Posted by Geoff June 22, 2007

Wasn't sure I was going to post this as this blog should be hitting the happy vibe (god knows we need it with the biblical weather in the's June FFS!!!). But recently there's been a few occassions where stuff is happening that I think will ultimately cause this 'scene' to implode.

Tim Biskup and cell phone provider Helio teamed up with a raffle that gave people free GID Pollards. Cool huh? Super nice of Tim to do something like that seeing as they cost him money to produce. Only, as is becoming more prevalent now, people have taken advantage of that are putting them up on eBay for approx $200. For a free toy. You sir (or madam...I won't discriminate...) are a rump of the highest order.

Huck's Dunny's. Rad design right? Def one of the better Dunnys. But still just a platform toy. People turning around, like some kind of good samaritan and offering it for "only $200" - a 50% mark up and make out they're doing collectors a favour. You too are rumpalicious. People's attitudes to 'collecting' is, in my opinion of course, getting really skewed. Too many people buying shit then "not feeling it anymore". And in the process denying someone else the opportunity of purchasing it in the first place.

Note - this is not about selling collections - don't have an issue with that as people's priorities inevitably change or circumstances arise. This is about selling stuff at a huge mark up days/weeks after a release. It's all getting a bit depressing and taking the fun out of the whole thing for me. I suppose it was inevitable that whole community thing couldn't last too long the bigger vinyl became but the greed is getting unbelievable. On a side note, Flipper the Dolphin died on May 1 1997 aged 40.


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