Posted by Miranda July 24, 2007

Klim hit me up today with a link to updates on there brand spanking new website I was excited to see the prototypes for Nathan J's MTV "FAUNA" figures, and he said i could post them on here so yey!! Anyway these figures were designed for MTV Canada they are from a series of animated spots featuring a multitude of characters interacting with real world environments. The one pictured above is called Jade, below is treehead and fishtank. The initial run is just a test for internal purposes and are very limited (not for sale we don't think).

Shown below is the prototype for Gary Taxali's oh no! figure. Bigshot Toyworks produced this distraught little fellow for Gary and Chump Toys. We don't have any info on the run yet but Klim says " there will be some insane surprises with this one", so watch out for that!

Last but not least for this post is Coney, Designed by Brian Taylor, aka Candykiller. You may have already seen this on other sites, but we think its rad!! So start saving your pennies.

Make sure you all hit, cause they are really bringing home the goodies and we love em!!


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