Posted by Miranda May 15, 2007

I ask for pink and what do i get.. Yes PINK!! hurrah!! Now there really is no excuse not to purchase these cushions from






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    Fresh off the street of Brooklyn are these awesome throw cushions from artist Lou Pimentel.  Created by hand, these 12" x 12" luxury lifestyle pieces are priced at $40 each.
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    Toyko have teamed up with Kid Acne to create a limited edition set of Salt & Pepper shakers to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Kid Acne's illustrated book Zebra Face (which was just green lit for an animated series), written by Supreme Vagabond. The shakers are make from porcelain, hand...
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    Dutch artist Parra has collaborated with Belgian company Toykyo to produce this limited edition ceramic figure entitled "Take a Rest". The figure comes in Red, Blue (both pictured) and Black.
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