ToyCon UK Clear Teal T-Con the Toyconosaurus
06 April 2016

If you're heading to ToyCon UK this weekend, be sure that you grab this exclusive for your collection! T-Con the Toyconosaurus is ...

Collect & Display go full throttle at Toy Con UK!!
05 April 2016

Toy Con 2016 is just around the comer. In fact, it's so close you can smell it!

Opening its doors this Saturday, April 9th , is the UK's largest con dedicated to everything Toy, Toy...

Fakir custom toys
04 April 2016

Fakir follows up his line of custom Be@rbricks based on fashion icons with Chantal Thomass, a lingerie designer well-known for her hair style. I'm loving the use of blue tones for adding some...

Yan Yan Custom Dunny by Zard Apuya
01 April 2016

I've been going sugar-free for a while now, so this post is particularly painful to write. Zard Apuya's latest custom looks delicious. Remember Dunkaroos? Yan Yan is sort of like that. Buiscuit...

Mickey Messy Custom Dunnys by WuzOne
30 March 2016

I probably don't have to spell out who these custom Dunnys are based on. What's amazing about the new pieces from WuzOne is how perfectly those intertwining hands are recreated on each of the...

Super 7 Clear Honoo & Drunk Seijin Springtime
29 March 2016

Super 7 just continues to release new toys this month! Going on sale this Thursday will be two new colorways of Honoo and Seijin, both part of...

Coarse Do Not Disturb
25 March 2016

Good news! Coarse are indeed releasing a production version of their Do Not Disturb sculpture. Better yet, we're getting two colorways. Endless Shadow uses a greyscale palette with hits of gold...

Super7 Ghost Ghoul Skeletor
23 March 2016

Super7 is doubling up on releases this week, and the first is something you don't see every day: A Super7 toy cast in pastel vinyl. The Mixed Parts Mystery Easter Egg Fighter is a variant of...

Jack The Rascal Exhibit at Myplasticheart Roundup
05 April 2016

As previously reported, myplasticheart...

Collect & Display exclusive Bedtime Bunnie!!
05 April 2016

We are excited to announce the next colorway in our collaboration with Peter Kato, the Collect & Display exclusive...

10-Doh! Entertainment System
01 April 2016

Nate Mitchell of Squid Kids Ink has been holding out for the past year. But today he's finally ready to reveal the 10-Doh! Entertainment System. Based on the original Nintendo Entertainment System...

Evangelion Unit-01 Test Type 400% Kubrick
31 March 2016

Neon Genesis: Evangelion definitely has its haters, but there's no denying how influential it was and how prominent it still is. It was the Star Wars of anime in terms...

Luke Chueh Bat Bear
30 March 2016

This must be how Ben Affleck feels. Bat Bear is a bust based on the 2007 print of the same name. Produced by Mighty Jaxx, details on availability will be revealed shortly. 

A BATHING APE® / NOWHERE 23rd anniv.
29 March 2016

It's been 23 years since A Bathing Ape launched their brand. Feeling old yet? To celebrate / console your aging heart, Medicom have teamed up with the Japanese clothing and lifestyle company to...

Monster Burp Vinyl Toy
24 March 2016

When designing and prototyping a toy, you've got to take balance into account. And we're not just talking about compositional balance. Weighting your toy so that it stands on its own can be tough...

Easter R@bricks
23 March 2016

Remember these adorable Happy Easter R@bricks that we featured last week? Well they're already available in the US! Head over to Rotofugi to pick them up for $18 each. They're the perfect Easter...

Kidrobot x Andy Warhol Collection
05 April 2016

Kidrobot has just announced their latest collaborative project with pop culture Icon, The Andy Warhol Foundation. 

The collection, due for release this summer and fall, will feature...

The Odd Ones Dunny Series
04 April 2016

Fans have been wondering if yearly, multi-artist Dunny series are a thing of the past. Given the recent single artist / brand blindbox series from Nathan Jurevicius, Amanda Visell, and...

Wesker Zhan Jack The Rascal Black Colorway & Prints at Myplasticheart
01 April 2016
New Kidrobot Toys
31 March 2016

Kidrobot have been killing it recently, revealing projects with artists new to the brand like Sekure D, Dolly Oblong, and Shiffa, as well as bringing back the classics like Travis Cain. You can...

Kozik x Kidrobot General Tso's Nightmare Release Party
29 March 2016

What happens when you put a dark twist to a recognized fried chicken mascot? You get General Tso's Nightmare, the latest creation from Frank...

Jack The Rascal Mini Exhibit & Signing
25 March 2016

To kick off April, myplasticheart is hosting a mini exhibition featuring Jack The Rascal as well as a signing with Jack's creator Wesker Zhan. Come...

Juan Muniz Pink UHOH Felipe
23 March 2016

It's like the Easter Bunny with a twist! This version of UHOH Felipe by Juan Muniz is a whole bunch of cuteness that I can't say no to....

Josh Mayhem Dunny
22 March 2016

This definitely isn't normal, but I'm into it! Kidrobot, who normally only sell production toys, will be launching a custom series on Friday, March 25 at 9AM Mountain Time. You're probably already...


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