Posted by Miranda July 23, 2007
Super7 booth #4829!

126 minutes of Pus

Thursday July 26th at 4:26 pm

Pushead will be signing and selling limited "Rusty" Skull Pirates and assorted other top secret goodies and hand-painted insanity. We aren't spilling the beans, but it is going to be crazed.

Tim Biskup

Friday July 27th at 4:00 pm

Tim's ONLY signing for the entire SDCC, this will also be a release for the extremely limited Tim Biskup paint edition giant size Mecha Godzilla, as well as the just as limited Virus Tankizaado. There might even be a few other gems as well!

Gary Baseman

Saturday July 28th at 12:00 noon

Gary's ONLY toy release of SDCC is a doozy -his über limited 100 piece release of the GOLD Hot Cha Cha. Only Gary could make a three legged devil seem so harmless.

Hiddy of Secret Base

Saturday July 28th at 4:00 pm

Secret Base's head honcho Hiddy makes his appearance at SDCC, with an army of secret new releases and hand painted figures only available at this signing. These items will NOT be available during the rest of the con. This is your only chance for your SB fix this year!

To see the exclusive toys that Super 7 has this year check out this link...



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