Posted by Geoff August 08, 2007

The colours are nice and these at least seem to have a stronger link to the characters back story. If you don't know a few years ago Yoyamart did a series of chocolate bars in various flavours and asked artists to do the wrapper designs.

Horvath did mint choc and hence Choco and Minty were born. But when the bars were sold out these two guys lost their jobs as mascots and now take any job that's going. Supposedly every colourway reflects this (blue and pink being soda flavours...kinda get that...but where did the GID fit then huh?!?). This time, they're working for "Honey i'm home" and have dressed up as Bees. Man I wish they'd done the toys as they appear in the promo pic:

Oh crap I did another Horvath post. I swear I don't stalk him.


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