Posted by Geoff September 18, 2007

Everyone's doing one huh? Giclee, lithograph whatever way you spin it, it's a print. But I think we may have reached a new level here with the upcoming Micallef show in London's Lazarides Gallery.

He's got 4, yep count 'em, 4 new lithos coming out, limited to 400 each and priced at...............£1,175 each. Yep over a grand for a single print. Fuck me sideways even Obey doesn't try pulling that shit. Originals for £20k I totally understand cos it's a one off...but 1/400 for over £1k. Oh sorry, yeah and they're signed...bloody better be done in blood considering how he's bleeding fans dry.

Don't get me wrong now, Micallef is a brilliant, brilliant artist well deserving of the awards and hype. I freakin' love his work. But I can't help but feel a movement that started so firmly rooted in anti-capitalist sentiment has now been eaten by the cultural machine. Yeah destory the evil machinations of cultural imperialism by breaking down the traditional constructs of laissez faire economics.....oh, can I have my enourmous cheque now?



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