Posted by Geoff April 19, 2007

This is a sort of follow up to the "art" posting what with all the gnashing off teeth by pissed off people on KR about missing out on the Kenzo Dunny.

Originally slated as an 8" design it was canned for various reasons. But the tin foil hat brigade are out in full force now it's been released to KR boardmembers...."why didn't I get a PM" blah blah. And so we get to that whole idea of certain people thinking they're more important members of the community that others, backbiting...the usual crap.

But, it got me thinking - are they really that fussed? What's the betting half of them trade hands within a few months by people "not digging" it or whatever. Are they after it because they like it, or is it because they want a complete Dunny collection. Or, as I suspect, are they fixed on the idea of something being limited.

If it was a decent representation of his art then I could see the issue but to me the Dunny shape really doesn't suite Kenzo's mathametical and symbolic style. Take a look. I mean, it's okay n' all but certainly nothing special. Something about the rounded shape of the Dunny and his very precise lines just doesn't 'fit'...the arms look kinda lost, awkward even.

It's a Dunny of about 375 pieces so definitely not worth getting all hot under the collar about.

Perspective people, perspective!


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