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163 Main St, Becon, NY, 12508

(212) 255 2505 (10am - 6pm EST Mon - Fri)

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The Clutter Gallery, a branch of the Clutter Media Group family, is focused on showing quality work by both established and emerging artists in the fields of toy design & customization and modern pop & lowbrow art. Our exhibits are held in the front part of the Clutter Magazine office, which also houses the impressive permanent collection of Designer Toys held by the print publication.

Located in the artistic community of Beacon, NY, the Clutter Gallery's exhibitions are open to the public free of charge on all weekdays during normal business hours. We are part of the local "Second Saturday" art opening schedule, meaning that a new show debuts on the 2nd Saturday of almost every month throughout the year.

The Clutter Gallery, 163 Main Street, Beacon, NY 12508.
Opening Hours
Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm
Every Second Saturday of the month 6pm - 9pm

To submit your work or inquire about a show, please contact the Gallery Director, Lana Crooks - Thank you

leftClutter is a FREE monthly print publication covering all things Designer Toy and Sub-Culture art. Founded in 2004 in the good old United Kingdom, Clutter moved to NYC in 2009 where it continues to grow. Pick up a copy here.

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