What do Luke Chueh, Martin Hsu, Charlie Becker, and Tim Biskup have in commong? Cats, apprently. They, along with a ton of other amazing artists like Mark Ryden and Travis...

Nina Stajner art
08 April 2016

We all need some cute animals in our lives, right? Rendered in colored pencils and oil paints, Nina Stajner's animal illustrations are extra adorable. Their appearance is styled somewhat like...

octagon houses
06 April 2016

Last month we took a look at some triangle houses. Let's add five more angles this month....

Gufram Cactus Coat Rack
05 April 2016

Decades ago, Gufram - and Italian furniture design firm - created what is likely the strangest coat rack in existence. Now British designer Sir Paul Smith is making it even stranger with an LSD -...

Thomas Blanchard Video
04 April 2016

Thomas Blanchard has stepped up the hippie practice of mixing milk, soap, and food coloring to create a psychedelic visualization. This video will make you feel like you're on drugs without even...

RIP SubUrban Vinyl
30 March 2016

If you haven't heard SubUrban Vinyl announced earlier this month that the physical store would be closing at the end of this month. The NJ-...

Need some peace and quiet?? This one's for you!!
24 March 2016

I just saw this over on Lost at E Minor and knew I had to share it with all you readers.

Ever feel like there is just toooo much noise? Like the world WON'T STOP SHOUTING?? Well,...

KAWS Snoopy prints
15 March 2016

Pace Prints have teamed up with KAWS to release a 10-pack of Peanuts and Snoopy-themed prints at Art Basel Hong Kong. KAWS' scribbled style is at the forefront, but after a quick...

Triangle Houses
07 March 2016

They seem incredibly inefficient in terms of space, but they look so damn cool that I don't care. Triangle houses - AKA A-frame houses - have always been around, but it wasn't until the 1950s,...


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