Posted by Miranda May 10, 2007
So it has taken me about a week to get around to talking about this, but i had to wait for it be shown again to take the pictures you see. I realise the quality of these images is a bit ropey but we couldn't find a clip of this on the internet so they will have to do.

Anyway this is the latest TV advert for the bank Halifax. I found myself first watching this with my mouth open thinking is this Jeff Soto’s work? We can’t find any info about this and on closer inspection we still can't make up our minds.

Mind you we have had this problem before on a trip to Superdrug. There we were buying gum and what do we see but a kids range with illustrations we are sure are ripped off from Nathan Jurevicius. Only to find out that he actually did them. See bottom picture.

So if anyone has any info on this please share it with the world.



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