Oskunk customs
15 April 2016

Oskunk is a French artist with a love for video games. He caught my attention years ago with his custom paint jobs and illustrations on classic game consoles. Since then, he's illustrated...

RXSeven takes on Luke Chueh 10" Bear head Blank.
06 April 2016

I'm not sure how on earth we missed this reveal, we must have been deep in hibernation!

Amazing artist RXSeven was commissioned to customize one of the Clutter produced Luke Chueh...

Collect & Display go full throttle at Toy Con UK!!
05 April 2016

Toy Con 2016 is just around the comer. In fact, it's so close you can smell it!

Opening its doors this Saturday, April 9th , is the UK's largest con dedicated to everything Toy, Toy...

Yan Yan Custom Dunny by Zard Apuya
01 April 2016

I've been going sugar-free for a while now, so this post is particularly painful to write. Zard Apuya's latest custom looks delicious. Remember Dunkaroos? Yan Yan is sort of like that. Buiscuit...

TEQ63 Spiki
18 March 2016

Quiccs, Nakanari, and Martian Toys are teaming up for a follow-up to their three custom Spikis brought to NYCC 2015. The trio consisted for an OG TEQ63, a Sonic the Hedgehog version, and a Naruto...

Lunartik at ToyCon UK
16 March 2016

UK ex-pat and tea fanatic Lunartik will be coming home in April for ToyCon UK. Along with brining plenty of his Lunartik in a Cup of Tea vinyl toys, Matt JOnes will also be hosting a Plastik...

McSupersized Grin Custom
07 March 2016

Remember that creepy-as-shit set of Teletubbies that JPK customized for ToyCon UK last...

Jessica Dance Knitting
04 March 2016

If you don't have plans for the weekend and happen to be in London, we've got you covered. Head over to the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show to check out ...

coolrain lee
13 April 2016

Finally! Coolrain Lee is one of the few guys keeping the aesthetic of late '90s Asian designer toys alive. Now after 12 years of work, every one of his figures has been collected in printed form...

Taylored Curiosities Toy Con UK Exclusives
05 April 2016

Beans, beans, they're good for your heart! Taylored Curiosities are bringing plenty of 'em to ToyCon UK. Customized by Mark Nagata, Carissa Swenson/Goblin Fruit Studios, Yosiell Lorenzo, Emi...

Fakir custom toys
04 April 2016

Fakir follows up his line of custom Be@rbricks based on fashion icons with Chantal Thomass, a lingerie designer well-known for her hair style. I'm loving the use of blue tones for adding some...

Josh Mayhem Dunny
22 March 2016

This definitely isn't normal, but I'm into it! Kidrobot, who normally only sell production toys, will be launching a custom series on Friday, March 25 at 9AM Mountain Time. You're probably already...

JPK Custom Munny
17 March 2016

He may be made of vinyl, but there's nothing soft about Dangerous Dave, an "intrepid explorer, fearless adventurer, and a tireless raconteur," as described by his creator, Jon-Paul Kaiser. This 8...

Rotofugi Chicago
10 March 2016

If you don't have plans for Saturday, March 26, pencil in a Munny customizing party and class at Chicago's Rotofugi. The price of admission covers a Mini Munny, all the paint, brushes, and other...

Coco Chanel Be@rbrick
07 March 2016

After creating an amazing Marc Jacobs Be@rbrick, Fakir is at it again, this time painting the likeness of Coco Chanel on a 1000% Be@rbrick. The fashion designer who freed women from corsets, yet...

Taz the Tasmanian Devil Dunny
03 March 2016

In line with Kidrobot's current partnership with Warner Bros. and the Looney Tunes franchise, WuzOne's latest custom is a Dunny recreation of the Tasmanian Devil, also known as Taz. I love the...

DrilOne Custom Toy
12 April 2016

DrilOne turns a super cute design into something kind of disturbing. Jeero looks like he's had his eyes hollowed out into soulless pits. His body is rusted and his antenna is broken...

Jack The Rascal Exhibit at Myplasticheart Roundup
05 April 2016

As previously reported, myplasticheart...

Star Man Uamou
01 April 2016

David Bowie: He's not really dead if we find a way to remember him. Ayako Takagi certainly has. She's hand painted the Alladin Sane lightning bolt on GID Uamous and sent them to Collect &...

 The Youzha Arachnid by Plassebo.
21 March 2016

Nothing like a little scare to kick-start your Monday Morning, so grab your coffee and listen up!! 

The fourth figure in the "Arachnid" series by Plaseebo, titled "The Youzha...

FutDunny Foosball Custom Set by WuzOne
16 March 2016

I might literally be the worst foosball player ever. But if there were a foosball table outfitted with Dunnys, I might want to get in on some games anyway. WuzOne has great memories of playing...

Patrick Wong Custom Fonzo
08 March 2016

FonzoWorld have just unveiled March 2016's Artist of the Month, Patrick Wong. The artist has customized four Fonzo toys - including casting resin bodies- which are now up for sale at the...

World Book Day Custom Toys
04 March 2016

Did you know that March 3 is World Book Day in the United Kingdom and Ireland? Many of us have one or two books from our childhood that have influenced us somehow. To celebrate this day we wanted...

Squink Spirit of the Forest
02 March 2016

We haven't seen an 8 inch Dunny from Squink for a while, but it was worth the wait! The Spirit of the Forest features intertwining branches, a star-filled sky, and Squink's signature bear. I...


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