Posted by Geoff July 18, 2007

Seems a lot of peeps are making some corking mini fig series recently. Kidrobot has been hitting 'em hard with the Doma Acid sets and Damon Soule's InVentsville series. And now from Toy Qube (also making the Sharky...IMO one of the best figs on the horizon) comes Kaniza.

Loosely based on the Kanser fig these 4" beauts come with 4 different head styles in Series 1. But what really stands out is the artists they've chosen to do them: Andrew Bell, Bupla, Candykiller, Charuca, Dacosta Bayley, DEVIOUS, FILTH, Jesse Hernandez, Julie West, Keith Poon, Kenn Munk, Mike Burnett, Sam Fout, Sauerkids and Steven Daily. Killer line up huh? Can't wait to see Jesse's, Kenn "Time Team" Munk and the Candykiller pieces. If Andrew Bell's is naything to go on this series will be hotter than a sauna in hell.




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