Posted by Geoff May 21, 2007
Following on from Mazzle's Chueh post - I had a quick scan of eBay for prices.
Now i'm not going to go into all the rights and wrongs of selling a piece - I'm not sure this is really the place for it. Yeah, so non-LA peeps might be able to get their hands on the exclusive but this money-grabbing attitude could end up being the downfall of vinyl.
Seriously, the standard white version - 1,000 pieces - is already going for over $200. So who's the loser? The seller? No chance. The artist...well maybe. The buyer? Oh yes. You sir (or madam!) are a loser because you can't wait a few days for the server to come back online.
And how many people on boards have/will grab one and then "not really feel it anymore"?
Seriously just cut the BS. You just wanna make a quick buck.
And in the end it's just a toy. You can actually live without it. Now where can I get one!! lol!


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