Posted by Geoff April 02, 2007

So what do you get? Well, 3 Anarchy Bears (yeah 'anarchy' is all about recycled design....), 3 Cats, 3 monkeys, 3 toyers. But there is a Kozik version too, although you probaly already have that from the larger 8 inch. Oh, oh and 2 chases.

Oh and did I mention the entire series is also available without smorks? So that's over 30 Qees for the completists/suckers/Kozik fans (delete as appropriate).

It's all abit depressing really - a great toy company and a talented artists unite and this is the best they can come up? For all the rants I read about Kozik's design etc, KR sold Mongers by the bucketload.

So then, who's the sucker - yep, the people that buy 'em.



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