Lil Voodoo Bunnies by Jfury
23 March 2016

JFury is on a mission to bring his characters to LIFE! 

First in Fury's series of creations is Pudge!  This awesomely cute and somber Voodoo bunny is...

Fortune Uamou Color Collection
22 March 2016

Taste the rainbow with this super limited collection of Fortune Uamous! Blue Bolt, Italian Green, Bright Green, Bright Orange, Bright Yellow and Candy Apple Red Fortune Uamou are now up in...

Sekure D 5" Dunny
21 March 2016

We've seen line art, packaging shots, and a few cropped photos, but not a full reveal of Sekure D's first production Dunny and Kidrobot's first-ever 5 inch Dunny. Until today, that is. Check out...

 The Youzha Arachnid by Plassebo.
21 March 2016

Nothing like a little scare to kick-start your Monday Morning, so grab your coffee and listen up!! 

The fourth figure in the "Arachnid" series by Plaseebo, titled "The Youzha...

Amanda Louise Spayd x Stranger Factory Atticus Tropical Colorway
18 March 2016

It's Friday so why don't you kick off your weekend with a cute release from Amanda Louise Spayd and...

Brutherford Industries Jr Scoop
17 March 2016

How CUTE is this ice cream toy and why hasn't this been produced yet? It's called Jr Scoop and it's the product of ...

JPK Custom Munny
17 March 2016

He may be made of vinyl, but there's nothing soft about Dangerous Dave, an "intrepid explorer, fearless adventurer, and a tireless raconteur," as described by his creator, Jon-Paul Kaiser. This 8...

FutDunny Foosball Custom Set by WuzOne
16 March 2016

I might literally be the worst foosball player ever. But if there were a foosball table outfitted with Dunnys, I might want to get in on some games anyway. WuzOne has great memories of playing...

Paul Kaiju Mini Gachas release!
23 March 2016

Toy Art Gallery and Paul Kaiju are ready to drop on you a brand new edition of the Kaiju Gacha Minis!! 

Releasing in...

Josh Mayhem Dunny
22 March 2016

This definitely isn't normal, but I'm into it! Kidrobot, who normally only sell production toys, will be launching a custom series on Friday, March 25 at 9AM Mountain Time. You're probably already...

Uglydoll x TAG Sofubi Series
21 March 2016

We've seen a few Uglydolls cast in sofubi over the years, but now we're getting a whole mini-series thanks to Toy Art Gallery. Uglydoll co-creator David Horvath has revealed a group shot of eight...

TEQ63 Spiki
18 March 2016

Quiccs, Nakanari, and Martian Toys are teaming up for a follow-up to their three custom Spikis brought to NYCC 2015. The trio consisted for an OG TEQ63, a Sonic the Hedgehog version, and a Naruto...

Happy Easter R@bricks by Medicom
18 March 2016

Even the non-religious have to love Easter. Bunnies? Candy? Zombies? You just can't go wrong. It gets even better when you factor in these adorable Happy Easter R@bricks from Medicom. Carboard-...

Kidrobot Totem Doppelganger
17 March 2016

Doppelgangers are bad news. Various folklore tell of an instant death upon seeing your double, or at the very least, a bit of bad luck will follow. Unless they're made of vinyl, that is. These...

Kunisada Be@rbrick
16 March 2016

The Bunkamura Museum in Japan is holding an exhibit featuring two classic Japanese artists. Kunisada and Kuniyoshi were both members of the Utagawa School, focusing on Ukiyo-e woodblock...

Super 7 Hulkin' Out Hollis Price and Red Spectre Rose Vampire
15 March 2016

Super 7 is welcoming Spring with two new toys from their Monster Family line this week! First we have...

Giant Origami Bunnies
22 March 2016

What's better than origami? Giant origami. Check out these super cute paper bunnies designed by Tetsuya Gotani. These probably aren't for first-time folders, though. There are 26 steps in...

Tru:Tek x Awesome Toy; SD Fake Baron release!
22 March 2016

Englands own Tru:Tek has teamed up with the amazing Awesome Toy to rock your world!

Releasing as part of Awesome Toy's ongoing Artists collection series, the "Super Deformed" Fake Baon...

Sekure D Studio Sale
21 March 2016

Sekure D has been super busy, and the projects keep stacking up. That means he needs to make some space in his studio. On Wednesday, the Australian artist will be putting custom toys and ...

Coarse Do Not Disturb
18 March 2016

One of my favorite sculptures by Coarse is Do Not Disturb, which depicts a plump cat proudly presenting a dead fish to whoever gazes upon him. This was a one-off piece that was shown at different...

"Iron Monster" a Kenth Toy Works Custom
18 March 2016

Kenth Toy Works is gearing up to take pre-orders of his latest custom MISCREATIONTOYS『Iron Monster』

Standing at a gigantic 14" tall, the base figure "Iron Monster" by Miscreation Toys...

St. Patrick's Day Clutter Magazine
17 March 2016

If you're not drunk on alcohol or Shamrock Shakes yet, celebrate St. Patrick's day with Clutter Magazine! We've put together 10 of our favorite green designer toys for your perusal and approval....

Seulgie's Ethereal "Spring Flowers" Satyrs – Dropping March 23rd!
16 March 2016

It's time for another release of the super cute Satyr figure by Seulgie!

This edition – "Spring Flowers" – is a PIQ Grand Central Terminal exclusive. Just...

Maneki Neko Sofubi by T9G
15 March 2016

A new Japanese brand Kenelephant will soon be launching their pop-up shop called Engimono Department Store. Their backstory is that Engimono is a fictional store that promotes good luck and...


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