Posted by Geoff September 28, 2007

These are some of my favourite pieces to have come out over the last year and these versions look amazing. Wonderwall's KFGU series has been well recieved and Japanese vinyl is soooo nice.

First up is the LATDA set featuring green/silver Flatwoods and Mothman "mommy and daddy type", limited to 36 sets and available from the museum store. Dang! Liking the green and silver that's going on there. Plus the "Beyond Ultraman" show that's going on at LATDA with Baseman, Biskup, Horvath and Sun Min looks like it will be killer. Double dang! All for a $5 entry fee.

Next the "sun min type" Mothman and Flatwoods, in a slightly more translucent vinyl....I think this might be my favourite Flatty to date (tied with the Japan Museum blue/silver). No word on numbers for this or a firm release date, but probably pretty soon. Must have that Flatwoods!



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