Posted by Geoff June 04, 2007

Not toy-related but as a resident of our fair capital i'll be seeing (and paying for) this logo for the next 5 years so it's worth a look.

You thinking "they paid an agency £400,000 for that"? Me too. Apparently it's meant to symbolise the 4 pillars of the games and appeal to 'da yoof' but really it looks like a flyer for a techno night in Shoreditch.

I'm a sucker for the older posters myself....Munich - love how they ignored the Olympic rings completely, and Moscow just because it's nice and clean.

It doesn't excite me about the games or any of the other branding nonsense they spouted at the launch. I suppose it's sorta 'now' in terms of design like the 72 and 80 designs. Maybe it says more about he lack of design skill in general right now?


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