05 April 2011

The wait for the new issue is almost over!! So i thought it was about time i posted a sneak peak of the new cover. There are a few changes coming to this issue - its going to be bigger and better...

26 January 2009
16 December 2008
31 July 2008

Here at Clutter we like to give artists and designers as much exposure as possible, so offer small advertising spaces in our magazine for you to flaunt your wears and act as a directory of sorts....

01 July 2008


Happy Birthday Baby.... We love you!!

06 May 2008

(Clutter issue 12 - Wonderfully modeled by Kirsty in Borders Birmingham)

30 April 2008

So the cons over but it didn't stop us in our quest for toy knowledge. First up we took a visit over to Queens to hit up the Thunderdog Studio....

29 April 2008

So most of Saturday morning was spent recovering from the night before, but some of us did make into the con, amazingly.

04 March 2009
24 January 2009
21 October 2008
18 July 2008
Some of you may have noticed that we have updated our online-store to fit with the new feel of the website. You now have the chance to 'see inside' the issue before...
28 May 2008

Clutter magazine is proud to announce the biggest design competition we have ever run and quite possibly the largest the designer toy world has ever seen!

01 May 2008

Seems i am on a one woman blogging mission today, so here goes with some of the goodies we picked up whilst at Thunderdog studios. I'll let Kirsty tell you all about what she came away with...

30 April 2008

In honour of Letterman not wanting us in his audience... we have come up with our own top 10...

29 April 2008

NYCC Post 2... 7 Deadly Sins...
23 February 2009
14 January 2009

Following his appearance on the OC, it seems our Pink King Ken really has got a love of the spot light. Image above taken from the out-takes of Coheed and Cambria's DVD documentary for Neverender...

16 October 2008
06 July 2008

So just a quick heads up, (incase you haven't noticed!!) about our new(ish) look website. Which we like to call Version 3.2.


14 May 2008

No not that song by snow, hmm ok that was Informer, nevermind... but Transforms the Movie 2!!

01 May 2008

So here is the first post for the things we brought back from NYCC. This wasn't a ComicCon purchase, but a ToyTokyo one. I am not a Kaiju aficionado, in fact my knowledge in the area is...

30 April 2008

Sunday saw the last day of the Con and costumes galore... not that there hadn't already been some corkers!


29 April 2008
(From Left to right: Geoff "main man" Whitehouse, Nick "co-owner" Carroll, Ginny "I've come for the booze" O'Shea, Kirsty "drinks til...


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