Posted by Geoff June 15, 2007

I wasn't really that excited when it was announced these were out...maybe because the prototypes were seen almost two years ago and after the hype, nothing.

But now it's here, I'm getting that fuzzy feeling and can't wait for them to arrive on these shores. The character is awesome and as you'd expect from Critterbox, the box design is a work of art befitting the piece it holds. It's gonna look rad next to my Dumb Lucks and Dunces.

For now only the original red is available but there's plenty of other versions on the way. I promised not to buy colour variants....but man that green is pretty sweet. And the blue. Oh, and I quite like the black too. Maybe the GID as well. But probably due in about 2065 if Critterbox's release schedule is anything like the last few years.


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