Kawaii wrist rests
12 February 2016

If you are anything like me, then you spend on average 23.5 hours sitting at your desk behind a computer, and as we all know this can lead a whole host of problems;  varicose veins,...

boom art Prints Hokusai & Other Japanese Art on Surf Boards
11 February 2016

Thank god they didn't go with Hokusai's Great Wave off Kanagawa. French surf and skate shop boom art follow up their series of triptych imbued surf boards with five boards...

Custom Pac-Man Nike Air Force 1 Low Sneakers by Sekure D
04 February 2016

People think that Pac-Man got his name because Namco though kids would vandalize "Puck-Man" to say "Fuck-man" But that's not true at all. "Pakupaku" is the Japanese onomatopoeia for scarfing down...

Kickstarter | microscape Cityscape Models
02 February 2016

What is this? A city for ants? Actually, it's a new Kickstarter project which recreates NYC on a 1:5000 scale using microscape's own "aerial scan data". "Because we manually process all of...

Parra Releases Spring 2016 Collection
29 January 2016

Dutch artist Parra is probably most recognized in the art toy scene for his Pierced toy from Kidrobot. My biggest designer toy regreat is not scooping that when I had the chance. His...

Air Bonsai Levitating Plants
27 January 2016