Chima Group sofubi
23 May 2016

The sofubi power couple from Japan have just dropped a bunch of new colorways of their super cute designs. Highlights include lime-colored Suprise figures, a baby blue Formal, and a GID Wool with...

Secret Base Felix the Cat
13 May 2016

I love old-timey anthropomorphic cartoon animals. I also love sofubi and glitter / lamé. So I'm sort of wishing I had $100 sitting around to spend on Secret Base's new colorway of the X-Ray Felix...

Ultra Uamou
25 April 2016

Due to licensing restrictions, Studio Uamou's tribute to tokusatsu legend Ultraman has never been available outside of Japan. However, a press release makes it sound like that may change. "We have...

Pink Sofubi Ice Bat
15 April 2016

Remember last week's #TBT, where we highlighted Ice Bat from the Kaiju for Grown Ups series? It...

Ice Bat Sofubi
07 April 2016

There's been some buzz lately after some teasers of a sofubi mini figure series from David Horvath's Uglydolls, including fan favorite, Ice Bat. But back in 2008, a six inch sofubi Ice Bat...

Miscreation Toys: Autopsy Zombie Staple Baby Neon Puke Edition
04 April 2016

We love the Autopsy Baby by Miscreation Toys, so we are stoked to announce the latest color that is soon to drop.

This blind bag release will feature a...

Star Man Uamou
01 April 2016

David Bowie: He's not really dead if we find a way to remember him. Ayako Takagi certainly has. She's hand painted the Alladin Sane lightning bolt on GID Uamous and sent them to Collect &...

All hail THROGAA!!!
29 March 2016

Now if you know me, you know that I LOVE pirates. Pirates, sea creatures, mermaids, skulls... you name it. If it could have been dragged from the depths of the dark side of the ocean, then I'm in...

Baketan Sofubi
19 May 2016

Bad news: Cats don't love you. The furry jerks just like that you give them food. That's why sofubi cats are better than real cats. And these ones are pretty cute. Baketan have teamed up with...

Uglydoll Sofubi Series
03 May 2016

After only a bit over a month of waiting, Uglydoll and Toy Art Gallery will be releasing the first four of the sofubi Uglydoll Mini Monsters. We're not sure if these are blindboxed, but we will...

Blue GID Uamou
22 April 2016

Bummed out you can't get that polka dot Uamou that was cast in blue glow-in-the-dark sofubi? Now you can -...

Konatsu Sofubi Toys
12 April 2016

It's like someone melted down an Extreme Green Nintendo 64 controller and cast the plastic into Konatu's molds. While she hasn't announced which store will be selling these limited edition...

Calm Cat Sofubi by Art Junkie & One up.
07 April 2016

All cats have nine lives, but Calm Cat's got three eyes! This adorable sofubi is a collaboration between Art Junkie and One up. With some of the paint masks finished, we're getting close to a...

Scott Tolleson Strawberry Kookie No Good Coming Soon!
04 April 2016

Over the weekend, Scott Tolleson posted a photo of a new Kookie No Good on his Instagram page-and it...

Konatsu Art Show at Q Pop
31 March 2016

It's almost here. Q Pop is about to be invaded by an army of sofubi kittens. The Konatsu Exhibition features art, toys, and customs which can be purchased by fans. Participating artists include P....

Sping is here, and so is the Sunshine BLOODTHIRST!
29 March 2016

Reports are in of a rare sighting.... Brent Nolasco's BLOODTHIRST vinyl figure! 

It feels like we have been waiting forever for a new edition of Nolasco's well loved Sofubi ...

Shoko Nakazawa
18 May 2016

Radioactive kaiju are about to wreak havoc on your shelf. Shoko Nakazawa, AKA Koraters, will soon be releasing the Lamune GID colorway of his Byron sofubi. When not glowing in the dark, the piece...

Koraters Byron
26 April 2016

Those colors, though! Shoko Nakazawa is brining a batch of pastel Byrons to the Thailand Toy Expo. These guys feature pastel and metallic sprays on the opaque sofubi and transparent sprays on the...

Hakone Dot Uamou
18 April 2016

The Hakone Dot Uamou collection has been a hot item at the Hakone Open Air Museum gift shop. Ayako Takagi has created a handful of new colorways which feature hand-painted polka dots. The...

Office Cat Sofubi by Max Toy Co.
11 April 2016

Tiger Boss might be the king of the cubicle jungle, but Office Cat is the hard working feline...

Strawberry Kookie No Good Release Date Confirmed!
05 April 2016

Yesterday we were excited to hear about a new hot pink "Strawberry" Kookie No Good...

Babababa sofubi
04 April 2016

Babababa by Kuril Konosuke is an adorable sofubi toy, but it usually comes in solid colors. This golden beer colorway makes things way more interesting.  Titled "Toast Version",...

Mark Nagata Tiger Boss
30 March 2016

Tiger Boss, designed by Javier Jimenez and sculpted by Cristina Ravenna, may have dropped in Japan back...

Half Galaxy Uamou
28 March 2016

Studio Uamou's Half Galaxy Uamou was pretty darn cool. Only half of the toy was painted with a cosmic airbrush, leaving half of the transparent sofubi exposed. The Half Galaxy Gold Uamou classes...


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