Posted by Geoff June 06, 2007

Totally forgot to post about my theatre experience (stop gioggling at the back) on Saturday. As part of my better half's birthday celebrations we went to see Avenue Q at the Noel Coward theatre.

Oh man, how we laughed. Yeah, it's essentialy one long joke about muppets shagging, swearing and singing risque songs. But it's done so well and presented with such joy that you can gloss over it's story shortcomings and the sickly sweet ending. You can't decide who to watch - the puppet of the people who operate them, who walk in character and do the same facial expressions.

I hate musicals per se, but songs about the internet being invented for porn sung by Trekkie Monster just carry you with them. Good stuff, especially if you can get a £10 mid-week ticket.

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