Scott Tolleson & 2bitHACK’s Star Labor: Matt the Radar Technician
20 January 2016

In what must be the quickest turnaround in the history of parodies, artists Scott Tolleson and...

Llama & Toadstool Resin Set by Amanda Visell & Michelle Valigura Now Available
14 January 2016

Amanda Visell and Michell Valigura's beast of burden and fungal sidekick we featured as a...

The Parochial Punk Custom Huck Gee Blank Resin Designer Toy by JPK
08 January 2016

Completing a triumvirate of Skullheads, JPK has just revealed his latest custom, The Parochial Punk. The texturing details on the teeth add some extra menace to this design, and the...

Mini Skullhead Blank DIY Platform Resin Toy by Huck Gee
05 January 2016

Huck Gee's 7" DIY Skullhead platform is getting a little brother about a year after its initial release. Seeming to measure in at 3", there aren't many details at the moment, but it's...

2petalrose’s “Okurimono Maiko” for Gift Wrapped 2015!
03 December 2015

Londoner Liam Scriven, known under the artistic alias of 2petalrose, creating a stunning one-off version of his “Maiko” resin figurine for the upcoming...

Huck Gee @ DesignerCon 2015
19 November 2015

If you are lucky enough to be attending Designer Con this weekend over in California, then make sure you stop by Mana Studios Booth #401, to check out Huck Gee's signings.

He will be there...

fplus’s “Eventide Candle Seers” for DesignerCon!
17 November 2015

The fantastical realm of Codexia is rife with majik, its inhabitants seekers of knowledge and enlightenment. Unfortunately, so single-minded was their individual quests to master all ...

Jenn & Tony Bot x Clutter: Bubbles
16 November 2015

We are excited to announce our latest partnership with the amazingly talented Jenn and Tony Bot!!

Designed by Jenn & Tony...

Swampy Custom Munny by Squink
18 January 2016

Squink trades in his cute-but-sad character design for something a bit more grimy. Washes of earthones cover the Munny, with a tasteful amount of distressing across the surface. A few accessories...

Huck Gee's Clear Skullhead Blank DIY Resin Toy on Sale 1/14/16 at Noon Pacific
13 January 2016

"The joints work. It's clear and shiny as f*ck. Do I really need to say anything else about it?" asks Huck Gee. Hell no, you don't! But I will. This 7" resin platform toy is launching at noon on 1...

Knuckle Draggin' Bertie Driver Resin Toy Sculpture by Amanda Visell & Ashley Wood
08 January 2016

Whoah! You might not think that Amanda Visell and Ashley Wood would make such a killer combo, but their new Knuckle Draggin' Bertie Driver will convince you otherwise. This is the first entry...

Fools Paradise's "Hunzter (Original Colorway)" Released!
15 December 2015

Fools Paradise, in association with JPX and the IPH Team,...

Kevin Gosselin’s “SockRocks” Available Now!
01 December 2015

Kevin Gosselin would like to introduce you to Winston, Victor, and Thaddeus, three lumps of Christmas Coal who are ready to appear in...

The Harshmallow’s “Swing Kid Smores” for DCon
18 November 2015

Sometimes you stumble across something so cool that you wonder how it remained off your radar for as long as it did, which was certainly my reaction to ...

Doktor A's modified "Target" by Luke Chueh for DCon!
17 November 2015

This year's Designer Con will see the launch of a new collaborative art toy created by Doktor A using...

Alex Pardee & Super Secret Fun Club’s “Urkel Jerk” Figure
13 November 2015

Stunning toy creator Super Secret Fun Club has partnered with twisted artist Alex Pardee to bring the...

New Squink Custom Dunny Drops Tomorrow 1/15/16
14 January 2016

Squink gets regal with his latest custom Dunny. Dropping tomorrow, January 15, this 3" Dunny sports a classy dress, Victorian collar, and crown. We're loving how the patterns on the dress mirror...

WIP: Llama & Toadstool by Amanda Visell & Michelle Valigura
12 January 2016

Llama let you finish, but this resin set by Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura is going to be cute as hell. These work-in-progress shots show the mold-making and packaging design processes for...

Clear Skullhead Blank Resin DIY Figure by Huck Gee
07 January 2016

I hope you're over your Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull PSTD because god damn this is sexy. As...

Zeus and Athena by Ink & Clog x Mighty Jaxx
10 December 2015

If the name of Singaporean art duo Ink & Clog rings a bell, that's because we just featured their collab with Otto Björnik's astounding...

Little Kami Platform Toy by WezaToys
30 November 2015

It's not every day that a new platform toy comes along, and it's even less frequent that a platform toy is made of resin instead of vinyl. The Little Kami by WezaToys stands over 7 inches tall and...

DKE Toys‘s Plethora of Releases for DCon!
18 November 2015

DesignerCon mainstays DKE Toys will be bringing a plethora of exclusives with them this year to the Pasadena-based...

Scott Wilkowski’s “Infected Android Anamolies” for DCon!
16 November 2015

In the process of making the “Infected Android” figures for San Diego Comic-Con in 2014, there were some pieces left over that either had a stray bubble showing, or the color was slightly off, or...

Suckadelic’s “Adidas Supervillain” Action Figure Art!
13 November 2015

Neo-pop icon The Super Sucklord has released his newest work through his Suckadelic brand, “Adidas Supervillain.” Featuring a bootleg...


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